Best Hair Straightener Review

best hair staightener reviews

Every week brands advertise that the best hair straighteners are theirs, have the most amazing features and are better for your hair than the others.

We’ve looked at 41 different hair straighteners and conducted over 67 hours of research and testing to write these hair straightener reviews I am able to recommend that the Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron stand out as the best hair straighteners to buy. These straightforward and easy to use straighteners have a temperature dial, which goes from 165 °F up to 455 °F in simple 10-degree segments and are very lightweight.

Top Pick:

1. Conair Infiniti Pro Ionic Steam Flat Iron

Conair Infiniti Pro Ionic Steam Flat Iron
  • Performance
  • Settings/Features
  • Temperature range
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Plate Size

The Conair Infiniti Pro are the best hair straighteners to buy for most people out of all the ones we tested, but we especially liked that it is around half the price of most straighteners making it great value. Being a longer straightener it also has the added advantage that it can straighten wider sections of hair at once, which can save you time (the hot plates are 5 inches long and 1 inch wide).

These are light hair straighteners, coming in at 0.52 pounds and clamping the plates together doesn’t require a lot of effort. Steam straighteners are quickly gaining popularity. The Infiniti Pro moisturizes your hair as it steams, minimizing damage and giving the hair that healthy look you want. The straighteners have a temperature dial, which goes from 165 °F up to 455 °F in 10-degree segments. On cheaper straighteners, the cord tends to be shorter, and this is no exception, with a 6-foot cord. This straightener comes with a five-year warranty – ideal if you often need to replace them.

Price: $69
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Why our reviews are trustworthy

I have covered beauty and hair products such as the best hair dryers, the best hair rollers and the best hair clippers since we first started the site, logging weeks of research and testing in that time to find you the best products. We’ve looked at a huge number of hair straighteners and consulted with experts, like Mark Knott, Director at Toni & Guy and Yash Kamath of Princeton University to create this review.

We also keep up with reviews from other noteworthy companies that also test or review products, such as, Ipsos, Amazon, Good Housekeeping and Total Beauty though we do find that the coverage is not as comprehensive as it could be.

Then we do our own testing in-house and also have them them product tested at home. This is conducted though our own consumer product testers, who provide their feedback through our product testing panels.

Review covers the best hair straighteners before and since the last time we created this guide:

Who should get these?

Everyone wants to use hair straighteners these days, but how well straighteners will work on your hair, ie; how straight you will get it, how long it will hold for, and how much heat it will take, depends on a combination of skill, climate and ultimately your genes. The most compelling reason to buy a hair straightening iron is to straighten your hair, but you must remember that the more textured or curly your hair is, the more time and heat you’ll need to achieve the styles you want.

On the other hand though, if your hair is fine, the more likely it is that, it will be damaged with high temperatures. With practice though, you will be able to figure out the best temperature setting for your hair and how to use your hair straighteners to create the styles you want, just remember to take things slow and low when you first use them.

“We can’t say that you’ll never experience heat damage again, but by using quality hair straighteners correctly, you can reduce any heat damage to your hair.”

It’s a balancing act to keep the style you want and to keep your hair healthy, so if your current straightener doesn’t have good temperature settings, or takes many passes even at a high setting to get your hair straight, replacing it with a new straightener that gets hotter, so you can find that sweet heat spot for your hair to you can save time, but also save your hair from split ends or breakage.

If you already have some great hair straighteners you like, then you’re probably set and don’t need to get any new ones. Unless they are bust or if it’s hard to hold and move around or if your hair gets snagged in the straighteners or you are forced to apply more heat on those areas to fix them, in which case you should get new ones.

We can’t say that you’ll never experience heat damage again, but by using quality hair straighteners correctly, you can reduce any heat damage to your hair.

How we began the test selection process

We started by making a list of all of the best hair straighteners that we could find for sale in retailers stores and online. We listed 41 models in the original selection process for this category.

Temperature range, this is the biggest thing to look for when it comes to choosing a hair straightener. Hair straighteners are made up of two hot plates, made to be used like tongs, that you slide over sections of hair to dispel water, leaving your hair sleek, smooth and straight.

We all want to avoid hair breakage and split ends as far as possible. Let’s face it, hair straighteners get hot. There are no straighteners you can use to avoid this damage, because heat damage is inevitable when applying heat to your hair. Some hair straighteners go up to 450 °F, and that heat goes directly onto your hair and is not recommended by us.

