DeLonghi Sandwich Maker CGH800-U Review


In this DeLonghi sandwich maker review we sample a versatile grill, sandwich maker and panini press with more than the average grilling space.

The DeLonghi Sandwich Maker CGH800-U has an elegant design with a few bright retro touches. There’s a gently curving handle with chrome ends that’s the full width of the grill, making it easy to raise and lower. The heat control below it is shiny plastic chrome, with a window above like an old-time weighing scale.


– Generous size

– Even cooking and grilling

– Good looks

– Easy cleaning and disposal of fat and oil


– No numbers on scale for thermostat control

– Needs a deep countertop to operate


Given the depth of the grill, the evenness of toasting right across the aluminum plates was excellent. We had two professional-looking golden, stripy paninis side by side in just a couple of attempts to find the right setting. Grilled meat steaks on the DeLonghi sandwich maker grill plate gave a similarly pleasing result, and the tall hinge gives you plenty of clearance for a good sized burger or bun.


There aren’t many controls, just a chrome finish knob for adjusting the thermostat, with a min-to-max indicator in a little window above it. A light glows when the grill is operational. All handles are plastic and cool to the touch, and its generous size makes it easy to identify and avoid the hot grilling surfaces.

Ease of Cleaning

The slant of the grill on the DeLonghi sandwich maker is barely noticeable in use, but it works – plenty of fat and grease channel into the collecting cup, making the nonstick aluminum grill plates easy to wipe down ready to go again. The drip tray is large enough to collect enough fat from a whole grilling session, and there’s a useful spout built in to the corner of the grill for safely pouring the liquid out into a waste container.

Ease of Use

The mechanical controls are easy to learn and uncomplicated, with just a variable thermostat for managing heat. The telescopic hinge works particularly well, enabling easy toasting of thicker sandwiches and grilled items without squeezing, burning or dislodging the side nearest the hinge. The DeLonghi sandwich maker requires a deep countertop space, but folds and locks into a compact, vertical position for safe and easy storage.


The grilling plates on the Delonghi sandwich maker have wide, rounded ridges and their nonstick surface resisted scrapes. There are no tight corners or fat traps in the design. The handles and hinge mechanism are all reassuringly weighty and solidly built.


13.19” L x 14.17” W x 5.12” H

Shipping Weight

9 lbs

Warranty and Support

DeLonghi offers a full one year limited warranty for materials and workmanship.

DeLonghi Sandwich Maker CGH800-U
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This DeLonghi sandwich maker review is very favorable as it’s versatile, large enough for two portions of steak, sandwich or grilled fish. It performs consistently and evenly across the full width of its hotplates, and they’re designed to clean up easily and channel the oil and fat away in a healthy, convenient way.

It’s stylish enough to leave out on counter top and complement the design of any contemporary kitchen, but folds and locks away into a space saving upright position.

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