Proctor Silex 26050 4 Square Belgian Waffle Maker


This Proctor Silex 26050 4 Square Belgian Waffle Maker review features an inexpensive model that makes 4 deep, square, golden Belgian waffles at one time.

It’s a handy and fun appliance that makes enough waffles to feed a hungry family, quickly while you get the next batch ready.

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”200″ identifier=”B0049H7BP2″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”77033-20″ width=”200″]Pros

– Preheat / ready lights

– Easy to clean

– delicious, crisp waffles, with deep indentations


– Functional hard plastic exterior

– Uses up countertop space


The Proctor Silex Belgian waffle maker’s big advantage is its speed of heating. It’s quick to preheat, and a ready light illuminates to indicates when it’s ready for batter to be poured into the plates. Even more so when making a second batch with the machine still warm, the cooking time to deliver four fresh waffles is a few minutes, and another light illuminates when cooking is finished. The crispy finish and deep indentations in the waffles were well received by our hungry testers, great for holding extra syrup, butter and ice cream.


There are no settings or options, just a large capacity of four waffles, each 4 by 4.5 inches. Controls consist of two lights: a red power light that glows when the machine is plugged in, and the green preheat light.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning this waffle iron is a snap as the plates are non-stick and have a tough finish. The outside is cool to the touch, and made of hard, shiny plastic so has the advantage of being easier to wipe down than more stylish or textured finishes.

Ease of Use

Just turn on, wait for the green preheat light to shine, fill it up and go. The waffles are ready when the ready light glows. The lid is reassuringly weighty but lowers and raises in a smooth, secure action.


The plates clean off easily, and while you should avoid any abrasive or corrosive materials, they can take a few knocks with no signs of damage.


13.5” x 13.4” x 5.9”


8 lbs

Warranty and Support

The Proctor Silex 4 square waffle iron comes with a full 1 year warranty from manufacturers Hamilton Beach.

Proctor Silex 26050 4 Square Belgian Waffle Maker
  • Performance
  • Settings/Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


The Proctor Silex waffle maker is a fast and great value way to make delicious square waffles in batches of four. Quality is comparable with the best waffle irons expensive machines and its fast heating and cooking make it an ideal choice for families and occasions when multiple batches of Belgian waffles will be prepared almost as fast as they’re eaten. Look elsewhere if you’re looking for swanky style and decorative finishes, but this performs just great.
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Why Buy A Waffle Maker?

We all know waffles are imperative for some people. Even the laziest members of the family are speedy to get out of bed when they smell delicious waffles for breakfast. No surprise then that having an electric waffle maker is a good addition to your kitchen. Cool waffle makers are good gifts to anyone who enjoys making waffles as they make them so simple to make. More often than not it is important to replace a waffle maker if it comes to the end of its life just like a coffee maker. You’ll see that there are lots of waffle makers accessible, whether you’re getting your first one or replacing your old maker.

Ease of Usage

They’re straightforward goods to use. All you need do it to add fresh batter to the hot cooking plates. The hot plates heat the batter till it is baked It’s such an straightforward process, with several diverse ways to make them. Dependent on your preference, you will either get a round or square waffle maker. The size of your waffles might be either substantial or nominal dependent on whether you get a large or small waffle maker. Which do you prefer? You will also need to look into the cost.

Ease To Clean

A good waffle maker can get minus points if it isn’t an easy to clean waffle maker. The fact that they can be notoriously tricky to clean is why countless people only bring out their waffle makers throughout the weekend. Waffle batter can get everywhere, so waffle making will become a fairly messy business. Straightforward to clean waffle makers are a gift to those of us that need to make waffles through the week.

You Want a Light or Alarm

Should you don’t know the surface is hot you might burn yourself. Realizing when your waffles are ready is key to making them the same each time. A light or an alarm is available on most waffle makers to tell you when the waffle iron is hot or the waffles are cooked. A cool waffle maker will give you this info continuously. You will need to check the alarm or light is right and that the waffles are cooked to your liking. You also do not need waffle makers that take too long, should you are in a hurry most mornings.

The other thing that’s crucial is, what sort of waffle maker will make you the finest waffles. The right waffle maker for you will be able to create waffles that are crisp on the outside & fluffy inside. An underdone waffle is ok, yet why settle once you can get the finest waffles. Get the best waffle maker to make them the correct way. Round waffle makers are in high demand, nevertheless square ones are still getting used a lot.

In the event you are a real fanatic of waffles, you could get either or both waffle makers. It might be troublesome to make a decision as there’s so much choice in the marketplace. Our waffle maker evaluations will help you make that selection. You’ll be able to find the best waffle maker for you. These hints will need to help you if you wish to make the choice yourself.

What Do You Need To Find In a Waffle Maker?

There must be a good deal of features obtainable. It is not that difficult, but there are nonetheless a few features you ought to try to find.

Simple to Assemble?

It’s correct that most of the excellent waffle makers are purchased 100% assembled. Leaving a couple that require being put together once purchased. If it does must be assembled then you need to not need to be a mechanical engineer to get it done. Good waffles is what we’re after here not a badge for putting a waffle iron together. Seek out a waffle maker that is either already assembled or is uncomplicated to put together once it’s out of the box.

The greatest waffle maker reviews are here to assist you make the right choice. Waffle make a awesome breakfast treat and there are a whole lot of waffle makers on the industry. Pick from a cool waffle maker, a significant waffle maker or a thin waffle maker. Keeping points such as your budget, ease of use and consistency in mind, take your time and make a decision upon the waffle maker best suited to your requirements.