Lip Scrubs to Make Your Smile Beautiful Again

Lip scrubs for dry lips buff away dry rough lips at any time of the year.

So make your lips feel better with these best lip scrub exfoliators to leave you with baby soft, kissable thoroughly hydrated lips.

Top Picks:


Lush Fresh Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

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It’s like a sugar candy onto your lips! This enticing lip balm gives you a flawless finish. Comprises of jojoba oils for the perfect moisturizer smells fantastic and a must-have if you are having chapped lips!


Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

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The presence of the essential emollient oils in this lip polish like jojoba and shea butter makes your lips forever smooth and kissable. It has a lasting effect that gives you a great pout, with a lot more sweetness. Don’t dare to miss it!


The Sparkling Peach Lip Scrub – Sara Happ 

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If you don’t have it yet, you are missing something that makes your lips soft, supple and asked for. The chapped lips are a go with this one product. This Sparkling peach lip scrub tastes in between sweet and tangy and you just need to apply it on your lips in circular motion, removing the excess with a tissue. Sara Happ’s great product! A must buy for sure!


Givenchy Beauty Lip Scrub

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You can’t afford to miss this great lip scrub from Givenchy that revitalizes your lips by repairing them and enhancing the smooth finish. With Vitamin E content helps you protect your lips, the Black algae sap concentrate ensures in maintaining that intense look.


GLAMGLOW POUTMUD Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment

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If you haven’t tried this exfoliating lip treatment yet now is the time. With the Caribbean cane, sugar and Hawaiian sea salt adding to the hibiscus flower powder gives this minty scented LipBalm a blend of rich antioxidants with  tropical fruit. It makes your lips super sexy and smooth till the core. Just massage well for 10 seconds and then use some water for the renewal action! And here you go!


Maracuja Lip Exfoliant from Tarte

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Having dull and dry lips? Use this powerful exfoliating scrub with Maracuja oil from Tarte which redefines your lips making them smooth and provides instant hydration. Raw sugar granules are mixed with an alley of antioxidants replenishing your lips forever! Just ensure you apply the balm and then massage for 5 seconds in the circular motion, later wiping it with a damp cloth.


LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub

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The mint extracts helps you flaunt those soft lips shooing away the dryness. With a tint of micro scrub particles that eliminate the dry skin while guaranteeing you’ll have baby-soft kisses.


Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Scrub

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This kiss scrub will definitely make you fall in love with its richness, texture, and long-lasting impact. The creamy blend of jojoba, macadamia oils, and argan oil keeps your lips hydrated.If you are looking for a gentle touch, this Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Scrub will par your expectations! Just spread it after removing makeup and gently massage for 10 seconds. Let the scrub make you happy!


Bliss Fabulips LipScrub

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Looking for removing the dead skin and make your lips smooth and fuller again! Grab the Bliss Fabulips scrub defined with jojoba seeds and cocoa butter makes you forget chapping and cracking by removing excess flakes. The vanilla Orange flavor will make you love it more.


Vanilla Bean’s Eco Lips Lip Scrub

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Looking for something organic in this list? The EcoLipScrub is just for you. It’s vanilla fledged polish makes the lips hydrated and smooth for long. The dryness is buffed by its rich contents like Organic coconut, jojoba and olive oil leaving you with those baby soft lips, anyone can die for.