Electrolux Dryer with Allergen Cycle


The latest of our dryer reviews is this Electrolux dryer with allergen cycle review, featuring the EFME617SIW. It may not offer anything new in terms of drying features or ability, but what it does do it does very well indeed. It’s a paired model with the washing machine (EFLS617SIW) that brought a revolution in cleaning performance.


– Effective moisture sensors

– Allergy and Sanitize options

– Eco friendliness

– Attractive design

– Great warranty


– Easy to pause or shut off machine while running

Touch The Dialelectrolux-efme617siw-dryer-allergen-review

Like its sister washing machine, this dryer’s interface is designed around a large and handsome illuminated dial, as if Electrolux have been referring to the Nest design handbook. The dial illuminates with the time remaining in the cycle, and also shows messages such as cleaning and maintenance reminders. To the left of the dial is the power button, and to the right are controls to customize your wash cycle.

Options are displayed and highlighted with a white light that moves through available ones from the selected cycle as you press the buttons:


– Sanitize

– High

– Normal

– Low

– Air dry


– Max

– High

– Normal

– Less

– Damp


30 to 75 minutes, 15-minute increments

The controls are completed by Start/Pause and Cancel buttons. These buttons are super sensitive and easy to operate accidentally, but only the pause button works mid-cycle. This Electrolux dryer has 9 cycles, slightly fewer than many of our favourite dryers.

They offer a good variety of functions:

– Time Dry

– Allergen – extra hot for killing dust mites and other nasty things

– Heavy Duty – jeans etc

– Towels – hand, bath and beach

– Normal – everyday items

– 15 Minute fast dry – for very small loads

– Casual – blends, non-iron items

– Delicates – items from that special drawer

– Instant refresh – for airing out clean clothes that are still smelly

Options include adding steam to help remove wrinkles and static, Eco mode which adds time but saves energy, a tumble option if you can’t empty the dryer immediately, up to 12 hours delayed start, and lock for the controls between cycles.

The dryer learns your favourite settings, and will automatically have them ready: if you always use “air dry” with a timed dry cycle, it will select that before you start. The 8 cubic foot stainless steel drum has a bright light inside that stays on for 3 minutes, giving you enough time to find any stray socks.

Sensitive Sensors

electrolux-efme617siw-dryer-reviewLike many dryers, the EFME617SIW is fitted with a moisture sensor to prevent over-drying or under drying of your garments. The manual warns that actual drying time may be longer or shorter than displayed, and sure enough, a smaller than average load of wet clothes is finished sooner than advertised.

The towel cycle, already 91 minutes, is bumped up to 116 if you turn the heat up to sanitize. However, our test load of sheets and a couple of towels was fully dry in under an hour and a half, so the dryer turned itself off. We tried overloading the 15 minute quick cycle with eleven shirts, a cotton hoodie and some underwear, and they used the full cycle and still came out damp. But considering this cycle is meant for very small loads, it did a good job with a big pile of laundry.

Although the drying times are more unpredictable with the moisture sensor, the machine will save energy by stopping a cycle when the contents are dry (which helps it earn Energy Star certification). It won’t leave you with a drumful of damp or overheated clothes.

Strong warranty

Electrolux offers 3 years’ parts and one year labour cover with this dryer.


We’re pleased that this Electrolux dryer review is just as positive as for its paired washing machine as other reviews are. The sanitize and allergen options are chief among some very useful options. The moisture sensors worked well and while they made finish times unpredictable, other settings like wrinkle release and delayed start mean you can arrange to be ready to remove your load when it’s dry. Our only complaint is the sensitive pause button, and since that’s the only fault we can find, it’s a clear winner.

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