Cuisinart Metal Classic 2 Slice Toaster CPT-160


Cuisinart Metal Classic 2-Slice Toaster CPT-160 with it’s deliciously smooth rounded lines, sleek black and chrome accents and with a subtle dash of retro this Cuisinart Metal Classic 2-Slice Toaster CPT-160 will suit a wide variety of kitchen designs like the best toasters should.

Good sized slots allow you to defrost or toast not only bread but all sorts of bagels and tasty pastry delights too. You can easily control of the level of toastiness with 6 integrated shade settings from lightly golden to crunchy crisp.


Stylish contemporary and clean but with a nod to the ‘50s retro look.

Has a bagel setting as well as a 6 setting browning and defrost, too.

Comes with a limited 3 year warranty.


Takes a while to figure out the optimal browning settings for different types of bread.

The main body does get a little warm to the touch in use, so best not let the younger kids near it.

Small capacity for a large family!



Seems to toast even, well and quite fast especially on setting 3.


With 6 browning settings plus a defrost, reheat and separate bagel button this is all I need for a happy morning, as long as I get to it before the kids do.

Ease of Cleaning

The brushed stainless does tend to show up finger marks and smudges but these are easily dealt with by a quick wipe with a damp sponge. For those stubborn marks try a squeeze of lemon on the sponge if you want to keep things simple, eco-friendly and on budget! The crumb tray also needs regular emptying, probably the worst thing about any toaster but the upside is the garden birds enjoy it.

Ease of Use

Simple. Pop bread product in slot, choose your toastiness, wait hungrily for your breakfast.


Tough and solid so far. Fit and finish seem to be up to the usual high Cuisinart standards.


10.75″ x 7.13″ x 7.13″ (L x W x H)

Shipping Weight


Warranty and Support

The Cuisinart Metal Classic 2-Slice Toaster CPT-160 is available with a limited 3 year warranty and support.

Cuisinart Metal Classic 2 Slice Toaster CPT-160
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The Cuisinart Metal Classic 2-Slice Toaster CPT-160 makes a great addition to any modern kitchen with its stylish brushed stainless design. That being said, it would also fit into that retro/modern one too with its beautifully curved looks. The slots are wide enough for those thicker slices of bread and even bagels. The only real downside is with only two slots and a larger family all clamoring for toast, you may have to fight with the kids over who gets to use it first!


Is this the right Cuisinart toaster to buy?

A toaster has a circuit board, comparable to other electrical appliances inside your kitchen. So please keep away from using cleaning liquids & water. To clean your toaster, use a wet cloth on the surfaces. You might use granule salts to loosen stains & crumb buildup. To make cleaning easier, many toasters come with a removable crumbs tray. If not you could turn your toaster upside down to aid cleaning.

I own a Cuisinart kitchen toaster, since I bought it, I haven’t encountered any difficulty or difficulty in operation. The toaster is perfect for persons like me who love toast done in varying settings. There will be no burnt toast on account of the bread settings on these toasters. But be conscientious to choose the correct setting for each bread type.

The toaster is excellent at toasting & defrosting bread. You’ll have your defrosted bread toasted in a comparable manner to unfrozen food on standard settings. I find it easy canceling the toasting process as the toaster comes with a look and lift option. In some cases, you’ll are obliged to have toast tongs in your kitchen if you are working with smaller bread slices and need additional lift.

The toaster design

With a compact toaster, it not just about how excellent it looks in your kitchen nevertheless how well it toasts your bread. You don’t want to be hiding your toaster away when people come round to your home. I am confident none of us need that happening. It can be the same if while removing your toast or altering settings, you burn yourself when you touch it accidentally. The finest toasters add beauty to your kitchen & has superb features for usage, cleaning & storage.

Look into these awesome toaster brands

Reville show some of the best performance and highest quality from this toaster maker. There are always good supplementary features on the toasters.

T- Fal toasters are apt to be attractive, well developed and awesome standard. They product a wide range to toasters from high end to affordable toasters.

Krups deliver solid, dependable and well thought out commercial grade toasters. Krups are responsible for a number of the finest toasters on the market.

Cuisinart have functionality and design at the cornerstones of this firms toasters. There are a considerable amount of top rated toasters that are for sale that carry the Cuisinart branding.

Oster make well thought out, attractive and functional toasters is what this brand is known for. The Oster branding could be discovered on some of the most functional toasters there are today.

The Features

A perfect toaster might be the distinction between an inedible charred black as well as a seamless golden brown. Choose the toaster that may give you a variety of toast shade settings so you get the shade that’s just right for you. Toasters can limit the level of shade settings so there is little or no distinction between them. In case you like to toast bagels or thicker slices of bread that differ in size, you’ll want to adjust the shade settings.

In advance of buying the toaster take a minute to think about its convenience; most toasters in the present market provide an automatic toasting feature & as a result to start a toasting cycle you will not need to lower the toasting level. Many automatic toasters permit you to just push a button so they do all the work for you incorporating detecting the kind of bread you are employing. You can toast a bigger volume of slices with several toasters or some even have additional wide slots. The greatest toasters help you get the crunch you want from your toast.

Help & assistance

For any toaster you purchase whether it is compact or automatic, it’s excellent to know there is a lengthy warranty. Look for a lengthy warranty period with your toaster for less worry. Choose toaster firms with user assistance if you want to study a number of advanced toasting features.

The primary aim you would get a toaster for is clearly apparent- bread toasting! There is a lot more your toaster can offer you. A toaster at home, makes it possible for you to make the most of any meal that requires toast. You want to read this to find out what you want to know to get the finest toaster.

What you need prior to buying a toaster

When trying to acquire a toaster for your kitchen, you should take the time to give consideration to these points. You should contemplate points I have mentioned, like the design, toasting usage, the size the cost plus the warranty provided with it.

The toast functions

Even a good toaster with the greatest features might be pointless of you can not use them effortlessly. Various toasters today come feature packed with settings for bagels, reheating, defrosting & cancel buttons. In toasting a ideal bread slice less complicated, a lot of toasters have additional functions. Select a toaster that allows you to add more time if required and that you can check during toasting.