Proctor Silex Cool Touch 4 Slice Toaster 24605


The Proctor Silex Cool Touch 4 Slice Toaster 24605 sits at the top of its class as far as performance, and its appearance is subtle and homey.

The toaster has 4 slots, that are wide enough to accommodate any bread, bagel, or pastry, and the outside is made to stay cool to the touch during operation.

This feature leaves out burns and injuries that may occur if the kids wake up before you.

Another great thing about the Proctor Silex 4 slice toaster is that there is an automatic shutoff, and technology designed to evenly toast both sides of your bread to perfection.

Just pop it in, and go chase the baby!

The Proctor Silex has a crumb tray, and lifters like every other toaster, but the makers of this toaster had us in mind when they thought of this new Toast Boost feature. The “lifters” that normally pop your toast up to you, lift higher on this 4 slice toaster.

The makers have gone a step farther this time, understanding as we all do, that it’s annoying to have toast that only comes out a half inch, just to sink back in when we try to grab it!



There are 4 slots, making it easier for large families to toast for everyone.

The slots are made wide enough to accommodate bread, bagels, waffles, English Muffins, and so on.

The toaster is attractive and the outside stays cool.


It’s too well priced!


Walk away, stand there, go answer the phone, flip your eggs, whatever! You toast is in good hands. With even toasting on every square inch of your bread, pastry, or bagel, know that your worries are a thing of the past. This toaster has an automatic shut off, and it can be expected to shut off at the setting you want. Just set the darkness how you want, and press a button.


This Proctor Silex 4 slice toaster has 2 separate settings, with a cancel button on each side, and separate dials for darkness. Starting off, you wouldn’t think anything of it, but when you give it some more thought, what you figure out, is how much better this is for families.

Ease of Cleaning

They could not have made it any easier. Snap, slide, empty, wipe, and then slide back. That’s it!

Ease of Use

Smooth operator here. This toaster is made with a stroke of mechanical genius, and nothing is confusing in the least. To use the Toast Boost feature, just push the lever up to grab your toast. Nothing else to it!


This company has been in business since 1960.  Rest assured, they know what they are doing, and they make their products durable.


Despite the Cool Touch Design, this toaster honestly isn’t any bigger than other 4 slice models.


The Cool-Touch 4 Slice Toaster is backed by a 1-Year Warranty



Proctor Silex Cool Touch 4 Slice Toaster 24605
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The inventors at Proctor Silex really did it this time. They showed that they not only make a good product, but they are also there with us. Suffering, learning, burning toast. 🙂 They proved that they had us all in mind this go round, and I don’t think you can go wrong here. Grab your cool new best friend, and say goodbye to your toasting nightmares.

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Why Buy A Proctor Silex 4 Slice Toaster?

Toaster buying is done for the reason that you want to toast your bread. However, your Proctor Silex 4 Slice toaster can do much more. With a toaster in your kitchen, you can make the most out of any dish that involves bread toasting. Keep reading to find out what you really need to know, in order to get the best toaster.

Which toaster is right for you?

A Proctor Silex 4 slice toaster has a circuit board, similar to other electrical appliances in your kitchen. So please avoid using cleaning liquids and water. You should only need to use a damp cloth to clean it. Stubborn stains and crumb buildup can be tackled with large granule salts. Some toasters have to be turned upside down to clean out the crumbs while others have removable crumb trays.

Its design

For a Proctor Silex 4 slice toaster, how good it toasts bread is as important as how you will view it on the counter. You want a toaster that loos great rather than hiding it away when people come round. I am sure none of us want that happening. The same can apply when you are reaching for the settings and burn yourself on the hot sides. The best toasters add beauty to your kitchen and has great features for usage, cleaning and storage.

What are the features?

Getting burnt toast or a golden brown color is the difference between a great toaster and a bad one. You should be choosing the Proctor Silex 4 slice toaster that has the option of setting the shade that is just right for you. A lot of toasters limit the shade settings and there is little difference between these settings. If, like me, you like bagels or artisan breads in the morning, you need to be able to adjust the shade you get.

Take a minute to think about the toasters convenience before you buy one. Some 4 slice toasters provide you with automated features so you don’t have to adjust the toasting settings for different types of bread. Some automatic toasters allow you to just push a button and they do all of the work for you including detecting the type of bread you are using. You can toast a larger number of slices with some toasters or some even have extra wide slots. The best 4 slice toasters help you get the crunch you want from your toast.

Toasting functions

Top rated 4 slice toasters can be useless, regardless of how amazing their features might be, if you cannot use them with ease. Various toasters these days come feature packed with settings for bagels, reheating, defrosting and cancel buttons. Some 4 slice toasters come with added features to toast your bread to perfection. You should choose a toaster that has functions for you to check during toasting and add more time.

Help and warranty

It is good to know if the warranty is long with any 4 slice toaster you might buy in case something happens. Look for a long warranty period with your toaster for less worry. Select a manufacturer with great consumer support in place, should you need it.

Before you buy a toaster

this is what you need to know. In case you are considering the best 4 slice toaster for your kitchen, which might serve many purposes as you may wish, you need to consider a few things. Like the best size, the uses you need it for, the warranty, the price and the design of the toaster.

Here are a selections of the best toaster brands

Reville – You get some of the best performance and highest quality from this toaster maker. The toasters come with a variety of settings and functions.

T- Fal – Functionality, quality and performance as well as fantastic designed toaster come from T-fal. There are a variety of toaster types on the market that come from T-fal.

Krups  – Krups produce solid, reliable and well thought out commercial grade toasters. They are proud to be responsible for some of the best toasters you can buy.

Cuisinart –  Widely known for its simplistic designed toasters that are durable and attractive. There are a lot of top rated toasters that are for sale that carry the Cuisinart branding.

Oster –  Known for producing, well thought out, functional toasters. Widely known for producing a number of the top listed toasters in reviews.

I have a Proctor Silex 4 slice toaster as we very rarely find any problems with operation of this toaster maker. With great functions, this toaster is perfect for most people. The toasters setting allow for different bread types so there is no more burning. Selection of the right setting for each bread type is important though. The toaster is great at toasting and defrosting bread. You get your defrosted bread slices toasted in a manner similar to fresh bread slices. You can add more time or cancel the toasting with the look and lift option. Sometimes, you will have to have toast tongs in your kitchen if you are using smaller bread slices and need extra lift.