Waring Pro Professional 4 Slice Toaster WT400


The Waring Pro Professional 4 Slice Toaster WT400 is an impressive looking brushed stainless steel unit that will bring industrial style to a contemporary kitchen while dealing effortlessly with large volumes of toasting duties. The toaster comes with a bagel and defrosting setting. The adjustable shade control allows you to make your toast just the way you like it as the best toasters should.


– Heavy duty

– Attractive industrial appearance

– Premium stainless steel finish

– Two separate pairs of slots with individual controls

– Extra side and deep slots


– Pricey

– Stainless steel finish can be difficult to keep clean


Even with two different settings on the go at one time between the two slots, the Waring Pro 4 slice toaster dealt well with all the combinations of English muffins, bagels, toast and defrosting chores that our tests threw at it. We were able to crank up, defrost and cancel one side’s slots without disrupting the operation of the other.

Even with bagels and slices over an inch thick it was able to center and grill them evenly, and when the toast was done, the high lift worked effectively, lifting even smaller English muffins safely within reach despite the generous depth of the toasting slots.


Each pair of slots has its own lever and rotary browning knob for adjustable shade control. All four slots are equipped with self-centering guides for automated, even positioning within the slot. Defrost and one-sided bagel settings have their own LED indicators.

Ease of Cleaning

There’s a large, slide-out crumb tray on the underside which does a decent job catching all the debris. Our only concern is a regular one with brushed stainless steel finishes: it attracts finger marks, and greasy stains can be tough to remove evenly.

Ease of Use

In keeping with the industrial theme, the slots are generous in size and capacity, allowing for maximum volume of output. The powerful 1800W rating makes for rapid toasting, even when dealing with frozen bread.

Having separate controls to toast at different levels for each pair of slots is particularly useful when it comes to making batches for fussy eaters.


It’s chunky and designed to look like a commercial unit, so you’d expect it to be a little over-engineered. it feels strong and reassuringly weighty in use.


11.75″ x 12.25″ x 8.25″


2.8 lbs

Warranty and Support

The manufacturer provides a one year limited warranty with this unit.


This imposing stainless steel unit has a premium price, but performance to match and it’s no surprise it’s among our very best toaster reviews. It can easily deal with substantial chunks of bread, bagels and more either freshly cut or frozen. The ability to control the pairs of slots separately will be valuable for large batches to feeding big and hungry gatherings in style. Best price we found is $119 on Amazon


Why Buy Yourself A Toaster?

The main aim you would purchase a little toaster for is bread toasting. With a toaster, you could prepare any dish that requires toast at home. You need to read this to find out what you want to know to get the best toaster.

Which is the right toaster to order

A toaster has a circuit board, so please keep clear of employing cleaning liquids and water. To clean your toaster, use a wet cloth on the surfaces. You can loosen stains and crumbs with sizeable granule salt. A few toasters come with a removable crumb tray to make cleaning less complicated.

There are rarely problems encountered with a Waring Pro toaster since we have been reviewing them. With this toaster’s marvelous bread setting, there’s no more burnt fruit toast. Selecting the best bread type setting is key. I genuinely like the way that the toaster toasts & defrosts bread accurately.

Defrosted bread is toasted to the same perfection as fresh bread. You can check your toast during toasting to check it, then add more time or cancel if it is ready. Sadly, you could are compelled to invest in toast tongs in the event you have small bread slices since this toaster lacks toast lifter.

Start thinking about these fantastic toaster brands

Reliability, simple designs & functionality come from Cuisinart. There are a considerable amount of top rated toasters which are for sale that carry the Cuisinart branding.
Oster is known for producing toasters which are functional & well created. Well-liked for producing quite a few the top listed toasters in reviews.
Waring Pro
The toasters from this company are especially attractive and have fantastic efficiency. You get a number of fantastic settings and features with Reville toasters.
This company is known for building fantastic, trustworthy and solid commercial toasters. Krups are responsible for several the finest toasters on the market-place.
T- Fal
This company makes well developed toasters with efficiency to match. A important number of toasters on the sector are produced be T-fal.

Its features

Getting the proper toaster is the difference between burnt toast and the type that’s cooked just right. Select the toaster that could give you a variety of toast shade settings so you get the shade that is just right for you. A lot of toasters nowadays can limit you to less shade selections than you would like. Bagels & artisan bread in the morning? then to be in a position to adjust the shade is key.

Many automatic toasters let you just push a button and they do all of the work for you incorporating detecting the kind of bread you are working with. Many toasters enable you to toast a larger level of slices than others, while others have wider slots. The greatest toasters assist you get the crunch you need from your toast.

The design

Compact toasters are not just about how great it looks on your side, it also about how well it toasts your bread slices. Picture you hiding your toaster in the cupboard just due to the fact you have some company. I do not think anyone desires that to take place. The right toasters add beauty to your kitchen and has outstanding features for usage, cleaning and storage.

The toast functions

The right features on a fantastic toaster could be pointless if you cannot use them with ease. A range of toasters have regular setting buttons; cancel, defrost, reheat/warming as well as a bagel. There are toasters that come with more features to enable you toast the bread perfectly. You ought to choose a toaster with functions that let you check in the course of toasting and add more time of it’s required. In the event you are planning to acquire the right toaster for your home, you can wish to have a look at these points. For instance, you need to think about items like the design, toasting usage, the size the cost plus the warranty offered with it.

Warranty and assistance

For some toasters, mostly appliances usually utilized in the kitchen, your should confirm you have a warranty in case something happens to it. For your peace of mind, find toasters with longer warranty periods. Just in case you may need it, search for producers that provide assistance.