Hair theoretically decomposes at a little over 460 °F, and when it dies, your hair breaks down, leaving only the external cuticle. That is bad, and irreversible. The maximum heat that hair can endure before getting damaged, is different for each individual and their hair type. So the ideal straightener gets hot, but never ever hotter than 460 ºF.  This is why we rank temperature and more importantly, clear and usable temperature controls high up the list of requirements for this best hair straightener review.

Plate size, we aimed for straighteners with plates that were either long or shorter to see how they compared. We confirmed that a 1-inch wide plate is the best option for most people. There are wider plates available but they are bulkier and less maneuverable. Plus, they have more of a chance of warping if they are wider than 1-inch

Weight and cord length as they are with any beauty product are important to factor into this hair straighteners review.

Warranties were taken into account because we all know some things just break, so we checked to ensure they all had at least a 12 months warranty and scored them higher if it was longer.

Titanium plates vs Ceramic plates.  It is said that titanium plates holds heat better than the standard ceramic plates.  Our research and testing shows that straighteners with ceramic plates hold heat just as well as titanium plates. Therefore we ranked this low on our list of criteria.

Infrared heat supposedly breaks up water for faster straightening, but it does not do it any better than the heat does. Again this one ranked low.

Negative ions, thanks to tourmaline added to plates, theoretically to help kill static. However, in practice, if you condition your hair then there won’t be any static buildup, so we don’t believe the hype on this theory making a material difference.  Another of low importance in the ranking.

After wading through hours of reading everything from product specifications, and scientific papers to consumer hair straightener reviews (plus a few charged debates between us), we were then able to whittle the list down to 15 hair straighteners to bring in for testing.

How we tested them

When we received the hair straighteners were going to test, We matched them to a cross section of our consumer panelists, in terms of age, lifestyle and hair type and then sent out the products and instructions for them to test at home, and also got them ready for our in-house panelists.  We each took some time to get the basic stats for each straightener. So we timed how long they took to heat up, checked the temperature ranges and dial increments, then weighed them, measured the button placements on the grip and the cord length.

Then we tested the hair straighteners over a month and swapped them around so each of us got to use each hair straightener. We all noted down the time it took to straighten our hair and if we could style properly with them. We tested the straighteners in this way so that we could see how they worked on different hair texture, curly, thin, thick, long, and short, you name it.

Next up was to test the automatic shutoff features, so we left them on for extended periods of time and they worked every time (thankfully). We drop tested each of the straighteners a significant number of times by dropping them from varying highs onto solid, wooden and carpeted floors when they were both on and off.

After a month, we had finished testing all the hair straighteners.  We then got the chance to look at the current prices for each one and were presently surprised to find that our favorite models were not always the most expensive ones, especially in this years review.

Our Other Picks:

2. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

Price: $38
Buy Now

The HIS Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron is an ideal tool to transform dull and frizzy hair into gorgeously straight and sleek locks. Apart from just making your hair straight, this iron will curl and flip it beautifully due to its curved edges. With its quick as a flash heat up and swivel cord, the HIS Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron offered us great style without and hassle, and took no time at all making them a great hair straightener  to buy.

3. Remington S5500 Ceramic Hair Straightener

Price: $32
Buy Now

The Remington S5500 hair straightener is infused with three important agents for healthy hair namely; keratin, argan and macadamia oil. This combo works to curb frizz and keep the hair lovely and shiny as it straightens. The fact that is has featured among best hair straightener reviews for a while now is no suprise.

4. Hot Tools Cool Tools Argan Vapor Flat Iron

Price: $70
Buy Now

This flat iron styles the hair while conditioning it at the same time as most of the others. An argan conditioning treatment is released while styling. A thermal protecting formula is also released in the process ensuring the hair remains protected as well as straight. With this Hot Tools Cool Tools Flat Iron, burnt and over-processed strands sre less likely to occur. These are very good quality hair straighteners to buy for the price.

5. GHD Platinum Professional Straighteners

Price: $249
Buy Now

Hair straightener reviews over again have proved this to be one of the best hair straighteners for tough hair. It can transform the most difficult tuffs into smooth, silky beautiful hair. It is built with tri-zone technology and heats up to 365 degrees. The breakage is kept to a minimum and our panelists really liked these straightening irons but the price let it down heavily in the scoring. However, these are really are great hair straighteners to buy if your happy to pay the extra for the name.

