Cuisinart Touch 4 Slice Toaster CPT-440


Cuisinart Touch 4 Slice Toaster CPT-440 review

This is a lever-less Cuisinart toaster that provides motorized control.

With the touch of a button, you can lower items into the extra wide slots of this innovative toaster.

A sleek control panel with a back-lit LCD display brings new age technology to the comfort of traditional toasters on the market.

Optimize the way you toast with settings like one-sided enhanced bagel toasting, reheat and defrost modes, and seven shade options.

Additionally, an audible alert signal lets you know when your toast is done.All of these new and innovative features allow you to customize your toast just how you like it.


Motorized Lift for convenience

LCD countdown features

Blue backlit LED function display to customize your toast

Competative warranty

Cancel, defrost, and reheat options for convenience

BPA free


Exterior design is finger smudged easily



The Cuisinart four slice toaster lets you toast your bread just the way you like it. The settings and bagel features ensure your toast comes out perfect every time.

Settings and Features

This model has advanced features like one- sided enhanced bagel toasting, as well as defrost, reheat, and seven shades of toasting options, this unit also has an LED display and audible alarm for your convenience.

Ease of Cleaning

This stainless steel exterior model can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth for easy to clean messes but its easy to leave fingermarks.

Ease of Use

This Cuisinart toaster starts with the press of a button, and lets you adjust the settings effortlessly with the LED display.


This stainless steel unit is very durable and reliable. It stood up very well to testing and would make a great addition to your kitchen appliances.


This model measures 10.5″X11.18″x7.75″


Has a shipping weight of 4 lbs.

Warranty and support

The Cuisinart Toaster comes with a limited 3 year warranty, as well as customer support.

Cuisinart Touch 4 Slice Toaster CPT-440
  • Performance
  • Settings/Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


The Cuisinart Touch 2 slice toaster is innovative and different from other toasters on the market, if you are someone who likes to control and customize everything then it’s toaster is well worth the investment.

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So, is a Cuisinart toaster right for you?

Like other electrical appliances your Cuisinart toaster will have electrical components. You need to try to avoid making use of water and cleaning liquids on it. It will need to be achievable to just use a damp cloth to clean your toaster. Large granule salt can be used to loosen stubborn stains. Some Cuisinart toasters must be turned upside down to clean out the crumbs while others have removable crumb trays.

The information you need in advance of buying a toaster –

In case you are thinking about the best Cuisinart toaster for your kitchen, which may serve a lot of purposes as you can wish, you need to give consideration to a number of items. For instance, before purchasing a new Cuisinart toaster, you will want to purchase a toaster by checking the size and design, the toasting function, the toaster uses, business’s support in case you encounter trouble with it and also the specifications of each toaster.

With this toaster’s awesome bread setting, there is no more burnt fruit toast. However, be conscientious to choose the best setting for each bread type. The toaster is excellent at toasting and defrosting. Defrosted bread is toasted to the same perfection as fresh bread. I find it logical canceling the toasting process as the toaster comes with a look & lift alternative which are necessary frequently when you are toasting smaller types of bread slices like sourdough (my preferred).

Shopping for a toaster is for the reason of toasting your bread. There is more to a toaster than you think. With a toaster within your kitchen, you could make the most out of any dish that involves bread toasting. Keep reading to find out what you really need to know, to be able to get a good toaster.

The toaster brands to have a look at –

Cuisinart – Reliability, simple designs and functionality come from Cuisinart. A large amount of the top toasters that are around right now are made by Cuisinart.
T- Fal – Widely known for quality, great design and functionality. Affordable toasters to high end toasters, T-fal produces them all.
Krups – This company is known for building good, dependable & solid commercial toasters. Functionality is why Krups toasters appeal to a wide range of men and women.
Oster- Much of the finest toasters in terms of efficiency are produced by Oster. You get a range of settings and features with Oster toasters.
Hamilton Beach – Well thought out, attractive & functional toasters is what this brand is known for. Hamilton Beach are responsible for much of the high end and reasonably priced toasters.

Warranty & support –

For toasters, particularly appliances generally utilized in the kitchen, it is good for you to confirm that you’ve a warranty in case something occurs to it. For your peace of mind, choose Cuisinart toasters with longer warranty periods. Search for firms that provide support for shoppers, it could be necessary.

The design –

With a compact toaster, it not just about how excellent it looks in your kitchen however, also how well it toasts your bread. Think of you hiding your toaster in the cupboard just in case you’ve got company. I am sure that no one desires that to happen. It might be the same in case you burn yourself on the sides while altering the settings or removing your toast. The best Cuisinart toasters add beauty to your kitchen and has great features for usage, cleaning and storage.

Toast functions –

Top rated toasters can be useless, regardless of how astonishing their features could be, in the event you can not use them with ease. Different toasters these days come feature packed with settings for bagels, reheating, defrosting & cancel buttons. In toasting a perfect bread slice easier, a lot of toasters have additional functions. You must pick out a toaster that has functions for you to check all through toasting & add more time.

What are the features?

A perfect toaster may be the distinction between an inedible charred black plus a seamless golden brown. Pick out a toaster that has a dark shade setting variety to choose from and a precise approach to make a choice between the levels of setting. Toasters can limit the number of shade settings so there is modest or no distinction between them. In case you like to toast bagels or thicker slices of bread that differ in size, you will want to adjust the shade settings.

A lot of toasters supply you with automated features so you don’t need to adjust the toasting settings for distinctive sorts of bread. You need not work so difficult with an automatic toaster as much of them have particular settings for the different sorts of bread you will use, like toasting bagels. A good toaster will enable you to get the crunch you crave in the morning.