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Managing your PBN can be such a difficult task if you are a newcomer in the blogging industry. You need a reliable PBN hosting company to get your hands clean in this journey. This review introduces one of the most sought after PBN hosts in the industry, PBN Pilot. It is the best solution to hosting all your multiple blogs and meeting the unique specifications and algorithms set by Google on indexing sites. 

PBN Pilot are straightforward about what they do and what others in the industry cannot do. They will help you build your blog, host it for you, and automate it at a budget-friendly price. They are in the market because they solve significant security and maintenance issues that various websites face in the industry. This review shades more light on this product and advises you on why you should go for it. 

What is a PBN? 

A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a combination of all blogs that you have pointing to your money site(s). Your PBN can consist of new and expired domains. An expired domain is one that is no longer functional or has undergone the trading period without renewal, so it is made available for sale.

Key features  

Before registering for PBN Pilot, you must ensure you have a live and reliable domain name for your PBN. You should research to get a high-quality domain. The internet has a lot of information to help you with this process hassle-free. Once you get the right domain, you can register with Name, Namecheap, or Godaddy. 

PBN Pilot provides an all-in-one dashboard, which gives you vital information on DA and IP addresses. It also provides info about your blog status, login buttons, blog health, network info for each blog, and date when every blog was added. All this data is crucial to ensure you manage your PBN effectively.

  • It has a blog health feature, which enables you to audit the condition of your blog to monitor how it performs on different platforms. With this feature, you can take care of issues such as indexed pages, number of pages the blog has, and last publishing dates. The feature also assists you to come up with a more “conventional” blog to help you escape the penalties put forward by Google.

Setting up blogs on PBN Pilot 

The process is a simple as blinking the eye. You only go through three key steps, and within 30 seconds, you are done. To create a new site on your PBN Pilot:

  • Step 1: Insert the domain name you registered, fill the Title and Group credentials and then click on “Add website.”
  • Step 2: Update the DNS records for your domain by visiting your register. 
  • Step 3: On your dashboard, log in to the website.

Safety first 

With vast regulations put forward by search engines on PBNs, it is essential to give security a top priority. PBN Pilot protects you from hackers and reduces the deindexing rates significantly. 

If you configure your blog on their platform, you are assured lower deindexing rates. Your blogs are given random usernames and IP addresses, which makes them unnoticeable and safe from hacking.


  • Automated services – everything happens with the click of a button. You can install your WordPress blog in seconds and continue to other tasks.
  • Improved performance – with this tool, you can forget about any hacking attempts, brute-force attacks, or SQL injections. The system is designed to fix any issues on time and restore everything to normal.
  • Customer support – their customer support staff is reachable at any time of the day. Also, they regularly update the toll to make it more efficient and timesaving to users. 
  • Secure emailing – The company creates random email addresses for use. This way, it is impossible to be hacked. 
  • Economical – It is budget-friendly for private users 


  • Not convenient for high traffic 
  • Limits the number of blogs you can have 

Buyer guide 

Like any PBN hosting, PBN Pilot is undergoing updates to improve user experience and make the tool more convenient. If you are looking forward to having the most reputable PBN hosting tool for your PBN, then you should go for PBN Pilot. They have a support team that is ready to help you when you are stuck on the way. With a seven-day trial, you can have a free look at this tool to see if it suits your needs. 

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