Proctor Silex Cool Wall 2 Slice Toaster 22605


In this Proctor Silex Cool Wall 2 Slice Toaster 22605 review, we take a look at an entry level model finished in white plastic.

It’s a simple 2-slice toaster machine with just a variable browning control and a lever, that won’t take up much countertop space.

It has usefully wide slots, so it will accept thick slices and bagels. Anything thinner will be centered and grilled evenly with the automatic guides.


– Takes thick slices and bagels

– Toasts evenly

– Crumb bin for collecting debris

– Cheap and cheerful


– No cancel button

– Top can become hot in operation

– White may be a deal-breaker


Results were acceptable with various thicknesses and browning settings. The very highest settings tended to burn our toast, and with no cancel button to push, you’ll need to be ready to unplug or switch off the mains to stop it. There was a bit of striping but generally we got hot and tasty toast.


There is a rotary shade control with five un-numbered notches. The slots guide the toast into a central location, and the lever can be raised higher to help grab the slices when done.

Ease of Cleaning

The unassuming white plastic body makes it easy to wipe clean, although you should let the top cool completely before trying. There’s a crumb tray which snaps out and helps keep it clear of old crumbs and running smoothly.

Ease of Use

Automatic Toast Boost elevates the slices higher for easy and safe access, and works well for all but the smallest English muffins.


The mechanism operates strongly enough, and there seem to be many satisfied long-time owners and reviewers of this model online.


12.19” L x 6.94” W x 8.34” H


3.4 lbs

Warranty and Support

This 2 slice toaster comes with a 1-year limited warranty from Proctor Silex.

Proctor Silex Cool Wall 2 Slice Toaster 22605
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  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


While it’s difficult to stand out in a white cool wall 2 slice toaster review at this price point, the Proctor Silex 22605 offers good value and does its duty dependably. It performs pretty well at the basics. You may miss a push button cancel function or want a little more in the way of style. The way the top of the unit gets hot may be a safety issue, depending on who will be using it. There are many more expensive alternatives that avoid those issues.

This toaster accepts thick slices, aligns and toasts them evenly, and is easy to keep clean. If you just want hot toast and occasional bagels and rolls, you really don’t need any more than that.

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Why Buy A Good 2 Slice Toaster?

Toaster acquiring is done for the reason that you need to toast your bread. You need to read this to find out what you need to know to get a good 2 slice toaster.

Like other electrical appliances your 2 slice toaster will have electrical components. Hence, you should avoid the use of water. You need to only need to use a damp cloth to clean it. You can loosen stains with some granule salt. A removable tray is provided with a number of toasters today, while others nonetheless need to be turned upside down as a way to remove the crumbs.

The toaster design

It is about how well your bread is toasted in addition to how it looks in your kitchen with Proctor Silex 2 slice toasters. Think about if you should burn yourself accidentally while removing your toast when it is ready. Good toasters have excellent features for storage, cleaning and usage in addition to adding to your kitchen.

Toast functions

The right features on a basic 2 slice toaster could be pointless should you not be able to use them with ease. Various toasters have normal setting buttons; cancel, defrost, reheat/warming along with a bagel. In toasting a perfect bread slice less complicated, many toasters have additional functions. You need to decide on a good 2 slice toaster that has functions for you to check all through toasting.

Its features
Select the Proctor Silex 2 slice toaster that has shade settings from dark brown to light brown to get your toast right every time.  If artisan bread is your craving in the morning then to be in a position to adjust the shade well is key. A lot of toasters supply you with automated features so you simply adjust the toasting settings for distinct types of bread.

With an automatic 2 slice toaster, you do not must work much to have your toast ready; you only need to press a button or insert your toast into a slot and wait for your motorized toaster to detect it. Quite a few basic  2 slice toasters allow you to toast a bigger number of slices than others, while others have broader slots. A good Proctor Silex 2 slice toaster for you will give your toast the crunch you want every morning.

The Proctor Silex toaster is a excellent basic 2 slice toaster. It is a good basic toaster for those of us who like to have great toast. No more burnt toast in the morning with this toaster thanks to the bread settings. Nonetheless, your fruit bread will be burnt in the event you accidentally select crumpet or bagel.

The toaster is good at toasting and defrosting bread. You get your defrosted bread slices toasted in a manner similar to fresh bread slices. You could check your toast throughout toasting to check it, then add more time or cancel if it is ready.

Warranty & support
For any toaster you buy whether it is a compact 2 slice toaster or an automatic 2 slice toaster, it’s fantastic to know there is a long warranty. Check out 2 slice toasters with long warranty periods to have peace of mind. Pick a manufacturer with superb consumer support in place, should you need it.

Before you purchase a toaster

This really is what you need to know. In case you are taking into consideration the 2 slice toaster for your kitchen, which could serve plenty of purposes as you might wish, you need to think of a few items. I.e., in advance of buying a new toaster, you might want to check the size & design, the toasting function, the toaster uses, business’s support in case you encounter trouble making use of it.

Here are a selections of the good toaster brands

Hamilton Beach – Some of the finest toasters in terms of efficiency are produced by Hamilton Beach. There are consistently superb further features on their toasters.
T- Fal – Widely accepted for quality and outstanding design. They product a wide range to toasters from high end to affordable toasters.
Waring Pro – Well developed & functional toaster is what this company is about. Waring Pro is responsible for some of the best high end toasters.
Krups – This company is known for building awesome, reliable & solid commercial toasters. Functionality is why Krups toasters appeal to a wide range of people.
Cuisinart – Reliability, uncomplicated styles & functionality come from Cuisinart. There are a considerable amount of top rated toasters which are for sale that carry the Cuisinart branding.