Samsung WA8700 Top Loading Washer


Introducing the Samsung WA8700 Top Loading Washer – Better known as the Samsung Activewash.

In the institution of laundry technology, there have been many valued inventions and innovative new designs, starting with the invention of the washboard in 1797.

By the mid-1850’s, stem driven units became available in theĀ  US. The first patent actually files under “washing machine” was in 1791, but there was a drawing of an early washing machine publicized in January 1752 in an issue of “The Gentleman’s Magazine”, a publication.

After that, the first spinning “wringer system” washing machine came about in 1843, and it was called a “Clothes Washer with Wringer Rolls”. Since then, washers have been relatively the same for over a century.


Introducing the Samsung WA8700 Top Loading Washer – Better known as the Samsung Activewash.

Pros- samsung-wa8700-top-loading-washer

  1. Unique Design Features
  2. Lots of Individual and Customizable Settings
  3. Built-in Washtub for Pre-soaking and Stain Removing
  4. Low Cost
  5. Excellent Washing Capacity
  6. Visually Appealing Design
  7. Competitive Warranty

Cons –

  1. Basin Obstructs Access to Detergent Tray
  2. Sometimes Wash Times Can Take Longer
  3. Machine functions while the detergent tray is open (Just takes some getting used to.)

The built-in wash basin of the Samsung WA8700 Top Loading Washer is both innovative and unique, allowing space to pretreat stains or wash delicates directly atop of your laundry load. The basin itself is asymmetrical in shape, allowing accommodation for the bleach tray in the front, left-hand corner of the unit. The basin has ridges, similar in design to an old-fashioned washboard. This design feature allows users to have extra help scrubbing stubborn stains in delicate garments. The basin is filled with water from a jet in the back of the unit, and when your done washing or scrubbing stains, you can just lift the basin from the front, easily dropping the excess water and garments into the barrel for the main wash. This inventive design has customers boasting their approval in blogs and on videos across the world about the new feature being one of their favorite designs. With a price of $1,199, and sales as low as $749, you may find that this uniquely built, top-loading, dual purpose washer is what suits your needs best. If you have a big family or rambunctious children, and you are constantly having to scrub stains out of clothes, this washer will be your new best friend.

samsung-wa8700-top-loading-washer-reviewAt 5.2 Cubic Feet, You Will Not Be Hurting For Space!

The Activewash drum comes with extra space compared to similar models, usually equipped with a 5.0 cubic feet capacity, and almost every user that has had the pleasure of washing with the Samsung Activewash has commented on its generous accommodation for large loads. Shorter people may have trouble reaching all the way to the bottom of the barrel, but in terms of efficiency, the Activewash by Samsung takes credit for being a “one-shot beast” to the workload. You would be surprised how much difference that extra .2 cubic feet make when it allows you to throw in that extra outfit at the end that you would have left out of a standard model LG.

An Attractive Interface –

A large radial dial, or cycle indicator, is located at the center point of the control panel, and offers 15 individual cycle settings for your washing needs, should they need to be specific. These settings include delicates and hand wash, quick wash, brilliant whites, normal, permanent press, active wear, heavy duty, colors and dark, bedding, deep steam, the list goes on and on. Also, that’s not even mentioning the LCD control panel and display that is illuminated in blue, offering crystal clear, digital feedback, and a slew of other settings. The LCD panel offers such selections as a custom “MY Cycle” setting, as well as self-clean, eco plus, Aqua-jet deep clean, extra rinse, just to name a few. The central bank of controls, offer touch toggles, customizable for temperature, soil level, and spin. The arrow-shaped indicators above the LCD control screen, tell you what cycle the machine is on, all the way through the wash, rinse, spin, and end, making it easy to gauge when your wash will be done. The visual appeal looks magnificent, glowing a sulking icy-blue, with a futuristic, archaic design.

Away from the rest of the controls, in the front, right-hand corner of the unit, is a stand alone touch-key, that operates the flow of the Activewash jet. The stream of water is set to luke warm, which makes stain removal a cinch, loosening dirt and stain from clothes with little effort. This jet seems to lag a tiny bit, but it is to be expected, as the water has to flow up the distance of the washer before coming out.

Extra Operational Information – The hatch is locked automatically during wash cycles, only allowing you to usesamsung-washer-review the basin feature in between washes, or by pausing the wash cycle. This is not much different from standard models, which stop the wash when the lid opens.

Noise Level – The noise level was measured at its peak at 60 decibels, with the normal pleasant “slosh” of the washing cycle present. The spin cycle was noted as a bit “shaky” on a couple of cycles when tested, but this should be avoidable with an even distribution of weight when loading your items for your wash cycle. An upbeat little chime will let you know when your wash has completed, and the sound is a bit lengthy, but in the end, it accommodates enough time so that you won’t miss it if you’re walking around the house working.

Performance Time – The performance time was clocked at about 42 minutes on a small load, but Samsung claims that you can save up to 40% of normal wash time with the various settings, you will just have to practice to see what works best for you. Samsung claims that they have estimated a savings of up to 3 hours wash time per week.

Samsung WA8700 Top Loading Washer - Samsung Activewash
  • Performance
  • Settings/Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


This is one of the best washing machines, also see our best dryer reviews. It has excellent features and technology that makes it easy for families to wash and presoak their clothes. It is a time saving and thoughtful design on Samsungs part, offering vibration reduction, 15 preset cycle settings, and an Aquajet Deep Clean cycle, as well as a very useful Heat and Sanitize setting for ground in dirt. the clothes that came out in test washes were “notably clean”, and it has an Energy Star Certification, that means the washer is eco-friendly as well. The Samsung WA8700 Top Loading Washer is rated at 5 Stars with most of its users and is said by many to be their favorite, and “worth buying for its time-saving features”.

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