Cuisinart Sandwich Grill WM-SW2 Review


Cuisinart Sandwich Grill WM-SW2 is a compact sandwich grill, easier to use than ever.

You can cook many different foods in the simply designed sandwich grill for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The sandwich grill works by locking down and sealing your sandwich between two plates with raised edges.

Two sandwiches can be cooked at the same time.

The Cuisinart sandwich grill, of course, is made stylishly with non-stick plates; No worries about cooking a sandwich with lots of cheese.

The lights on top of the grill indicate not only when the grill has been heated to temperature, but also times the cooking of your sandwich and switches to a green light when it is cooked to perfection.

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Non-stick plates always helpful

Sealing edges are great for simple cheesy sandwiches or stuffed omelets

Small, light, and compact, fits in any cabinet

Indicator lights prevent burning sandwich

Locking lid prevents spilling ingredients


Sandwich size limited, if it is too stuffed the ingredients will squeeze out into the middle of the grill when you open it.

Painted surfaces can wear easily


Performs just as expected, as it is quite a simple grill. Toasts bread nicely, while heating all of the ingredients inside without burning anything. The grill also is great for eggs, especially if you like to meal prep your breakfasts or you have busy mornings.


Red/Green Indicator lights on top that show when grill is heated and when sandwich has been fully cooked.  There are raised plates that hug the edges of the bread to seal in all your sandwich toppings, including cheese. Locking mechanism that holds the two plates firmly together during cooking and Non-stick surface ensures there will be no issues claiming your lunch

Ease of Cleaning

The grill wipes clean easily, can be cleaned thoroughly in seconds.

Ease of use

As long as you haven’t made too big of a sandwich, the appliance works easily. All you have to do is place your sandwich in the center of the plate and fold the top plate down on to it. The locking lid is front and center and clicks into position without a thought.

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Well built but still very light, a fall from the counter didn’t do any damage.


5.2 x 10.2 x 10 inches


3.5 pounds.

Warranty and Support

There is a standard 1 year warranty, with the option to add a three-year protection plan for a very small fee.

Cuisinart Sandwich Grill WM-SW2
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he Cuisinart Sandwich Grill is simple and clean. A fast way to create delicious sandwich melts, eggs, french toast, or anything you can get creative with. It has red and green indicator lights to show when your sandwich is cooked and when the grill is heated to temperature. The lid locks down to seal the raised-edge plates together, which in turn contains the sandwich toppings perfectly. Over-stuffing can cause a little blowout once you open the grill, but even still the grill’s non-stick surface makes getting your toasty sandwich out very easy and cleaning is as easy as wiping it with a cloth. It is light and compact, so it can be stored easily.
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