LG WM5000HVA Twin Wash & SideKick

LG WM5000HVA Twin Wash & SideKick

LG WM5000HVA Twin Wash and SideKick Review.

Washers and dryers today have as many gimmicks as they do settings.

It can be overwhelming.

But sometimes a feature that appears like a gimmick can come along and make sense.

This can be seen with the LG Twin Wash and its handy SideKick pedestal that can do something everyone can need help with.

The laundry.

This washer is two washing machines in one sleek and slim design. The LG SideKick is a small washing machine hiding away in the pedestal, thus solving a problem. At over $700, around the cost of a standalone washing machine.


  • Use of a pedestal
  • Allergen and Steam Settings
  • Stain Removal
  • Amount of Customizations Available


  • Price
  • iOS App
  • Long Steam Cycles

With a top front-loading washer that has all of the bells and whistles one would expect in a high-end machine, this washer included steam, allergen, and sanitizing settings. It also has settings for loads such as normal, bedding, rinse and spin, speed wash, permanent press, towels, and download to name a few. Additionally, temperature control, spin, soil, and signal are viewable on the LED screen. Although this can seem overwhelming, considering the vast variety of settings available, the nob in the center is what will mostly be used when selecting the type of wash needed to be run.

At the top of the machine is a hideout for the detergent, bleach, and fabric softener, which is beneath a lid that slides back with a small push. It’s placement is a key note in case one was hoping to place a dryer on top of it.

Underneath the Twin Wash is a small washing machine that is ideal for tiny loades like kids clothes, lingerie, and other items which require a hand wash setting. The bin is 1.0 cubic feet, just enough for a few tops or sets of light fabric clothes. The two machines also have separate setting and hook-ups so that they can run at the same time or separately. This reduces the amount of time required to be spent doing laundry.

Ease of Laundry

Using the machines for several weeks, washing everything from bedding to clothing, it was found that these were washed with ease. On regular settings, clothes with colors came out bright and whites came out pristine. The stain setting really helped out with any baked-in stains. It was also found that the 4.5 cubic-feet drum could hold an extraordinary amount. The drum held four sheet sets, a mattress pad, and a blanket in one load. And, when using the sanitize feature, a dog urine stain was completely removed.

lg-wm5000hva-twin-wash-and-sidekick-controlsActivating the Stain Setting

While on the pets topic, a chair cover that was covered with cat hair urine was washed in the same armchair on the allergiene setting. As a result, no allergic reactions to the clean chair cover were had, and the stains came out. Unfortunately, it does take over an hour to run this cycle, which is a good trade off considering the money that would be spent at a drycleaner.

While those items were being washed in the front-load machine, a second load was running in the SideKick due to the separate hook-up. Although it does lack a drawer for detergent, the detergent will have to be added to the bin like in the old days. The good news to that is that HE or regular detergent can be used for this washer. Small loads of delicates and sportswear items were able to be washed without having to wait for the load to justify for the large-capacity Twin Wash. Both sides of the bin will need to be checked in order to ensure all items are removed. If interested in this model, one must make sure that it will work in the current living environment.


The LG Twin Wash has Wi-Fi and an Android app. This is for smart homes and those who are tech savvy. The benefit of the app is to allow users to start their washer and dryer remotely. The machine needs to be turned on before leaving the home, and the remote setting button needs to be pressed down for three seconds before it will work. This allows for the app and washer to communicate to one another. Sadly, the iOS version, although downloadable, does not work. The company is hoping to come out with a working version sometime in June.

lg-wm5000hva-twin-wash-and-sidekick-frontThe app also allows the setup of custom cleaning modes, and allows for the transfer of these modes between the washer and dryer through the ‘Downloaded’ option. Only one downloaded cycle can be downloaded at a time, which currently has options like rainy day, gym clothes, and sweat stain. The descriptions on the app for these are vague and temperature or spin speed used will not be viewable until after the settings have been downloaded.


The LG Twin Wash and SideKick come with a one year warranty on parts and labor, a 10 year warranty for the Direct Drive Motor, as well as a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel tub. Phone support is available from 6:00 a.m. to midnight CST, while chat support is available from 8:00 a/m/ to 7:00 p.m. CST. While researching, it was found that the chat team was almost instantaneous with their responses.

LG WM5000HVA Twin Wash & SideKick
  • Performance
  • Settings/Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


Overall, the LG Twin Wash belongs by the side of other high-end models that are available. The SideKick is a great bonus and is very useful if there is a lot of items needing to be hand-washed. Both machines do not have to be purchased together, so if the 2009 or later front-load washer are in the household, the pedestal will make a welcomed addition. If unsure, the LG website is able to help locate the washer model in the home so that the correct SideKick unit can be found for the household washer.

The price for both of the units, both a washer and dryer could be purchased, but that would take up much more room. And though the Android app worked, the iOS version is a non-starter. That being said, the SideKick in a very useful feature that has been created, and the app not functioning is no problem. The pedestal is also easy to use and a great space saver.

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