Samsung French Door Family Hub WiFi Refrigerator


Refrigerator shopping is a very personal task and with so many choices on the market finding a starting place can be difficult. This Samsung French Door Family Hub WiFi refrigerator review is designed to help consumers weigh their refrigerator options without ever stepping on to a sales floor.

Different people and different families have different needs when it comes to a refrigerator. Some require amplesamsung-family-hub-refrigerator-review freezer space or an ice maker or ice cube trays while others prioritize excellent crisper drawers. Other people have need for great shelves that can handle multiple gallons of milk, juice, and stacks of leftovers with room for more. There are some people who need some combination of all of these features and other people still who require features not listed.

Considering Technology

As technology advances, however, we consumers increasingly face the choice of integrating new tech with our day-to-day lives in ways we hadn’t considered previously. The Samsung Family Hub brings the question of technological integration to our refrigerators – did you ever imagine having the choice of purchasing a refrigerator with a built-in tablet with a whopping 21.5-inch screen? I never did. While it still operates like a traditional refrigerator, we are left to decide if the Samsung Family Hub is indeed a cutting-edge innovation, clunky, or just too advanced for its own utility.

We were skeptical about the built-in tablet at first. Mainly, we couldn’t figure out why a refrigerator possibly needs a touchscreen included. Absolutely no logical reason we could think of, until we received and tested the refrigerator. The built-in tablet is not just a device to be used to regulate temperature, to peer into the fridge to identify the moldy leftovers before opening the doors and being overwhelmed by the smell, or to stream music while in the kitchen. It incorporates a myriad of features to help keep busy people and families organized.

The Perks

  • Tablet built in with 21.5-inch display.
  • Cameras built in to allow access to refrigerator snapshots from the display or remotely.
  • Display is loaded with Samsung’s Tizen operating system, which we found smooth and intuitive.
  • Adjustable FlexZone compartment can be either refrigerator or freezer.
  • Crisper drawers retain moisture for several days.
  • Family members can upload and manage their calendars via an app called Sticki.
  • Access to stored lists from a synchronized smart phone.
  • Ability to place orders from local grocers online (in some locations) from the refrigerator tablet, possibly eliminating an entire grocery store trip.
  • Supports access to cooking apps thereby eliminate the need for a personal phone or tablet and stand in the kitchen.
  • Compatible for mirroring Samsung televisions.
  • Excels at maintaining and recovering temperature in refrigerator, freezer, and FlexZone compartment.
  • Chilled water and cubed and crushed ice are available on the outside of the refrigerator.
  • Standard warranty, easily navigable with Samsung’s telephone or online associates.
  • Elite service complimentary with purchase lets consumers hit the ground running with their new refrigerators.

The Drawbacks

  • No ability to connect other smart devices (phones, tablets, etc.) with the Samsung Family Hub
  • The price tag

Temperature Testing

In order to determine how quickly the refrigerator and freezer returned to their selected temperatures after leaving the doors open for a period of time, we left the doors of both compartments open for 15 minutes, noted how much of the chill was lost (5° F for the refrigerator and 6° F for the freezer), closed the doors, and then timed how long it took for the compartments to return to their respective temperatures. The refrigerator returned to its selected temperature of 38° F after 15 minutes; the freezer returned to -8° F after 10 minutes. All in all an impressive recovery time.

Crisper Testing

The best test we could conceive of for the crisper drawer was to completely soak a sponge, weigh it (4 pounds), place it on a plate, and close it in the crisper drawer. Forty-eight hours later the crisper sponge weighed in at 3.8 pounds – the amount of moisture retained awed us.

Elite Service

When a consumer purchases a Samsung Family Hub refrigerator they’re not just buying the standard chilling unit with patented FlexZone compartment, water and ice dispenser, and built in tablet. You’re also getting an in-home demonstration of the Family Hub from a Samsung Elite Service representative, which includes complete setup, comprehensive tech support, and a number of tutorials designed to familiarize new Family Hub owners with every cubic inch and technological aspect of their new refrigerators. Additional follow up assistance is available any time.

Our Takeaways

It seems odd to say but the refrigerator really shines through the built-in tablet. Adding common-sense, smart features such as calendar synchronization and remote refrigerator viewing greatly exceeded our (low) expectations. This technological innovation combined with a top notch traditional refrigerator with a FlexZone compartment makes brings a new level of refrigerator to the market.

Samsung French Door Family Hub WiFi Refrigerator
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There is no denying that Samsung designed the Family Hub refrigerator with an eye on simplifying and synchronizing life for families. As the name suggests, this refrigerator aims to be the family’s hub where everyone can access each other’s schedules, grocery lists, reminders, and can see what’s left in the refrigerator. But Samsung took the hub even further when they included features such as music streaming, tv mirroring, web browsing, and cooking apps. If you can handle the price, the refrigerator can handle almost everything in the kitchen except for cooking and cleanup.