IKEA Shopping Hacks

IKEA shopping hacks

We all love to save money when we shop and these 24 IKEA shopping tips will help you do just that. Make your next trip to IKEA one where you can take advantage of all the IKEA deals and discounts available by learning what to look for and what to do before you shop.

ikea family card savings


The easiest way to get access to the most IKEA discounts and deals is to join the club by joining their free rewards program. IKEA FAMILY is the key to accessing exclusive deals for members and is an absolute must if you want to save and many of the IKEA shopping hacks we have listed here are only available for members.

IKEA Sweepstakes

2. IKEA Sweepstakes

Who does not like free money? Once a month, Ikea chooses one IKEA FAMILY member in each store as the recipient of a $100 gift card. To enter, simply scan your card at one of the in-store kiosks during your visit or have a cashier scan it during checkout.

ikea members offers

3. IKEA Member Offers

Enjoy monthly exclusive Ikea discounts on a new section of the store each month as a member of IKEA FAMILY. These special member-only prices can be on anything from large furniture to accessories that add a finishing touch to your room. To find out what member-only offers are available in your store, just check the website before heading out or the in-store kiosk once you arrive. Make sure to present your IKEA FAMILY card at the check-out to claim these Ikea deals.

ikea restaurant weekly offers

4. IKEA Restaurant Weekly

In addition to the regular monthly offers throughout the store, monthly Ikea deals for IKEA FAMILY members can also be found in the restaurant and Swedish food market. These offers can vary from a discounted family dinner to a $1 breakfast plates. Again, simply present your IKEA FAMILY card to take advantage of these offers. Before you leave, remember to stop by the Swedish food market with your IKEA FAMILY card to take a taste of Sweden home with you at special prices.

ikea eat for free

5. IKEA Free Dinner

Through the 4th of July, IKEA FAMILY members can earn a free meal when they purchase $100 of furniture. To claim this offer, hand the cashier your IKEA FAMILY card along with your restaurant receipt when checking out to have the price of your meal deducted from the cost of your new furniture. The best IKEA FAMILY shopping hacks are the ones that are not limited by time, but rather are available everyday.

ikea kids eat free

6. Ikea Kids Eat Free

If you have children, one of the best deals available is the Ikea Kids Eat Free deal that comes with your membership in IKEA FAMILY. Plan your shopping excursion for a Tuesday, take the kids with you, and enjoy up to two free kid’s meals at the in-store restaurant with the purchase of an adult entrée.

ikea daycare free

7. Ikea Daycare

Having children with when shopping often means cutting your trip short when they get tired or bored but not at Ikea, where you can take advantage of up to an hour of free daycare while you shop. Better yet, show your IKEA FAMILY card and get an extra 30 minutes free for a total of an hour and a half. Just stop by “Smaland” at the front of the store for more details or to check in.

IKEA Free Coffee

8. IKEA Free Coffee

Yet another exclusive offer for IKEA FAMILY members: free coffee or tea. Simply pick up a clean mug, show your IKEA FAMILY card to the cashier, and enjoy a free cup of coffee or tea with no additional purchases needed.

IKEA Checkout

9. IKEA Checkout

If you purchase an item with your IKEA FAMILY card, you have automatic price protection included. Your IKEA FAMILY card gives you up to 90-days to request a price adjustment with one of the most convenient policies available. While most stores give the shopper a mere 2-weeks to request a price adjustment when if an item goes on sale after purchase, Ikea gives its IKEA FAMILY members a full 90-days.

Even though being an IKEA FAMILY member provides shoppers with exclusives deals and discounts, the following Ikea saving tips will work for anyone planning a trip or just dropping in, whether you are an IKEA FAMILY member or not:

10. IKEA Weekly Specials

You do not have to be an IKEA FAMILY member to enjoy the benefits of their 5-day weekly specials available throughout the store. To see what products are on special in your location, visit your store’s website and then look for the special shelf tags throughout the store.

11. IKEA As-is

Almost everyone remembers their parents searching for “scratch and dent” sales growing up and the “As-is” section at Ikea is your chance to relive those nostalgic memories while saving money on the pieces you need. Found near the checkout counters, Ikea’s infamous “As-is” section doubles as their clearance area. In the As-is room, you will find floor models as well as returned and damaged items all marked at up to 50% off their original prices. The “As-is” room is the one place a price-conscious visitor to Ikea must go.

12. IKEA Monday Morning

If you are looking for a bargain, especially if the “As-is” room is your go-to for deals, then you will want to make sure to shop Ikea on Mondays after other shoppers have returned products over the weekend. The bonus here is that Monday mornings also tend to be less busy than Saturdays or Sundays, saving you time by eliminating the crowds.

