Modern Acrylic Bar Stools for Your Home Under $500

These nine modern acrylic bar stools will give you something ultra modern that will stand out at your next dinner party.

Look no further then here to find something not only unique in design but something that could easily be a conversation piece.

These stools are sleek in design and offer the modern touch for those that want a piece of furniture that speaks outside of the box.

Modernize your home with a special touch and know that you have something unique for a great price.

The following nine acrylic bar stools have that modern accent that screams uniqueness and originality.

You don’t want them to shock your guests but more inspire them.

As you go through the following list you are sure to find something to compliment your space perfectly. Make your stool upgrade the best part of your room and have all your guests talking about your impeccable taste in no time.

Top Picks:

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  1. LEM Acrylic Bar Stool

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This stool is on the lower end of the price scale and certainly affordable if you are looking to buy a lot of them. Although the acrylic itself is clear, it falls under a darker shade of the clear design. It gives the stool a look of mystery. The stool is designed with a chrome-plated steel frame that gives the base structure, as well as offers a comfortable design feature of the footrest.

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  1. Philippe Starck for Kartell “One More” Stool

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They call this design the “Ghost Chair” for obvious reasons, the completely clear design just sort of fades into the background. Although it’s a few seasons old it is still widely popular. It is a tall stool standing at 43” with a full back to rest on. This would be a great stool for guests who are looking to relax and stay awhile. In regards to price it’s a little higher end and the price can be steep if you are looking to purchase more than a few of them.

all-modern-viva-barstool-in-clear (2)

  1. LumiSource Curve Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool

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The LumiSource is a sexy and curvaceous model that is sure to turn heads in a room. It has class and all the style you want as a conversational piece. Its sleek design is more comfortable than you can imagine. It combines acrylic with chrome giving you a design feature that is not only easy on the eyes but will stand up to wear and tear over the years. Another high end model that could become expensive depending on how many you needed.

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  1. LexMod Casper Counter Stool (two)

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This stool gives you two for the price of one. These gorgeous sleek stools offer a design that is almost ghostly. It’s the kind of stool for someone who isn’t looking to make a statement but just wants something modern and simple to add to their room. The classic design is perfect for a counter area and will fit in just nicely. This particular design is lightweight acrylic that can be moved from place to place easily. It’s affordable enough that you can add as many as you want to the room depending on the counter space that you have.

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  1. Modern Contemporary Bar Stools

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These stools are not only adjustable but they are pieces that scream for attention. They could almost blend in completely to a room. This stool will compliment any room and give it an air of modern elegance. Due to the design you have the option of adding a cushion to it as well depending on the look you are going after. It’s middle to high end so adding extra stools wouldn’t break the bank too much.

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  1. Transparent Hydraulic Lift Adjustable Bar Stools (two)

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Not only are these stools incredibly affordable but they are the epitome of simplicity in design. You could get a whole room of them for the great price as well as show off a great design. These stools are translucent and breathtaking. They offer a stable seat and can be set up against any bar or counter space. These seats can be easily adjusted with the hydraulic lift to make sure that each and every one of your guests has a comfortable seat to sit in.

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  1. LumiSource Venti Acrylic 32” Barstool

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Another affordable stool that gives you great value and style as a combination. This modern design has a retro feeling to it that gives you the best of both worlds. This is the kind of stool that can make you reminisce about the days when there were soda fountains and milkshakes with two straws. Why not bring that cool design to your home and let your guests marvel over them?

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  1. Joveco Clear Transparent Acrylic (two)

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These beautiful stools have a hazy appearance to them that make you think about the sky during a storm. They are ultra modern but hold a sense of mystery to them as well. They come as a set of two so they are very affordable if you need to buy more than two of them to fill your space. They are a great addition to any space due to their unique design and interesting color.

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  1. Joveco Crystal Backless Counter Chair Stool

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Not only is this stool elegant and stylish but it is a solid structure for seating. It has four solid legs to give you a good sitting foundation. It’s definitely high end so if you need more then one then expect to pay a good amount for them. There is no backing to them but they still offer comfortable seating with a stylish design that compliments crystalline legs with brushed brass. They are one of the only stools in the list that has a comfortable padded seat to make your guests as comfortable as possible.