Waring Belgian Waffle Maker WMK600


It’s a double waffle maker with a heating element that rotates, enabling you to flip it over and cook two large waffles at the same time.

Quite the impressive piece of kit, that wouldn’t look out of place in an action-packed commercial kitchen.

On its substantial steel stand with large solid-looking handles, it sure has some countertop presence.

That means it’s not the space-saving stow away type for a small kitchen, but would fit right in with a spacious cooking space.


– Heavy duty professional looking unit

– Easy to measure and pour batter

– Easy to keep clean

– Evenness and depth of waffles


– Expensive

– Some less durable plastics used


With 1400W power, it preheats and cooks pretty quick, and right away we were impressed how the “inside” and “outside” surfaces on both sides of the waffle were evenly browned. They’re one inch deep which adds crispness, and we got delicious, crunchy golden waffles to our liking in no time.


There’s an audible tone when the waffle maker is hot enough to pour the batter in, and six settings for selecting the precise level of browning. The same time limit is applied to both waffle grid, but only starts when each lid is closed.

We liked how each waffle grid has its own audible warning and ready light that glows green when the waffle that side is done. Once the first load of batter is poured in, it takes a few seconds to get the unit closed and flipped over, and the second waffle grid open, filled and ready to go, so that level of accuracy is appreciated.

The timers were accurate too, on high and low browning settings. We were soon confident we didn’t need to lift the lid and peek – easy enough for the waffle on top, but a good thing when you don’t have to check the bottom one.

Ease of Cleaning

The irons are non-stick and easy to wipe or rinse clean, and the measuring cup is dishwasher safe. The outside of the unit is large and easy to reach.

Ease of Use

It’s a fun way to make two rounds of waffles in one go. You’ll want to decide if you prefer a large flat waffle maker with two irons, or can live with all the turning to get the waffles in and out of this design.


It’s solidly built and has the size and weight of a commercial Belgian waffle maker, although some of the plastics on the rotary heating unit give away that it’s a domestic model. The non-stick finish seems tough and easy to wipe.


15.5″ D x 9.75″ W x 9.3″ H


10.3 lbs

Warranty and Support

The Waring Belgian Waffle Maker WMK600 comes with a limited one year product warranty.


The Waring Belgian Waffle Maker is a quick way to produce large rounds of delicious, crisp waffles, performs well with even cooking on both sides of both waffles, and good control over the browning. The two large, round waffles arrive with deep ridges dividing them into four, easy to cut and share. It’s very satisfying to use – it closes tight and secure so there’s no mess, and no danger of overfilling when you stick with the measuring cup. You can get one on Amazon for $95.


Why Buy A Waring Belgian Waffle Maker?

We all know waffles are fundamental for folks. Even the laziest members of the family are quick to get out of bed when they smell delicious waffles for breakfast. No surprise then that having an electric Waring waffle maker is a amazing addition to your kitchen. Cool waffle makers are great gifts to any person who enjoys making waffles as they make them so straightforward to make. Frequently it is essential to replace a Belgian waffle maker if it comes to the end of its life. You will see that there are plenty of Waring waffle makers on the market, whether you’re obtaining your first one or replacing your old one.

They’re straightforward goods to use. All you want do it to add fresh batter to the hot cooking plates. The hot plates heat the batter till it’s baked It’s such an easy process, with a couple distinct approaches to make them. Dependent on your preference, you will either get a round or square waffle maker. The size of your waffles can be either big or small dependent on whether you get a big or small waffle maker. Which do you prefer? You’ll also need to give some thought to the price.

Ease To Clean

A Waring Belgian waffle maker can get minus points if it isn’t an straightforward to clean waffle maker. The truth that they may be notoriously tough to clean is why a number of folks only bring out their waffle makers throughout the weekend. Waffle batter can get everywhere, so waffle making gets to be quite a messy business. Easy to clean waffle makers are a gift to those of us that need to make waffles throughout the week.

You Want a Light or Alarm

If you do not know the surface is hot you might burn yourself. Realizing when your waffles are ready is key to making them the same each time. A light or an alarm is accessible on most waffle makers to tell you when the waffle iron is hot or the waffles are cooked. A cool waffle maker will give you this information frequently. You will need to check the alarm or light is right and that the waffles are cooked to your liking. You also do not need waffle makers that take too long, in the event you are in a hurry most mornings.

The other thing that is valuable is, what type of Waring Belgian waffle maker will make you the finest waffles. The proper waffle maker for you will be in a position to develop waffles that are crisp on the outside & fluffy inside. An underdone waffle is ok, yet why settle when you can get the finest waffles. Get the finest Waring Belgian waffle maker to make them the best way.

Round waffle makers are in high demand, though square ones are still getting used a lot. Should you be a genuine fanatic of waffles, you might get either or each waffle makers. It might be tricky to choose as there’s so much choice in the industry. Our Waring Belgian waffle maker review will allow you make that selection. You’ll be in a position to find the greatest waffle maker for you. These hints will need to allow you if you desire to make the selection yourself.

What Do You Want To Find In a Waring Belgian Waffle Maker?

There must be a great deal of features available. It is not that complicated, though there are still some features you ought to look for.

Easy to Assemble

It is correct that most of the superb Waring Belgian waffle makers are bought entirely assembled. Leaving some that demand being put together once purchased. If it does must be assembled then you need to not need to be a mechanical engineer to get it done. Outstanding waffles is what we’re after here not a badge for putting a waffle iron together. Find a waffle maker that’s either already assembled or is easy to put together once it’s out of the box.

The finest waffle maker critiques are here to assist you make the right choice. Waffles make a awesome breakfast treat along with a great cup of coffee from the best coffee makers and there are a large amount of waffle makers on the sector. Pick from a cool waffle maker, a large waffle maker or a thin waffle maker. Keeping points such as your budget, ease of use and consistency in mind, take your time and decide upon the Belgian waffle maker best suited to your needs.