Krups WaffleChef Belgian Waffle Iron F654


The thin waffle maker from Krups is the WaffleChef Belgian Waffle Iron F654.

Which was designed for those with a passion for thin waffles who want to have a perfect Belgian waffle with each use.

The thin waffle iron makes four perfect Belgian waffles in just 4 minutes that are cooked evenly on deep-pocketed non-stick coated plates.

These non-stick plates allows the waffles to be removed easily from the iron and also makes cleanup a cinch. The waffle iron also has an indicator light to inform the user when the waffle iron is preheated and ready for use.


-Baking results are consistent with each use making 4 Belgian waffles with crisp outside and moist inside

-The controls are easy to use

-Indicator light alerts you when the waffle iron is preheated

-Waffle iron locks and stands upright for easy storage

-Waffles are cooked in 4 minutes!


-It is impossible to adjust the heat to change how crispy the waffles are cooked

-It doesn’t alert the user when the waffles are done cooking

-No drip-edge to catch the excess batter


The thin Belgian waffles are cooked in 4 minutes and are nice and thick. They are also crispy on the outside and moist on the inside every time.


The Krups thin waffle iron is very easy to use. You just plug it in, wait for it to preheat and when it is preheated the indicator light will alert you that it is ready to start cooking some delicious waffles!

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning the Krups thin waffle maker is very easy. The non stick coated plates make it possible to just wipe the iron off with a damp sponge.

Ease of Use

This is a very easy machine to use. Just plug it in, wait for the indicator light to turn on and pour your batter into the waffle iron. In just 4 minutes you have a delicious meal ready to eat!


This machine is very durable. It is well built and able to withstand normal every day wear and tear.


8.75″ x 7.75″ x 3.88″ (L x W x H)



Warranty and Support

The Krups WaffleChef Belgian Waffle iron is guaranteed by KRUPS against any manufacturing defects for a 2 year period starting from the initial purchase of the product.


The Krups WaffleChef Belgian Waffle Iron F654 has some really great features that other thin waffle irons might not be able to compete with. The 4 minute cooking time and ability to consistently make thick, crispy, and moist waffles make this a must have appliance in your home. Although the handle on the waffle iron does get hot when using and clean up can be more time consuming if the thin waffle iron is overfilled, these can be overlooked if you are passionate about eating a delicious thin waffle. You can get yours on Amazon for $55.


Why Buy A Thin Waffle Maker?

Thin waffles are family favorites for pretty much everyone. Even the laziest members of the family are quick to get out of bed when they smell delicious waffles cooking for breakfast. So it is no surprise a waffle maker is a amazing addition to the family kitchen. Thin waffle makers are wonderful gifts to anybody who enjoys making waffles as they make them so easy. As you can imagine, often it is essential to replace a waffle maker when it stops working. Whether you are getting your first one or you are considering replacing one you already own, you’ll see that there are a load to decide from.

What to Look Out For With Thin Waffle Makers

Great thin waffle makers come with more settings. There are nonetheless factors to take into consideration even if the product isn’t that difficult to use.

Other features You will Need

While consistency & ease of use are key, there are other items you must think about.

Waffle makers are rather easy gadgets. You just add your batter to the cooking surfaces when they’re hot then the waffle is baked. You’ll find it is an straightforward process to get right, nevertheless there are several distinctive techniques to do it. Such as the sort of waffle maker, pick from either round or square waffles. The size of your waffles might be either sizeable or modest depending on whether you get a big or small waffle maker. Which do you need most? There’s also one of the largest considerations to consider – the cost.

Easy to Clean

The finest thin waffle maker can readily lose ground if it isn’t easy to clean. Sometimes people only bring their waffle maker out at the weekend as it is difficult to clean. Waffle batter can drip everywhere, incorporating on the counter and the maker making items messy. In case you like to have tasty waffles on a weekday morning an easy to clean waffle maker is a blessing.

Normally Consistent

A great thin waffle maker need to be giving you consistent waffles. Ensure the fluffiness & crispness of waffles are consistent across several batches of conventional batter. The finest consistency isn’t just concerning the make from scratch batter. Often we want to make waffles fast, so quick waffle mix is used. A superb thin waffle maker should not let you down when it comes to immediate waffle goodness.

Simple to Assemble?

Most of the best thin waffle makers come out of the box totally assembled nowadays. So that nonetheless leaves several that would have to be assembled by you. In order to assemble it you ought to not want a university degree to get it done. The point here is the tasty waffles, not how adept you are at assembling stuff. Try to find 1 that is ready assembled or that is simple to assemble.

We have wrote our thin waffle maker review to make your choice straightforward. Thin waffles make a fantastic breakfast treat and there are a good deal of thin waffle makers on the market. Pick from small thin waffle makers, large thin waffle makers or electric thin waffle makers. While contemplating the points we’ve made as well as your budget, there’s plenty of time to make your choice.