12 Holiday Inspiring Napkin Rings for Your Table

Derker Gold Napkin Rings

With holiday approaching its time to start thinking about how you are going to present your table for family and friends this year.

Decorating your table is almost as big of a deal as the food you put on it.

You want to make an impression, a statement to your guests that not only do you care about them but that it’s a special holiday as well.

In that manner, it should be treated as such and that means putting out your best.

It’s not just about what you wear or what you serve but how you set your table as well. Make the most out of this holiday season.

A great way to set the tone for your meal is to make the best impression that you can with your guests and it’s all about how you set your table. It’s all about the china you set out with the glassware. There is usually a centerpiece that brings the whole table together.

A great statement piece that always adds flair and glamour to any table is the napkin holders and the holiday napkins. Each ring is set at a place setting and can have the whole table talking.

A great addition to your table is a new set of napkin rings.

Below are 13 of the best styles out there to make a statement this holiday at your table:

Red Napkin Rings

Price: $110 (for 6)
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Napkin rings are a great way to dazzle up any dinner table. There is just something about them that just screams style and glamour. They are very affordable so you can add as many to your table as you would like. The color alone is exquisite and is very reminiscent of the fall colors.

Antiqued Gold Napkin Rings

Price: $18 (for 6)
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If you like to have something traditional at your Thanksgiving table this year, then how about sticking with the turkey symbol. These gobblers are not only traditional but classy with their golden touch. Their gold tone is classic and brings an old world elegance back to the table. They can spruce up even the most casual table setting.

Saro Beaded Napkin Rings

Price $42 (for 4)
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These napkin rings are great because they come in a set of four which makes it easier if you have a large table to fill. These napkin rings are beaded to give a unique look to your dining room experience. How perfect would it be to have all your guest’s names on their napkin holder to have the perfect place setting? It will give a casual but personal feel to your Thanksgiving dinner that guests will be sure to love.

Mainstays Napkin Rings

Price: $28 (for 12)
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Like most things from Mainstays these napkin holders are very affordable as you can get a whole pack of 12 rings. It’s a stately set that will set the tone for your dinner. It’s a low maintenance set but has that antique feel about it too.

Beaded Tassel Napkin Ring Set

Price: $31 (for 4)
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If elegance is what you are looking for this holiday season, then these are the napkin rings for you. They are beaded with so much detail they will take your guests breath away.

Double Wrapped Maple Leaf Napkin Rings

Price: $20 (for 6)
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These gorgeous napkin rings celebrate all the colors of fall and will warm up any dining room table. The threaded wrapped loops will bring together your Thanksgiving look and have your guests talking all night.

Sur la Table Pumpkin and Leaves Napkin Ring

Price: $15 (for 4)
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If tradition is what you seek then why not have napkin rings that speak just that? These rings come in the form of miniature pumpkins and berries to give that Thanksgiving feel to the whole table. This charming set is sure to set the tone that you are looking for.

Shalinindia Handmade Wood Napkin Ring Set

Price: $5 each
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If you are looking for something different to set the tone this Thanksgiving, then why not try out some warm crimson baubles. They speak of glamour in a subtle way that will bring that holiday feeling right to your table. The beautiful crimson color can be used for the next important season as well.

Mahogany Wood Napkin Ring Set

Price: $15 (for 6)
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This gorgeous style looks like it was handmade and the natural look gives your table a casual feel to it. If you are looking for a cozier atmosphere this Thanksgiving, then these rings are just the ones for you. They can really be used during any season so they are multipurpose as well. Although they are simple they are stunning nonetheless.

Nate Berkus Accent Napkin Rings

Price: $10 (for 4)
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These rings are a great. These rustic natural napkin rings will have your guests talking as soon as they are seated. They are natural burlap rings that will have you proud of your ethical holiday table. These are the kind of rings you want if you are looking for an rustic feel to your guests dining experience.

Woven Metal Napkin Rings

$27 (for 4)
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These metal wrapped napkin rings are perfect for any traditional setting. They bring back the old world feelings of Thanksgiving dinners. They are elegant and represent all the things you want to say when serving your dinner.

Imax Prestige Napkin Rings

Price: $28 (for 6)
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These napkin rings are a little more upscale and expensive depending on how many people are coming to dinner. They are glamorous though so they may be worth the extra money. They have a lot of bling to them and make for an elegant atmosphere. The best part about these napkin rings is that each one in the set is different from the rest. Their unique metallic patterns are the prefect eye candy.