DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Maker


Today, we’re taking a closer look at our DeLonghi Nespresso Lattisima Touch Coffee Maker Review.

Is this coffee maker any good?

Should you buy it?

Is it better than other big name brands?

These are the questions that we answer;

First things first; if most coffee fans were to discover the DeLonghi Nespresso Lattisima while browsing for a machine, they’d spot the price tag and give it a miss. This is not to say that it isn’t a good coffee maker, it is just hard to get around its (perhaps unfairly) defining feature – the $299 cost on Amazon.

This is an expensive device and it is likely to do with the fact that it can also steam milk. Only a handful of commercial machines can offer this feature and most are at the high end of the market. Being able to steam milk, as well as brew coffee, means that popular drinks like cappuccino and macchiato are an option.  Is it worth the money for a frothy coffee though?

Main Advantages

– The machine is very simple to use

– It operates quietly and is fairly fast

Main Disadvantages

– One of the most expensive models on the market

– Only compatible with pricey coffee capsules

– Coffee capsules sometimes get jammed

Lightweight and Compact

The Nespresso Lattisima is surprisingly lightweight. It is constructed out of super durable plastic, so this does make sense. On the other hand, the price tag gets harder to justify with this discovery. Most coffee enthusiastsdelonghi-nespresso-lattissima-touch-coffee-maker-review would be hoping for a heftier, more substantial piece of kit.

It weighs a dainty four and a half pounds. It can be completely disassembled and easily washed, piece by piece, in the sink. This is a valuable feature, as coffee machines can get grubby quickly and it is those hard to reach spots that are often the biggest problem. Even better is the fact that this device is also dishwasher safe.

It doesn’t have the sleek, contemporary aesthetic of a chrome or stainless steel coffee makers you can find in our best coffee makers review, but it feels substantial. You don’t hold it and get the sense that it easily could fall apart. The Nespresso Lattisima is, essentially, a simple box shape. It is best nestled on a countertop, against the wall, where it won’t get in the way.

Lacking the Bells and Whistles

One thing which is notable by its absence is any form of digital screen or interface. Many of the lower end machines now have LCD displays, so that users can easily switch back and forth between settings. The DeLonghi has only a main power button and six coffee cup symbols. Three relate to coffee varieties and three are for selecting specific milk options.

To start it up, you hit the power button and wait for the cup symbols to illuminate in a kind of landing strip formation. The machine is ready to brew once all of the lights have turned off again. If it sounds a little fussy, that’s because it is. Fortunately, it takes less than a minute for the coffee maker to prepare itself.

Brewing a Cup of Joe

Just like all coffee makers, this DeLonghi has a removable water container. It must be filled and returned to the machine before you can make your drink. What is different here is that there’s also a container for the milk. It comes with a clever movable handle so that you can tip the liquid into your coffee cup very gently once it has been steamed.

The fdelonghi-nespresso-lattissima-touch-coffee-maker-reviewsact that it only works in conjunction with coffee capsules makes this machine an unsuitable choice for most people. It just isn’t very convenient. The capsules are expensive and they have a tendency to get stuck inside the device. It would be much simpler if the maker had a combi design and could produce drinks using ground coffee from an electric burr coffee grinder as well.

On the upside, there are some complementary capsules included in the box when you buy your Nespresso Lattisima new from the store. You’ll also find an information booklet about how and where to buy more capsules. Users are given the opportunity to become a member of the ‘Nespresso Club’ and enjoy discounts and special rewards.

This won’t be for everybody, but it is bound to appeal to those who like the idea of being part of an exclusive community. However, it is cheaper to purchase capsules in bulk from an online retailer like Amazon. The more you buy at any one time, the better value for money they are. On average, a bulk order will come to around seventy cents per capsule.

This is not going to be useful for every kind of coffee drinker. If you don’t chain drink coffee, that’s probably too many capsules for you. The brewing process is a relatively simple and user-friendly affair.

Making an espresso, for example, was a quick and easy process. We just put the cup in the right place, inserted the capsule, and pulled the handle down to pierce it and release the coffee. The capsules are inserted sideways, which is quite unusual. You will get the hang of it, but there may be a few failed attempt first.

On a couple of occasions, the lever didn’t pierce and release the coffee, so we were just left with a mug of water that tasted vaguely of plastic.

Flavor Satisfaction

As far as flavor, the DeLonghi makes very decent cups of coffee. They aren’t spectacular, but they are perfectly enjoyable. Then again, why would you pay for such an expensive machine and settle for a coffee that is just good and not outstanding?

DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Maker
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The problem with this coffee machine is not that it is bad or poorly constructed. It is that the price tag promises luxury and it doesn’t quite get there. It is a little awkward in places and it’s hard to see why some of the quirkier design choices were made.

Nevertheless, it might appeal to those who treat their passion for coffee as a fun triviality. Serious enthusiasts are likely to be turned off by the DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima Touch, but it would make a stylish addition to a lavish kitchen.