13. IKEA Handyman

If you are the kind of person who likes to do things for yourself, you have another reason to shop the “As-is” room at Ikea. Just check out the cabinet and shelf area in the section for the parts you need to complete your own pieces, usually at a greatly discounted price. Of course, the selection in this area differs based on the store location.

14. IKEA Last Chance

Ikea’s stock is always changing, so if you find a yellow “Last Chance” tag in front of an item you love, buy it. Last chance items are in the process of being discontinued to make way for new stock.

15. IKEA Mobile

If you have your eye on a particular piece of furniture or decorative item at Ikea, you can stay up to date with the events and sales at Ikea by following them on social media. To receive updates on sales and events, sign up for mobile alerts when you “like” the IKEA USA Facebook page.

16. IKEA Missing Pieces

Is your ready-to-assemble product missing some pieces? At Ikea, you do not need to head to the home improvement store to buy replacements, all you have to do is contact customer service to have them mailed to you for free. You can so this by emailing them with your full name, address, transaction information, and the 8-digit product code. You can always call your local store for guidance as well; to save time, try calling early in the morning or in the late evening.

17. IKEA Moving Credit

Whether you are moving locally or long distance, sign-up for Ikea’s moving program to save $25 on a purchase of $250 or 2 pieces of furniture. Either one is easy to accomplish when you are decorating and furnishing a new home or apartment. The moving program also saves you time and energy because it is a series of email reminders and calendar alerts to keep you moving forward, organized, and on time while relocating. In addition to the $25 discount, you also get moving advice and more to keep things running smoothly for you.

18. IKEA Co-Worker

Team members, called “co-workers” in the stores, are entitled to a number of money saving benefits, including a discount of 15% off regularly priced items. They are also eligible for the store’s “purchasing plan,” basically an interest-free line of credit whose payments are automatically subtracted from their paychecks.

19. IKEA Home Delivery

If your trip to Ikea involves a furniture purchase, avoid the delivery fees by borrowing a large vehicle from a friend or relative if you do not own a suitable vehicle yourself. If your city has a good public transportation system, see if there is a discount for using it to shop at Ikea (the Ikea in Portland offers a $10 discount on the delivery fees when you use the MAX system to get there).
There are a number of companies who will deliver and assemble your new pieces for a nominal fee. In addition you can look online on Craigslist or other chore sites to find someone to shop for you and deliver your pieces. Money is not the only important commodity worth saving; time is also important and these time-saving Ikea Shopping Hacks will help you do just that:


Ikea stores are laid out for wandering but the layout is also set up in a way that causes the shopper to stroll through every section, often making impulse purchases as they shop for intended items. However, the layout is also a maze with shortcuts available so that Ikea employees and shoppers “in the know” can slip in and out easily. Some of these shortcuts are through swinging doors and others are simply openings in the walls of connected areas. So, grab a map, learn the layout, and plan your shopping trip to take advantage of these passages and save time on your next Ikea shopping trip. Interesting facts about Sweden and Ikea’s products are found throughout the store but here is one about the founder, Ingvar Kamprad. Mr. Kamprad had difficulty tracking items through a more traditional number system because he was dyslexic. In order to overcome this difficulty, he named each department after common Swedish items such as animals, islands, men and women, and more.

21. IKEA Tag Photo

Save time as you make your way through the store by using your phone to create a photo shopping list. Pencils and shopping list sheets are available throughout the store, but you can save time by taking pictures of the shelf tags instead. Better yet, if you make sure to take a picture of the completed item as well, you will be able to compare similar items with a swipe of your finger instead of backtracking through the store.

22. IKEA Exit

Planning ahead is the biggest time saver for a trip to Ikea and you can do so by going online to find the product numbers for the specific items you wish to purchase and then entering through the exit to go directly to your items and avoid those impulse purchases. While you are planning your trip online you can also check the availability of the products at your location to avoid the guesswork and search for alternative items during your shopping trip. You can also save time and money by shopping Ikea outside the store.

23. IKEA Amazon

No Ikea in your area or no way to get your pieces home? Search “IKEA” on Amazon and you will be greeted by pages of items from a simple clothes hanger to lighting products and more listed at up to half off their original prices. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can use your membership to take advantage of the free two-day shipping to have your pieces delivered to your door.

24. IKEA Gift Cards

Shopping sites like Raise.com means you can save before shopping. Ikea giftcards purchased through Raise are discounted up to 8%, meaning you will save $8 on every $100 even before walking through the door or shopping online.

I hope you take am much advantage as I do with these tips to save yourself money at IKEA……Happy Hunting!