Blue Lipstick Shades That Make You Look Amazing

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Talk about blue lips and here is the list which you will love to wear! Read about the hot blue lipstick shades this season and you will forget all about the reds and the pinks.



MAC Lipstick in Matte Royal

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MAC can never disappoint you be it Pink, Red or Purple. Blue is a shade which makes you look different with a perfect finish. You stand out of the crowd with this MAC magic. It is not too blunt nor very subtle. Just perfect for a party or hangout! Wanna try?

Maracoon Lippies from NYX – Blue Velvet MALS04

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If you are looking for a perfect ‘blue’ this is one option which you can definitely try. Go on and create waves with this NYX Maracoon Lippies Blue Velvet. The shade is a little more than what Dolce & Gabbana offers in Blue pastel. Try it out, see how it feels! Looks best when paired with denims and a white t-shirt!

Manic Panic Ice Metals After Midnight Blue Lethal Lipstick (Tish & Snooky)


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The velvet look of the bar is a perfect one for a night out. This classic shade lets you be yourself. Enhanced with a variety of oils and anti-oxidants for making your pout look sexy and supple! Go get it!

MAC Blue Lipmix

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This shimmer gel comes gives you that dusty opaque blue color, one of the liquid tips from MAC. Apply it as it is or mix it with your own shade of color to give it an impacting look. You look radiant with this tip. You think its bold, apply just one coat and massage in.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Blue stick in Paint

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Get away with those lighter shades and gel with this awesome look providing you a finish leaving you spellbound. Star Kylie Jenner also promoted this shade of sapphire in October, try it and look stunning! Happy to get yourself on Instagram.

Color of the Year Matte Lipstick in Serenity – Sephora+Pantone Universe

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So two pastel colors marked their prominence winning accolades and created magic! Beautiful blush blues and ravishing pinks are all in this year, meaning Sephora plus Pantone Universe’s shades delicates might be crowned. You really need to grab the two before this happens!

Victoria Secret Light Blue

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Pastels let you feel natural, like this lipstick which has become an all-time favorite among the ladies in town. Looks like charming babies wrapped in their beautiful blankets! If you don’t have it, order now.