6. T3 Singlepass Compact Straightening Iron

Price: $79
Buy Now

This small hair straightener is perfect for traveling. The size should not deceive you for lack of performance, though. Despite the fact that it’s petite and only eighth of an inch plated with heat, the gadget is powerful in performance. It has a microchip that regulates the temperature and an auto-timer that goes off after one hour should you forget it on. This is our travelers choice pick.

7. Remington TStudio Protect Straighteners

Price: $47
Buy Now

This Remington TStudio hair straightener comes with an adjustable temperature setting and is great for all hair types. The adjustable setting also makes it great for different styles. Not only can you straighten, but turn up the heat and use the rounded edges to create flips, curls, and spirals. This Remington brand was inspired by the brand Vapor Infusion Technology.

8. GHD Atlantic Jade Professional 1-Inch Styler

Price: $176
Buy Now

This stands to be arguably the best-rated hair straightener as far as functionality is concerned. It is stylish too, and its launch could have come at no better time. The tropical Azores Island inspired the design. With a fast heat up time and and swivel cord. Apart from just making your hair straight, this iron will curl and flip it stylishly due to its curved edges.

9. BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Straightening Iron

Price: $139
Buy Now

This BaBylissPro straightening iron is kind to your strands and scored really well in our tests. For fast results and healthy hair, this is the gadget to use.  The only reason it is so low down on our list if the hefty price tag it come with, there are hair straighteners you can get that do the job just as well of a lot less money.

10. Amika Movos Wireless Styler

Price: $239
Buy Now

Made of titanium, this cordless flat iron guarantees the desired look both indoors and outdoors. No sockets are needed. This piece displays technology at its best using MCH heating elements and titanium. Now you can touch up in the parking lot, in the bathroom or just after swimming. But again, can you justify the hefty price tag just because they are cordless? We couldn’t quite get there.

11. Remington S9520 Straightening Iron

Price: $28
Buy Now

For both straightening and curling, this straightening iron has dual functions. If you want to achieve salon-quality hair straightening from your own home the Pearl Straightener is a good choice. Ceramic plates improves heat distribution and helps the selected temperature remain even, so there are no hot spots and no snagging, flattening your hair cuticles for silky-smooth results. We were surprised that these straighteners didn’t score a high as they did last year.

12. Karmin G3 Salon Professional Hair Straightener

Price: $149
Buy Now

The latest hair straightener to Karmin’s impressive line of hair tools, the G3 Salon Professional now comes in blue and purple. It should arguably be one of the best straighteners for hair with the triple ceramic layer that ensures the heat is distributed equitably. It does a good job to prevent the frizz and add the shine to the hair as well. The brand is trusted too, but again, just a little too expensive.

13. ISA Professional Titanium Flat Iron

Price: $129
Buy Now

The ISA Titanium Flat Iron features extra long 4.5’’ tapered plates that styles larger hair sections with each pass. It can be used closer to your scalp without the fear of burning it and this makes ISA Titanium Flat Iron the best straightener for hair. It will leave your hair silky smooth as its digital temperature control is set precisely for your hair.

14. Xtava Goddess Flat Iron with LCD Display

Price: $22
Buy Now

Usually right up there among the top rated hair straighteners review, the xtava Goddess Flat Iron with LCD Display and Ceramic Tourmaline Plates appears to have slipped down from higher up the best hair straightening irons list this year. It does still give you ultra-fast silky results and it is equipped with infrared heat technology and has an LCD display.

15. CHI Pro Original 1-Inch Flat Iron

Price: $84
Buy Now

This flat iron comes with a bonus of a happy color. That aside, it accommodates all hair type with its function of temperature control and only takes 30 seconds to heat, and you are ready to use it. CHI Ultra Flat Iron also has dual voltage feature. These straighteners didn’t endear themselves to our panelists at all.

Why Buy Hair Straighteners?

The 21st century brought some changes in the hair fashion world. It starts from wild, straight, curly to sleek and puffy. If your hair does not have a good fall, if it’s too frizzy then it may be a wise decision to own the best hair straightener. A hair straightener can be of various types like a mechanical one or a chemical one. A mechanical straightener is made of metal or ceramic. Using chemicals is not a good idea because it might damage the hair itself instead of making it smooth and straight.

