Extra Wide Slot Toaster – Hamilton Beach 24444 Review


Fans of bagels, English muffins or just super-size bread slices will appreciate this extra wide slot toaster review.

Hamilton Beach brings us a 4 slice toaster with extra capacity for grilling up to 4 thick slices of toast, or two complete bagels, at one time.


– Fits 4 wide slots into a compact space

– Capable of toasting 2 bagels at once

– Stylish black and steel design is still easy to keep clean

– Effective shade selector controls


– Large presence on the counter top



The variable browning makes a noticeable difference, and we tried very different settings on each side of the toaster repeatedly, and it had no problem dealing with any of our tests at all.


Each pair of slots has its own individual lever and shade selector rotary dial, and there are two sets of one-touch button controls for bagels (toasts one side), defrost and canceling the toast. Each side operates independently of the other.

The Toast Boost feature raises the slices high out of the toaster when finished, useful for regular sized slices, or smaller muffins in the generously proportioned slots. The sides and top of the exterior are cool touch to guard against burns and hot surfaces.

Ease of Cleaning

There’s a fittingly large crumb tray for clearing up the debris from underneath. Keeping the unit looking smart is easy. The design makes smart use of stainless steel accents that keeps the sides black, along with other areas most often touched, so cuts down on the usual stainless steel problem of finger marks.

Ease of Use

It shuts off automatically in case of a jam, a safe and important feature when larger specialty breads are involved and it is super easy to use with the settings you can have.


With a non-stick finish inside, the Sureguard shock resistant heating elements are kept totally concealed, and with the toast automatically centered as it is lowered, they should be kept well protected for years of trouble-free operation.


8.88″ x 12.38″ x 12″


5.7 lbs

Warranty and Support

Hamilton Beach offers a one year parts and labor warranty on this model.

Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster 24444
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  • Durability


It’s a suitably substantial industrial design for a premium toaster, and allows a bigger volume of bread and bagels than its competitors. You can toast two full bagels at the same time, and at two different shades too, so it’s great for preparing large batches of bread for people with different tastes and preferences.

It’s solid and safe to use with cool touch exterior panels and high lifting mechanism, and engineered to look after its own heating elements and protect them from shock and contact with external elements. It’s a highly capable machine that will serve large helpings of hot toast and other specialty breads for years to come.

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Should You Get This Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster?

We have tested loads of Hamilton Beach toasters and haven’t encountered any difficulty or situation in operation. It is an ideal toaster for people that want many different settings. No more burnt toast in the morning with this toaster caused by the bread settings.

Although be cautious to choose the best setting for each bread type. Defrosting and toasting bread is logical with this 4 slice toaster. You get your defrosted bread slices toasted in a manner similar to fresh bread slices. You could cancel or add more time as you could check your toast through the toasting process for when you are toasting smaller varieties of bread slices like sourdough (my favorite).

Toast functions – Even a fantastic toaster with the right features might be pointless of you cannot use them readily. Various toasters have regular setting buttons; cancel, defrost, reheat/warming along with a bagel. There are toasters that come with more features to assist you toast the bread perfectly. Opt for a toaster that allows you to add more time if necessary and that you could check throughout toasting.

Its features – Getting burnt toast or a golden brown color is the distinction between a superb toaster and a bad one. Decide upon a toaster that has a dark shade setting range to choose from and a precise way to make a choice between the levels of setting. Toasters can limit the number of shade settings so there’s nominal or no difference between them.

If, like me, you like bagels or artisan breads in the morning, you need to be in a position to adjust the shade you get. Take your time to think about the usage you may need. Automatic toasters have settings to look after distinctive types of bread these days. Automatic toasters today, do most of the work for you and have settings for bagels and the like so they toast one side more than the other. In reality, with several toasters, you could toast up to 6 slices at a go or even broader and longer toast pieces.

Assistance – For any Hamilton Beach 4 slice toaster you acquire whether it’s compact or automatic, it’s fantastic to know there is a long warranty. For you peace of mind, choose toasters with longer warranty periods. Find companies that supply assistance for you, it may be needed.

Its design – It is about how well your bread is toasted along with how fantastic it looks within your kitchen with compact toasters. Think about you hiding your toaster in the cupboard just due to the fact you have company. I am precise that nobody wants that to happen to them. It can be the same if while removing your toast or altering settings, you burn yourself when you touch it accidentally. A excellent toaster aesthetically adds to any counter it’s placed on and offers you excellent features concerning storage, use & cleaning.

Shopping for a 4 slice toaster is for the reason of toasting your bread. There is no more to a toaster than you think. With a toaster, you can prepare any dish that demands toast at home. In order for you to have a good 4 slice toaster toaster, keep reading to find out the info you need.  If you have decided to acquire a toaster for your home, you could wish to look at these points. E.g., you must contemplate items like the design, toasting usage, the size the cost and the warranty provided with it.

What is the finest toaster brand to order? – Like other electrical appliances your toaster will have electrical components. Please try to keep clear of working with cleaning liquids or water on your toaster. A damp cloth is all you ought to want in order to clean your toaster. You might use substantial granule salts to loosen stains and crumb buildup. Some toasters come with a removable crumb tray to make cleaning less difficult.

These are much of the terrific toaster brands to acquire:

Krups – Known for producing trustworthy and durable toasters that are commercial grade. Functionality is why Krups toasters appeal to a wide range of families.
Hamilton Beach – Known for producing, well thought out, functional toasters. Oster is responsible for much of the high end and cheaper toasters.
T- Fal – Functionality, quality and performance in addition to amazing developed toaster come from T-fal. A substantial number of toasters on the market are produced be T-fal.
Cuisinart – This company creates toasters with a simple design, good reliability and functionality. There are a large amount of top rated toasters which are for sale that carry the Cuisinart branding.