LG Mega Capacity Turbo Steam Electric Dryer


This review of the LG Mega Capacity Turbo Steam Electric Dryer will show that the dryer is as impressive as it sounds.

With front-loading and 9.0 cubic feet inside, this dryer has one of the largest capacities on the market.

The control panel is electronic, with a Dual LED display that allows easier progress tracking of any load.

The smart features are the only things that could use a little more work.

The Controls

With the first look, the settings appear to be numerous, and one might think they need a degree in technology to get lg-dlex9000v-electric-dryer-reviewthe thing to work. Taking a step back, however, one will see the basic settings are covered while other settings are self-explanatory.

Cycles such as delicates, bedding, and permanent press/casual are all found on a clicking dial that dings as it is turned back and forth. Some extra features include Download (which will be covered in the app section), adjust heat, remote start, and anti-bacterial.

LED Display

At this point, there are some cycles that might be confusing, and a helpful hand may be wanted to help determine what should be used for certain items. Essentially, TurboSteam is to freshen up clothes (not a dry cleaning replacement), while SteamSanitary is for bedding. Jumbo

Dry is designed for comforters and pillows, while Heavy Duty is for clothing of heavy fabrics (like jeans). There’s also an energy saver mode, which only works with cotton/normal loads, which will raise drying time from 41 minutes to an hour and seven minutes.

It is surprising that this rugged machine is lightweight — which means that one can opt out for the pedestal as long as one keeps some detergent in a drawer to help balance it. To match the Twin Wash, the dryer has a sliding lid on top that reveals shallow pockets. Beyond esthetics, the only probably use for this feature would be to store items found in pockets of pants into these sleeves.

lg-dlex9000v-electric-dryer-turbo-steam-reviewDry Clothes

After testing the dryer for several weeks, a variety of loads using detergent from our best baby laundry detergent review from delicates to bedding were run. Overall, the machine did a great job getting the clothes dry and mostly wrinkle-free when the items were pulled out after the cycle was completed. Some times, when the sensors detected dampness, they didn’t do their job well enough and the cycle would stop early. This normally occurs with smaller loads.

Great Drying

The unit did a great job of drying items and getting rid of wrinkles, especially when the lint screen was cleaned, which was like a pocket more than a screen. One can pause the cycle at any time, which is very much appreciated, as well as a child lock feature which can only be activated once a load has begun.

To test the dryer efficiently, a heavy chair cover that had homed a few cats was put through the SteamSanitize cycle. Having just washed it in the Twin Wash machine on Allergiene mode hut wanting to make sure that all of the allergens were gone. Two hours later, one could never have guessed that cats had found this chair cover as a residence.

The App

Like the LG Twin Wash machine, the dryer also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity as well as an Android app. There is an iOS app, but unfortunately it is currently not yet ready to be used. A working app is in the works to come out in June. The Android app corresponds with the Download setting that is on the dryer.

This allows customized drying cycles to be set up, as well as starting the dryer remotely. As long as the dryer has been turned on and the remote start button has been held for three seconds, the two can speak to one another and the clothes in the dryer can be freshened up no matter where the user is. Otherwise, the the app and machine are unable to communicate to one another.

There are also some interesting cycles available for download, such as blanket refresh and lingerie, which are only given a basic description of what they are. These cycles settings are not available until they are downloaded, and there can only be one downloaded at a time. However, once this new cycle is on the dryer, the LED screen lights up with the temperature, time and dryness level for that downloaded cycle.

The app can also be used to do troubleshooting, which allows the user to find out what is wrong with the machine before needing to call a repairman.

Warranty and Support

The LG dryer comes with a one-year warranty on both parts and labor. Phone support is available from 6:00 a.m. to midnight CST, while chat support is available from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST. When researching this product, it was found that the LG chat support would respond almost instantaneously.


Overall, the LG Mega Capacity TurboSteam Electric Dryer lives up to its name. It’s heavy-duty dryer can handle bedding and blankets in a single cycle. Although the numerous settings can leave one dizzy, there is at least the knowledge that anything can be thrown at it or you might want a simpler and smaller Electrolux compact front loading dryer.

While the Wi-Fi and app are nice ideas, and will be welcomed additions for a tech savvy home, the execution fell flat for iOS users. However, if tons of laundry is done weekly, those features won’t be missed. Best price we found was on Amazon.