Oster Inspire 4 Slice Toaster 6330


Oster Inspire 4 Slice Toaster 6330 is a four slice toaster with two long slots for bread.

Four slices of bread fit easily into these two slots. Better yet, if you like to eat bread that is wider than a normal slice, you can easily fit two of these slices in into this toaster!

The toaster comes with frozen to toast setting, bagel setting, a keep warm option and a high-lift lever for smaller pieces of bread. The toaster comes in chrome and looks great in any kitchen.


Fits a large variety of bread, bagels or English muffins

Has a cancel button

High-lift lever is great for half-slices or small pieces of bread

Has 7 adjustable shade settings

Has bagel and frozen to toast settings

Crumb tray removes for cleaning


Uneven toasting of some extra long breads

Outside of toaster will become hot when used



Easy to use to make toast, bagels or waffles. Need to adjust settings for different types of items. LED lights make progress of toast easy to follow.


Has High-lift button for taking small pieces of bread from the toaster. It has specific settings for frozen-to-toast and to heat bagels. The 4 slice toaster has adjustable setting to vary the toasting time of the bread.

Ease of Cleaning

Crumb tray removes for easy cleaning of toaster. Chrome outside is resistant to fingerprints and wipes up easily.

Ease of Use

Simple to use. You put the bread in the toaster, choose the setting for the level of toast that you want, and push the down button. Remove toast when done. For children, remember the outside of the toaster becomes hot during use. Comes with cookbook to try new recipes.



This toaster is very durable and should easily stand up to normal household use.


15-3/4 by 6-1/2 by 7-3/5 inches (L x W x H); takes up a rectangular counter space.


4.2 lbs.


Comes with a one-year limited warranty; customer support is available from Oster

Oster Inspire 4 Slice Toaster 6330
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The Oster Inspire Toaster will easily toast four slices of bread at the same time. However, it will only toast two slices of larger bread, but you can actually put these in the toaster. The warming feature is nice. It keeps the bread warm until you are ready for it. The frozen-to-toast feature is helpful; no more toasting your frozen bread twice to unfreeze the bread. Works well to toast most waffles and bagels. The Oster Inspire Toaster is the toaster to choose if your family likes a variety of toasted bread products.

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Why Get An Oster 4 Slice Toaster?

Obtaining an Oster 4 slice toaster is for the reason of toasting your bread. There is so a good deal more that you can do with a toaster right now. You could make the most of any dish you cook that entails the use of toast. In case you love toast, read this to know what you need, to have the finest toaster in your kitchen.

What are the features?

Getting the right Oster 4 slice toaster is the difference between burnt toast and the type that is cooked just right. Choose the toaster that may give you many different toast shade settings, so you get the shade that is just right for you. A number of toasters that are on the marketplace have rather minimal distinctions between shade settings.

If bagels & artisan bread is your thing in the morning then to be able to adjust the shade well is key. Before you acquire a toaster, consider what you want. For instance, automatic toasters look after the toasting cycles of distinct varieties of bread. You will not work so much with an automatic toaster as a lot of them have certain settings for the distinct kinds of bread you’ll use, like toasting bagels more on one side. In fact, with a number of toasters, you could toast up to 6 slices at a go or even broader and longer toast pieces.

I now own a Oster Inspire 4 slice toaster since I did this review, I haven’t encountered any difficulty or issue in operation. For those of us who like great functions, this toaster it ideal. The toasters setting allow for different bread varieties so there is no more burning. Selection of the correct setting for each bread type is key although. I genuinely like the way that the toaster toasts and defrosts bread accurately. You get defrosted bread that tastes just the same as fresh bread does. You could add more time or cancel the toasting with the look and lift alternative for toasting smaller varieties of bread slices like sourdough.

The 4 slice toaster brands to give consideration to

Reville make some of the greatest toasters in terms of performance. You get some awesome settings & features with Reville toasters.

T- Fal makes well designed toasters with performance to match. A sizeable amount of toasters on the market are produced be T-fal.

Krups deliver solid, reliable & well thought out commercial grade toasters. They’re proud to be responsible for some of the greatest toasters you could order.

Cuisinart supplies toasters with a logical design, amazing reliability & functionality. There are plenty of top rated toasters which are for sale that carry the Cuisinart branding.

Oster is known for producing toasters that are functional & well developed. Widely accepted for producing countless the top rated toasters in evaluations.

Find out what you need to know before you obtain your toaster

You should be taking into consideration these factors when obtaining an Oster 4 slice toaster for your kitchen You will need to think concerning the uses for the toaster, its design, its toasting functions, the size you need and the charge.

Toasting functions

Even the proper Oster 4 slice toasters with the best features might be poor if they can not be used readily. Several toasters have settings as standard, like reheat, cancel or defrost. In order to toast to perfection, toasters can come with additional features. Decide upon toasting functions that let you observe the food mid cycle toasting along with the addition of more time with a single button if necessary.

Help & support

In case somethings will need to happen it is great to know there is a decent warranty with your Oster toaster. Select toasters with a longer warranty for peace of mind. Choose firms that provide assistance for buyers, it might be necessary.

So, what is the best toaster for you?

A Oster 4 slice toaster has a circuit board, similar to other electrical appliances in your kitchen. So please avoid making use of cleaning liquids & water. A damp cloth is all you need to need in order to clean your toaster. You could loosen stains & crumbs with significant granule salt. To make cleaning easier, a few toasters come with a removable crumbs tray. If not you can turn your toaster upside down to aid cleaning.

The toaster design

Compact Oster 4 slice toasters are not just about how great it looks on your side, it also about how well it toasts your bread slices. You want a toaster that looks fantastic rather than hiding it away when friends come round. I am certain you wouldn’t need that. The same can apply when you are reaching for the settings and burn yourself on the hot sides. A excellent Oster 4 slice toaster aesthetically adds to any counter it is placed on and offers you great features relating to storage, use, and cleaning.