Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker WM-PZ2


The Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker WM-PZ2 makes it easy to bake the perfect pizzelle. This unit by Cuisinart can quickly and conveniently bake two- four inch pizzelles simultaneously. Each pizzelle comes out perfectly thin and crispy every time. The Cuisinart Pizzelle maker lets you choose from 5 levels of browning so that you can enjoy a delicious treat toasted just the way you want. A dual indicator light lets you know when your Pizzelles are done. Once baked, the nonstick coating ensures that the Pizzelles come right out without any fuss just like a waffle iron. This also makes clean up a breeze, simply wipe the unit down to get rid of any crumbs or grease.


A pleasing and compact design fits right on top of your counter without taking up unnecessary space.

This unit is thoughtfully made and easy to use

Model comes with a competitive warranty


Price point is a bit high in comparison to similar models from different brands

Fragile finish makes for a not so durable looking product

Stainless steel finish means you have to constantly wipe finger prints off the surface


The Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker bakes hot and crispy Pizzelle that consistently turn out hot ant tasty! These treats are crispy on the outside and hot on the inside. Yum!


The settings and features on this model are convenient and easy to use. Simply set the timer and choose your desired browning level, and the Pizzelle maker takes care of the rest.

Easy Clean Up

The nonstick coating on the Pizzelle Maker’s cooking surface makes it easy to clean up residual messes. Simply wipe of with a damp cloth and you are all set to go for the next time.

Ease of use

The Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker is easy and strait forward to use. Simply pore in the batter, choose your desired setting, and wait for the Pizzelles to cook.


This unit is surprisingly durable. I must admit I dropped it once or twice during the review, and to my delight it still works perfectly.


The dimensions of this unit are 8.75″ x 7.75″ x 3.88″ (L xW xH), and has a shipping weight of 4.13 lbs.

Warranty and Support

Cuisinart provides a full 3 year warranty for the Pizzelle Maker, as well as additional support.

Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker WM-PZ2
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The Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker (WM-PZ2) is a great unit that produces great results in a similar way to the best waffle makers. Attractive features like the dual indicator light and 5 level browning options set it apart for similar products you might find lined up at your local appliance store.

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Why Buy A Pizzelle Maker?

We all know pizzelles are fast becoming fundamental for people. Delicious smelling pizzelles in the evening, get even the laziest of your family members to the table and can grow to be a weekend tradition. No surprise then that having an electric pizzelle maker is a wonderful addition to your kitchen. A fantastic pizzelle maker may be a gift to any individual who enjoys eating pizzelles and it makes the pizzelle making process extremely easy. Occasionally even the best pizzelle makers quit working, so need to be replaced. Whether you’re going out to purchase the greatest pizzelle maker looking into the 1st time or replacing an existing one, you’ll notice that there are lots of distinct ones out there.

Ease To Clean

This can end up becoming one of the biggest minus points against your otherwise cool pizzelle maker. Several folks have challenging to clean pizzelle makers so they only bring them out at the weekend. pizzelle batter tends to drip over the sides, dirtying not just the appliance though your countertops as well, and turning pizzelle making into quite a messy business. If you desire to have pizzelles before work during the week then an easy to clean pizzelle maker is important.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is what you will need to get from a great pizzelle maker. In case you whip up time-honored batter yourself then you need to make more than one batch to check for consistency. Having the best consistency isn’t just about traditional batter. At times we need to make pizzelles fast, so quick pizzelle mix is used. You need to not be let down on consistency with a great pizzelle maker.

Other features You’ll Need

While a pizzelle maker being easy to use and consistent, you ought to also contemplate these other points.

Warning Lights & Alarms

You need to know when the surfaces are hot sufficient to cook without having to burn your hand. It is also fantastic to know precisely when your pizzelles are ready, so they do not get burn while you are not looking. Today, the greatest pizzelle makers come with an alarm or light to tell you when it is hot or the pizzelles are ready. This data will be consistent on a fantastic pizzelle maker. Make sure that the pizzelles are cooked right and that the light or alarm is consistent. You do not want your pizzelle maker to take too long in case you are in a rush most mornings.

They are a straightforward gadget to use. You just want to add your batter to the hot cooking surfaces. The hot plates heat the batter till it is baked It isn’t the most difficult process in the world, nevertheless you do have some variations obtainable. I.e., the type of pizzelle maker you have will decide the shape of the pizzelles – square or circular. You can also regulate the size of the pizzelle by considering a sizeable pizzelle maker or a small pizzelle maker. Which do you prefer? You will also need to bear in mind the expense.

What Do You Need To Check Out In a Pizzelle Maker?

The greatest pizzelle makers will need to entice you with features. The gadget itself is not difficult at all, so there are a number of standard features that you want to give consideration to.

The other thing that is essential is, what sort of pizzelle maker will make you the finest pizzelles. A cool pizzelle maker will be in a position to make you the perfect pizzelles, crisp outside and fluffy on the inside. Do not settle for 2nd greatest and get soggy pizzelles. Get the best pizzelle maker to do make them the right way. Thin pizzelle makers are popular but square ones are making a comeback. Depending on how much of a pizzelle fanatic you are you could get one or both. It might be troublesome to decide as there’s so much choice in the marketplace. To allow you decide, you can read our finest pizzelle maker evaluations. You will be in a position to find the finest pizzelle maker for you. If you desire to make the selection on your own, you want to keep a number of factors in mind.

Assembly Ease

Most pizzelle makersĀ  come 100% assembled right out of the box. That does leave a minority of pizzelle makers that you’ll need to assemble yourself. In order to assemble it you will need to not need a college degree to get it done. The point is not to see how fantastic you are (or not) at assembling pizzelle makers though to get delicious pizzelles. Try to find one that is either already assembled or is uncomplicated to put together once it’s out of the box. The pizzelle maker assessments are here to help you make the best choice. You could get a cool pizzelle maker, a thin pizzelle maker, a big pizzelle maker or a small pizzelle maker. Keeping points such as your budget, ease of use and consistency in mind, take your time and determine upon the pizzelle maker finest suited to your demands.