Krups EA9010 Espresso Maker

Krups EA9010 Espresso Maker

You know when an espresso maker comes with its own glasses that you are buying a serious espresso machine.

And that is exactly what you get when you buy the Krups EA9010 Espresso Maker. The Krups EA9010 Espresso Maker is an automatic espresso maker.

This means that it is able to easily brew espresso with a push of a button.

The espresso maker is even to clean itself.

When it comes to picking an espresso machine the Krups EA9010 is one of the best.


-Easy to use machine

-Lots of drink options

-Cleans itself

-Milk foaming features


-Louder than others

-Not the quickest


Look and Feel

The Krups EA9010 is an impressive looking machine. Having a combination of silver and black gives it a sleek yet masculine feel. However the surface easily attracts fingerprints, so you will constantly need to wipe it down. The steam nozzle is built right into the machine and will automatically come down when you want to steam milk. The Krups EA9010 even comes with a coffee scoop that fits right into the espresso machine. This storage space is located right above the compartment that holds the cleaning fluid and grounds.

The overall design of the Krups EA9010 Espresso Maker is pretty minimal when compared to other machines. Having a dual spout to dispense coffee that is adjustable, means that you can fit many different sized coffee mugs underneath it. The drip tray can be completely removed, so you can use taller glasses as well. A built-in water tank is located right behind the right panel. Selecting your favorite drinks is a simple task with the color touchscreen. While the screen is not backlit it is still easy to read.

Brews a great tasting espresso

The top portion of the machine is a large coffee bean holder which is able to hold up to 9.9 ounces of whole beans. It also has an option that allows you to use ground coffee instead. To use the coffee grounds you will have to pick a specific coffee from the menu option. Then press the button that has the scoop icon on it. The latch will pop open and you can add your ground coffee. While it does give you the option to use coffee grounds, it only allows you to use this option in a few coffee drinks. This option means that you are able to use decaf or fully caffeinated coffee to make your drinks.

Using the machine

Using the Krups EA9010 Espresso Maker is an easy task. The easy to use menu panel allows you to pick the drink you want. It also allows you to select how strong of an espresso shot you want, and how much you want to drink. Once you have made all of your selections the machine will start to create your perfect drink.

Features you will love

-Setting up the machine will only take a couple minutes. Its dimensions are 15-by-11.6-by-15.5 inches. This makes it quite a large espresso machine, so you might need help to take it out of the box. The initial set up will include picking a language, country, setting the date and time, and picking which volume unit you want to use. Then once you have finished this initial set up you can fill up the water tank and begin making all your favorite coffee drinks.

-Comes with its own welcome pack. This pack includes a Claris aqua filter system, water hardness test stick, and an Anticalc kit.

All of these things work to ensure that you are using the best water possible. Having the best water means that you are able to make better tasting espresso. The water filter also comes with its own securing tool. This is used to help keep the filter in place.

-Self-cleaning machine. The Krups EA9010 Espresso Maker is able to clean itself. After making around 10 drinks the machine’s display panel will pop up with a cleaning request. The cleaning menu offers you many different options, but to backup or stop the process from starting the machine will have to be turned off completely. It will also alert you when the grounds and drip tray need to be emptied.

-Two-step frothing technology. Making cappuccinos is an easy task with the Krups EA9010 Espresso Maker. The technology allows you to pick your drink and steam your milk to the perfect temperature.

-Many drink recipes. The espresso makers come with 17 preinstalled coffee drink recipes. However, you can only make one drink at a time. Some of the basic drinks that the Krups EA9010 can make includes lattes, espresso, coffee, hot water, and hot foamy milk. Unlike other espresso machines, this one also offers Black Special drinks. These include Americans, red eyes, and your regular morning coffee maker. With so many different choices you are able to make all your favorite drinks with one machine, just remonber to get the best burr coffee grinders to really enjoy fresh coffee.

-Favorite settings. If you do not want to deal with all the options every morning, you are able to create a favorites menu. This option will save you time every morning.


Krups EA9010 Espresso Maker
  • Performance
  • Settings/Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


While the Krups EA9010 Espresso Maker is a great machine is does have a few drawbacks. The most noticeable one is how loud the machine gets when it is brewing your coffee. This sound will vary depending on which drink you are making. The Krups EA9010 Espresso Maker comes with a $1,995 price tag, this might cause some people to decide to go with another machine from our best espresso maker review.
This machine is able to deliver great tasting coffee every single time. The menu interface is easy and straightforward to use, so everyone can make their own coffee drinks.