Electrolux EIED200QSW Front Load Compact Dryer


The Electrolux EIED200QSW front load compact dryer is able to hold and dry 4 cubic feet of clothes.

Being compact means that it measures about 24 inches wide. You can choose to make it a complete set by having its washer counterpart.

Doing this will mean that you will have more space in your small condos and apartments. Electrolux has recently created their new EIED200QSW Front Load Compact Dryer. This dryer was designed to be able to handle a large load of clothes.

The inside of the dryer is a stainless steel drum, that has a nice blue color to it.


The Electrolux front load compact dryer comes without a vent. This means that this dryer does not need a duct toelectrolux-eied200qsw-front-load-compact-dryer-reviews blow the hot air outside. Having no vent gives you more placement options. Choosing a dryer that does not have a vent means that it will take your clothes longer to dry though. I used  a satandard wash and spin cycle along with detergent from our best baby laundry detergent review and the normal drying cycle takes 1 hour and 44 minutes to dry, delicate loads will take only 1 hour to dry, and heavier loads will take 2 or more hours.

Stacking Possibilities

The Electrolux front load compact dryer is 24 inches wide and deep. This allows the machine to be able to fit into small tight spaces, that full-sized machines cannot get into. It sits at 33.5 inches tall, which makes it a good stacking height. Especially since most people will be able to reach the front control panel even when it is stacked on top of the washer. The majority of compact dryers are often found to be hiding in closest of apartments and condos. However, the door needs to be left open for the dryer to run correctly.

LED Panel

The LED panel on the front of the machine and allows you to change the dryers setting. Some of the settings that you can change include dry time, wrinkle release, timer chime, and even a delay start option. Right below this screen, you will find controls for the power, temperature, and even ‘my favorites’ option.

electrolux-eied200qsw-front-load-compact-dryer-reviewExtra Parts

The Electrolux front load compact dryer comes with a kit that allows you to hook up your dryer to a drain. While this attachment will help get rid of water that comes out of the clothes, it is not a necessary one. If you do not connect the drain, the water will be collected inside a drawer next to the control panel.

After each load, you can empty out the water from the container, like you would a normal lint trap. Under the dryer drawer, there is a condenser that will be to clean every once in a while. But the machine will let you know when it is time to clean this section.

Easy to Use Dryer

Using the Electrolux front load compact dryer is an easy task. You simply throw your wet clothes into the machine, select normal cycle, and hit start. Once you have done this the machine will start to dry your clothes. The buttons on the screen will require a small amount of effort in the right spot to be able to work. This means that you can be messing with all the different cycle settings for some time. To switch to a different cycle you will have to power down your dryer completely.

Powering down the machine is simple, all you have to do is hold down the power button for a couple of seconds. Having a front control panel on a short machine will eliminate the times your kids or your hip have accidentally knocked a button and completely changed the dryer settings. The people at Electrolux have been able to create a dryer will that is pretty much human error proof. This means that you will never have to worry about ruining another load of laundry again. For example, if you try to turn up to hear on the delicate cycle, the machine will say ‘not possible’ across the control panel.

Smaller Loads

This dryer comes with seven regular cycles with four special ones. One of these special settings is the wool option.electrolux-eied200qsw-front-load-compact-dryer The wool option spins the machine in a different way than regular cycles do. It is designed to help keep your sweater laying flat and not got tossed around. You can also customize a few of your drying settings, like the temperature. Even though it has limited options, people are okay with that. Especially since they do not really venture out of the normal or delicate drying cycle.


There are a few concerns about the drying capacity. Customers have become accustomed to using very large dryers. If you are planning on doing full loads of laundry every day, you should look into a different machine. The Electrolux front load compact dryer is able to handle up to 3 sets of full-sized sheets at once. All of the sheets are able to freely tumble and dry in the estimated timeframe.

Moisture Sensing Feature

The inside drum comes with moisture-sensing bars that will help decrease the drying time. For instance, a mixed load of clothes is supposed to take at least 2 hours to dry, according to the Electrolux company. But it was able to completely dry the whole load in about one and half hours. Being able to cut down on the drying times means that you are able to save energy, and it will not be as hard on the fabric.