When you use the best hair straightener, to get smooth hair easily try and use heat protection liquid. Whatever type of straightener it might be ceramic or metal there is always or chance of overheating and burning. So keep in mind to use heat protection spray on your hair before using a straightener. Spray helps to control and regulate the heat level when it starts getting too hot. Without a spray you will end up with frizzy hair and split ends. Sometimes the hair also gets sensitive by straightening it everyday. So just be sure that you have a good quality heat protector and use it when needed.

Types of hair straighteners

Natural hair straightener – these are electric hair straightener as they do not damage your hair. They work without any chemicals or rough methods. The plates fixed on the hair straightener are made up of smooth material which soothes the hair strand. The working is based on the process of ionized plate which heats up and yields ions. These ions further work on the hair surface making them smooth and straight from rough and curly.

Ceramic hair straightener – this work with the help of ceramic plates on the tool. In this you have to take small strands of hair and place them between the tools gently drawing it towards the bottom of the plate. The advantage here is the smooth plate which does not harm the hair in any way. The ions released changes the structure of the hair making them straight and glossy. Ceramic hair straighteners are comparatively expensive than the metal or glass ones, but are still affordable. These are the best hair straightening iron and are of the highest quality which straightens the hair in the best possible way.

GHD hair straightener – These flat iron hair straighteners which are the new ones in the market and stand out for various reasons. Firstly they are easy to use they have an easy grip to hold so that there are no scratches, or rough edges on the fingers while you use the straightener. These do not pull or tear off the hair from the scalp. GHD straighteners are useful for a long period and will continue to work into the future. This one has good hair straightener reviews.

How to choose the best straightener for hair?

While choosing the best hair straightener for your needs, you have to keep a number of things in mind. Firstly consider its size and weight. Too heavy a straightener won’t be easy for you to use neither too long would be feasible., look for a small hair straightener . Secondly look at the ceramic quality of the plates; they should be smooth enough so that they give best ionization without damaging the hair follicle.

Thirdly you will have to check that the straightener does not get overheated. Overheating will cause damage to the hair as well as the scalp. For this you can get a titanium plated hair straightener which is known to maintain the heat level and straightens your hair without causing any damage.

If a person has thin or shot hair then it is advisable to use a lower heat setting straightener which causes less stress to the hair. But if you have thick or long hair then, there is no other option but to use a straightener with higher or an adjustable temperature setting. Another important feature to be taken into consideration while buying a best hair straightener is the plate size.

It might have one inch or two inch space, but if you only wish to straighten then opt for a two inch straightener. For twirling, twisting and curling a half inch straightener plate would be ideal.

Lastly keep the warranty period in mind, as any electronic device can get damaged without any reason. So make sure you get a good warranty period when buying a best hair straightener. Some straighteners offer no warranty period whereas some offer a warranty period of up to 3 years. This basically depends on the price and quality of the straightener. While purchasing you can check the details online or on the box of the straightener. Both warranty period and return policy is mentioned.

Best Hair straightener reviews

To check the best hair straightener reviews the right place is internet. Definitely some feedback from your friends and relatives will be helpful but online reviews are very essential to check. Most of the brands provide good durability, their hair straightener are easy to use, and they are small and sleek.

Everyone will surely be attracted to buy cordless hair straightener but it doesn’t matters even if you have a cord because as it is you are on a stationary position while ironing your hair. Apart from the durability also consider the after sale service of the hair straightener. You will not be happy if the after sale service is not good.

Beautiful hair should be healthy hair too, this is possible with the invention and production of best hair straightening iron that is kind to the hair strands. Shopping for the best straightener for hair is dependent on some factors and your need. Type of hair and the place of use might also dictate the choice.

For example, one may need small hair straightener while another may be simply interested in an electric hair straightener. Everyone that goes shopping for a hair straightener hopes to land the best straightener for hair. Here are some best hair straightener reviews.


To sum it all up, the best rated straightener which is also affordable are the ceramic or tourmaline ones. They have all the best possible features in them. They also have automatic turning off system when the straightener is overheated or the temperature is too high. A hair straightener is the best and the most valuable tool to straighten your hair. Everyone who wants smooth, silky and straightened hair must possess the best hair straightener for themselves. Don’t forget to check the hair straightener reviews above.

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