Proctor Silex Cool Wall 2 Slice Toaster 22608Y


This review looks at the Proctor Silex Cool Wall 2 Slice Toaster 22608Y.

Which is a basic model toaster with most of the features stripped out.

However, it still carries some style with its curved lines and chrome and black finish.

Bare bones models don’t have to be white plastic. It is designed to accommodate wider slices and bagels, and in this among other things.



– Affordable toaster

– Attractive design and colors

– Adjustable browning works well

– Browning is even across a slice

– Instruction manual is very helpful

– Doesn’t get as hot as other toasters


– Inconsistent toasting between single-slice batches

– Bagels are a tight fit

– Slight striping on toast

– No cancel button


Low to high browning settings produced definite light to dark differences in toasting. However, there was noticeable striping on some of the well-done slices of toast. Repeated batches of single slices didn’t come out the same, either. Bagels were decently toasted, even though there’s no bagel setting. But it’s a tight squeeze to get them in as the slots are not the biggest.


There’s only a browning control – there are no other buttons and options to set up or wonder about. The shading variation is very effective from light to dark.

Ease of Cleaning

The outside wipes clean easily enough although the chromed surface can need some polishing to get rid of all the marks. There’s no crumb tray, however, so removing toasted crumbs will be a messy business.

Ease of Use

It’s easy to set up and go, and while there’s no cancel button, at least you can stop toasting quickly by pulling up on the handle. There’s a large warning about “Hot Surfaces” next to the slots, but things don’t get too hot at all, compared to some models. Slices and English muffins were lifted high enough to retrieve easy from the slots.


It’s solidly built, and should last a while as long as it doesn’t fill up with crumbs and debris. Canceling operation by pulling the lever up may cause more wear than a simple button.


7″ x 12″ x 7.8″


4.4 lbs

Warranty and Support

Proctor Silex offers a limited 1 year warranty for this model.


It has a bit more style than the average affordable toaster, and the Proctor Silex 2 Slice Toaster 22608Y model can take thicker slices and toast them evenly, so it’s a good value purchase. But performance from batch to batch wasn’t always consistent, and fans of toasted bagels may prefer to try a model with specialized settings and wider slots that are easier to access.  Available on Amazon for $20.


Why Purchase A Toaster?

Toaster acquiring is done for the reason that you want to toast your bread. There is more to a toaster than you think. To get the best toaster, you need to keep reading to find out what you need to know.

For the typical toaster, how astounding it toasts bread is as valuable as how you will view it on the counter. When individuals come to visit you do not want to are compelled to hide it away in the cupboard. A good toaster has superb features for storage, cleaning and usage together with adding aesthetically to your kitchen.

Assistance and help
It is primarily excellent to know there is a excellent warranty included for any toaster you obtain. Opt for a toaster with longer warranties- possibly for a year. Just in case you may need it, try to find producers that provide assistance.

There are rarely complications encountered with an Proctor Silex toaster since we have actually been reviewing them. For those of us who like great functions, this toaster it ideal. However be careful to select the correct setting for each bread type.

The toaster is excellent at toasting and defrosting bread. You will have your defrosted bread toasted in a similar manner to unfrozen food at normal setting. The toasters come with a lift and look option so you can add more time or cancel as necessary. Oftentimes additional lift is necessary, especially when utilizing smaller bread slices.

Before you purchase your toaster this is what you want to know. You need to look into these points, if you wish to have the finest toaster inside your kitchen You should think about the uses for the toaster, its design, its toasting functions, the size you need and the expense.

So which is the right toaster to buy?
A toaster has a circuit board, similar to other electrical appliances within your kitchen. Please try to stay away from employing cleaning liquids or water on your toaster. A damp cloth is all you will need to need to be able to clean your toaster. You may use sizeable granule salts to loosen stains & crumb buildup. To make cleaning easier, a lot of toasters come with a removable crumbs tray. If not you can turn your toaster upside down to aid cleaning.

Here are a selections of the greatest toaster brands-

T- Fal is widely known for producing high performing and attractive toasters. They product a wide range to toasters that fit into the reasonably priced toasters market-place.

Waring Pro make well thought out, appealing and functional toasters is what this brand is known for. You will find the Waring logo on a range of the high end toasters.

Black and Decker deliver solid, dependable and well thought out commercial grade toasters. There is a large range of toaster models on the market-place with this brand today.

Kitchenaid are well known for its simplistic toasters which are durable and appealing. Lots of the top toasters that are around today are made by Kitchenaid.

The toasting functions-
Top rated toasters could be useless, regardless of how amazing their features could be, in case you cannot use them with ease. Many toasters have common setting buttons; cancel, defrost, reheat etc. In order to toast an ideal bread slice less difficult, a few toasters have additional functions. Choose toasting functions that let you observe the food mid cycle, together with the addition of more time with a single button.

The Features-
Getting burnt toast or a golden brown color is the distinction between a impressive toaster and a terrible one. Choose the toaster that has shade settings from dark brown to light brown to get your toast right every time. So bagels & artisan breads are being toasted then you genuinely have to be in a position to adjust the shade settings. With many automatic toasters, you get particular settings for items like bagels so they toast one side more than the other.