T-FAL Avante Deluxe 4 Slice Toaster TT7461


We reviewed the T-fal Avante Deluxe 4 Slice Toaster TT7461.

It’s a premium design with four extra wide slots side by side angled towards you, set in a curved steel body.

With the wide slots and easy access it’s a 4 slice toaster bagel lovers can aspire to, and it has settings that are just right for a crisp outside and soft, warm center.

It’s a premium 4 slice you can’t ignore, that will take pride of place on your countertop.

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– Extra-wide slots with auto adjustment

– Very accessible for getting bread in and out

– Great styling

– Fast and highly adjustable browning


– Length of slots

– Large footprint

– Premium price


With 1800W under its hood, this gleaming hot rod of a toaster delivers 4 chunky farmhouse slices or bagels very rapidly.


There are two levers and two browning controls, so just two of the slots can be used, or different timings used for the pairs of slots either side. That worked well with mixed rounds of toast and other bread products.

There’s a bagel setting that produced fine results with the outside beautifully done and the inside still soft. There’s also an option for frozen bread, and a manual cancel button for each pair of slots. If it senses a jam, it will cut out automatically.

Ease of Cleaning

Sensibly it’s a brushed steel finish, so show finger marks much less than chrome or some stainless finishes would. The T-fal 4 slice toaster is large enough not to have any crumb traps in its design, and the large tray underneath is easy to remove and empty.

Ease of Use

It’s big, chunky and safe with surfaces staying cool, but there’s no need to go near touching them with the slanting design, big wide slots and high lift when toasting is done.

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Controls feel as solid as they look, and there’s every reason to expect years of good service from this well regarded brand.


12″ x 15″ x 10″

Warranty and Support

T-Fal provides a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

T-FAL Avante Deluxe 4 Slice Toaster TT7461
  • Performance
  • Settings/Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


The T-fal Avante Deluxe is a 4 slice toaster with a sense of occasion. It will certainly bring some style to your breakfast or brunch, and has the power and performance to match. Browning could be turned up and down the 7-setting scale easily, and even when defrosting bread was delivered quickly.

Access to the slots is particularly easy as you can approach from the front, not above, and easily grab even quite a small bagel by raising it high out of the slot. It’s very safe for young or old hands. If you like oversized slices and long specialty bread, you’ll be cutting them in two before toasting, as the slots are not the longest. That’s our only criticism of this T-fal 4 slice toaster.
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Why Get A 4 Slice Toaster?

Toaster shopping for is done for the reason that you want to toast your bread. Although, your 4 slice toaster can do a lot more. With a toaster within your kitchen, you can make the most out of any dish that entails bread toasting. You need to read this to find out what you need to know to get the best 4 slice toaster.

Warranty and assistance

It is at all times marvelous to know there is a good warranty included for any T-fal 4 slice toaster you purchase. Choose a toaster with longer warranties- maybe for a year. A number of makers provide good support, find one in case you need it.

Which is the proper toaster to get

Toasters, comparable to other electrical appliance in your home, have a circuit board. It’s finest to stay away from utilizing liquids like water on your toaster. A damp cloth is all you need to need so that you can clean your toaster. Stubborn stains and crumb buildup might be tackled with substantial granule salts. Putting large granules in minimal amounts in the bread slots and turning it upside down after shaking it ensures your toaster is most frequently clean.

There will be no burnt toast due to the bread settings on this T-fal4 slice toaster. Choosing the right bread type setting is key. The toaster is remarkable at toasting and defrosting bread. You will have your defrosted bread toasted in a similar manner to unfrozen food below regular setting. The 4 slice toaster come with a lift and look option so you can add more time or cancel as necessary. However, you can need to invest in toast tongs should you have nominal bread bits since this toaster lacks an additional lift.

What features?

The greatest T-fal 4 slice toaster may mean you get amazing broad toast rather than charred burnt toast, Decide on a toaster that has a dark shade setting variety to pick from plus a precise way to make a choice between the levels of setting. Most 4 slice toasters limit you to picking a lower number of shade setting & without any difference between that present configurations. If, bagels & artisan bread is your factor in the morning then to be in a position to adjust the shade well is key. Take a minute to think concerning the toasters convenience before you order one.

In truth, with quite a few toasters, you could toast up to 6 slices at a go or even broader & longer toast pieces. The proper toaster for you’ll give your toast the crunch you need every morning. You need to be considering these items when buying a 4 slice toaster for your kitchen You must think about the uses for the toaster, its design, its toasting functions, the size you need plus the cost.

Top toaster brands you must take into consideration acquiring

T- Fal
Popular for quality, splendid design and functionality. There are a variety of toaster types on the sector that come from T-fal.

Waring Pro
A lot of the finest toasters in terms of efficiency are produced by this company. They make toasters with much of the greatest functions and settings.

Well thought out, appealing and functional toasters is what this brand is known for. The Oster branding might be discovered on some of the most functional toasters there are today.

Black & Decker
These guys produce solid, reliable & well thought out commercial grade toasters. They are proud to be responsible for a lot of the finest toasters you could purchase.

Hamilton Beach
Easy styles and functionality come from Hamilton Beach. Plenty of the top toasters that are around right now are made by Hamilton Beach.

Its design

With a 4 slice toaster, it not just about how excellent it looks within your kitchen but how well it toasts your bread. You need a toaster that you don’t need to hide away when friends come round. I don’t think anyone wants that to happen. The right toasters must add aesthetically to your kitchen & have features for cleaning, usage & storage.

The toasting functions

Even a fantastic 4 slice toaster with the finest features could be pointless of you can’t use them just. Different 4 slice toasters these days come feature packed with settings for bagels, reheating, defrosting and cancel buttons. In toasting a perfect bread slice easier, some toasters have additional functions. Select one with toasting functions that allow you to check the toast mid cycle or add more time.