Is Yogurt Really Good For Us?

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There has been a lot of campaigns urging people to quit our dairy product intake. So I thought it is important I look at the benefits of eating or drinking yogurt.

Here’s what I found out when I asked the question;

Is Yogurt Really Good For Us?

The truth is that there are many health benefits which are associated with yogurt intake. Yogurt offers so many health benefits which range from the immune booster to reduction of cancer risks, like colon cancer. Yogurt has other major benefits it offers which are explained below.

1. Yogurt helps boost Immunity

Some yogurts are rich in bacteria that are useful in our bodies, and we require to remain healthy. Research has shown that people having a tendency of consuming certain bacteria contained in these yogurts have a higher immunity level and their bodies can fight several kinds of infections. An example of such bacteria is “probiotics.” This is an important bacteria that is mostly in various types of yogurt.

2. Yogurt is easily digestible

Yogurt is said to be easily digestible as compared to milk. People who have protein allergies or lactose intolerance can comfortably take yogurt without having troubles.
The reason behind this argument is that the culture that is used in the making of yogurts partially breaks down these elements during the fermentation process, therefore, making the yogurt to be easily digestible. This culture further helps in the production of lactase, an enzyme that lactose –intolerant people lack.

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3. Great source of Protein

Yogurt is a great source of protein. Researchers say that yogurt contains 10 – 14 grams of protein per eight ounces on average that is required by the body of an average, healthy person. It contains the type of protein that is mostly required by the people who work out and exercise more often.

4. Yogurt helps reduce cholesterol and Heart diseases risks

Studies show that probiotic yogurt helps to lower the cholesterol levels, in people especially who have Type 2 diabetes. When cholesterol levels are low, there are lower risks of getting heart-related diseases as well.Cholesterol levels are high indicators of health status in matters relating to heart diseases.

5. Yogurt boosts colon health

Lacto bacteria is an intestine friendly bacteria contained in cultures that help promote a healthy colon. These bacteria are said to neutralize the potentially harmful substances in the colon, and therefore reduces the chances of colon cancer known as colorectal cancer.They are also rich in calcium, which also boosts colon health, by discouraging cell growth in the colon lining.The human body requires calcium for different functionalities which yogurt provides.

6. Reduced chances of yeast infection

This benefit mostly applies to the ladies. Probiotic bacteria help prevent the occurrences of yeast infection as well as vaginal yeast infection.It is therefore recommended that ladies who face the challenge of recurring vaginal infection to consider taking yogurt more often.


We can confidently say that yogurt intake is absolutely good for our bodies and health.

It is, however, to be kept in mind that all yogurt is not made in the same way. Therefore, not all yogurts have live probiotic bacteria, and they do not have equal nutritional contents. Taking any yogurt does not, therefore, guarantee that you get all the benefits mentioned above that yogurt offers.

When choosing that will offer more health benefits, consider organic plain or unsweetened yogurt, sweetened with stevia (calorie free sweetener). There is usually a wide variety of yogurt to choose from with different flavors.Yogurt intake is not limited to who takes it and we should, therefore, take it once in a while.