Top Road Bikes To Buy This Year

Take a look through the top road bikes for both men and women.

Find the right one for your cycling pleasure because there’s nothing better than going out on a top road bike at the weekend for some freedom, fresh air and exercise.

Top Picks:


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Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed

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The color of this pack is great for being out on the road or a trail in the day or night. The bikes frame is small for a reason. It is built that way so that more pressure is taken off your body. This will cause you to go on more bike rides for a longer period of time. Everyone around you will want this bike once they see you on it. Your smile will be from ear to ear. Ever wondered if there was a bike available to make you join the next long ride? You thought right. This one available that can be yours at a decent price.


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Diamondback Century Sport Men’s Road Bike

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This bike is great for men who just want to stroll a few times a week and also for men who want to participate in some serious racing. What sets this bike from others is the way it acts during times of speed. When going very fast, the bike keeps it calmness. It does not quiver. This helps make every ride pleasing.


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Tommaso Imola Lightweight Road Bike Shimano Claris

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This bike has been created to go fast. There are 11 different gears available. Men and women will both be able to find their speed preference after riding the bike for just a few minutes and may need to take a drink from their hydration packs. The aluminum frame and the entire bike in general is light. This keeps is from steering left and right when the rider directs the bike to go straight. This bike was born ready to enter any type of big-time race.


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Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike

[easyazon_link identifier=”B0183SF2XU” locale=”US” tag=”77033-20″]Buy Now[/easyazon_link] People love the fact that this bike comes ready to be mounted. You will not have to purchase any type of extra tools or the like to accomplish this. The height and weight of this bike is suitable for majority of the riders on the road. That is why this bike was created in the first place—for everyone. This is the next big-thing to take on the road.


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Cannondale Synapse Alloy 7 Men’s Road Bike

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People will see you from a mile away with the wonderful bright color given off from this bike. With 18 speeds, you will have no problem at all when going up a hill. Everything about this back is high quality. There is even a version of this bike for women. That is how serious the creators of this bike are in regards to everyone experiencing the originality this bike has to offer. You might be someone new to the world of bike riding. That is quite okay. One of the best brands on the market make a bike suitable for beginners.



Vilano R2 Road Bike

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This bike is not that expensive compared to other bikes on the market. It has been created to handle nice strolls and faced paced races. Regardless of what route you’re taking, you never have to worry about the bike vibrating too much or swerving on its own. It comes in a beautiful color, and all its parts are the best in the industry. There are not too many attractive bikes that also hold industry standard values.


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GMC Denali C Men’s Road Bike

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What makes this bike special is how smooth it rides on the road. Every piece of this bike is put together with perfect durability. It has up to 16 different speeds and is cheaper than similar bikes in its class. This is definitely a bike that will be reliable for years. The bright color will make many people take a second look when they observe you go by.


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Schwinn DSB Road Bike

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Though this bike is made primarily to get you from A to B, it comes with many features that make it stand out from the rest. The breaks are extremely impressive and strong. The wheels are wide, which causes the bike to go faster. There is why there are over 20 different speeds on this bike. The frame is very strong and the price is very right. An everyday premium bike is great for people who want quality but are unsure if they will ever enter a race. That’s where this bike comes in.


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Giordano Libero Acciao Men’s Road Bike

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This is a unique bike because every frame is handcrafted. The breaks are also tough, especially when stopping while going full speed. The tires are light but they are durable, go fast, and stay steady even when on a wet surface. You can ride for miles and miles while on this bike. It  will feel as if you are riding on air. That is how peaceful you will be from the moment you set one foot on a pedal.


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Schwinn Haven Single-Speed Unisex Road Bike

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Though this bike only has one speed, its amazing style and benefits make up for it. You will fit right in with the young people in the community when riding around on this bike. People will be jealous when they see how comfortable you are and how straight your back is while you ride this bike. The geometry that went into making this bike was put forth by geniuses, and the purpose was to bring back that old-time feeling people riders have been missing.


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Louis Garneau HG – F20 Road Bike

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This bike has a few different speeds. The wheels are thin and go fast. This bike was created for serious races planning to race often and win often. The frame is light and sturdy. This bike holds much value, especially since some of the best cyclist in the world have used this bike in the past or are using this bike presently. When making this bike, the creators pictured a rider with their head down breezing past the finish line.