Black & Decker Two Slice Toaster TR1280S


This two slice toaster review looks at the Black & Decker Two Slice Toaster TR1280S. It’s a stylish upgrade to any contemporary kitchen, with its classic clean lines in stainless steel complemented by blue backlight and LED display.

But it’s also good value and a strong, powerful performer with many settings for preparing different kinds of bread, reheating and toasting frozen items.


– Attractive design and materials

– LED display

– Countdown

– Variety of options

– One-touch retractable cord


– Limited slot length


The 1400W two slice toaster warms and browns bread quickly and evenly, producing highly satisfactory results. Increasing or decreasing the level has immediate effect.


It has a standard rotary shade selection knob with 7 settings, and there are specialized push-button settings for frozen bread, reheating, and bagels (one side only). The LED lights glow to count down to the finish.

The retractable cord is perhaps its killer feature – one touch and the flex disappears inside, like on a vacuum. If you like to stow your toaster and maximize countertop space, you’ll appreciate this loads. This toaster is that good looking, you wouldn’t want to put it away. If you just unbox it, put it on the counter, plug it in and only ever move it to clean behind it, you won’t notice it.

Ease of Cleaning

The glossy stainless steel exterior, as well as being cool to the touch, resists finger marks well, and can simply be wiped with a cloth. The black plastic surround to the controls helps users, and their kids, avoid touching the steel surfaces.

Ease of Use

There’s a smooth action and auto centering feature as you push the toast down, this makes it easy to position bagels and wider items. Removing the toast is super easy too, thanks to a high lift feature with good clearance.


The TR1280S tested well for durability, it is a solidly made toaster with back-light and LED display.


13” x 9” x 9”

Shipping Weight


Warranty and Support

Black & Decker offers a 2 year limited warranty for this two slice toaster.

Black & Decker Two Slice Toaster TR1280S
  • Performance
  • Settings/Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


Black and Decker offers an affordable 2-slice toaster which makes a great buy if you want some style and a few premium features. The retractable cord is an impressive party trick, but won’t be everyone’s idea of an everyday feature for a toaster. More useful to everybody are the countdown lamps and range of options for toasting bagels, frozen goods and reheating. If the short two-slot configuration is long enough to meet your toasting needs, it’s an excellent and easy-to-use option.

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Why Buy A Black & Decker Two Slice Toaster?

Getting a toaster is for the reason of toasting your bread. There’s more to this Black & Decker two slice toaster than you think. With a toaster in your kitchen, you could make the most out of any dish that entails bread toasting. To get a good toaster, you need to keep reading to find out what you need to know.

Its design

It is about how well your bread is toasted together with how fantastic it looks inside your kitchen with a Black & Decker two slice toasters. When individuals come to visit you don’t need to must hide it away in the cupboard. I am precise that no one desires that to take place. The same can apply when you are reaching for the settings and burn yourself on the hot sides. With great toasters, you get added beauty and fantastic features for storage, cleaning and usage.

I have a Black & Decker two slice toaster as we hardly ever find any difficulties with operation with this toaster maker. The toaster is ideal for persons like me who love toast done in varying settings. No more burnt toast in the morning with this toaster thanks to the bread settings. However be sensible to pick the correct setting for each bread type. I honestly like the way that the toaster toasts and defrosts bread accurately. The defrosted bread tastes just as fantastic as utilizing fresh bread. You could check your toast all through toasting to check it, then add more time or cancel if it is ready.

Support and help

It is often great to know there is a awesome warranty included for any Black & Decker two slice toaster you purchase. Choose a long warranty period with your toaster for less worry. Just in case you might want it, choose manufacturers that provide assistance.

Its features

Getting burnt toast or a golden brown color is the distinction between a excellent toaster along with a bad one. Pick the Black & Decker two slice toaster that gives you many different toast shade settings so you get the shade that’s just right for you. Several top rated two slice toasters which are on the marketplace have exceptionally good distinction between shade settings. So, in the event you toast artisan breads that greatly differ from one to one other or in case you prefer a browning level amid the shade settings.

Take your time to bear in mind the usage you might need. Automatic toasters have settings to look after distinct kinds of bread today. A number of automatic toasters permit you to just push a button & they do all of the work for you including detecting the type of bread you’re utilizing. There are toasters that could take a large amount of slices at once & even ones with wider slots. This top rated two toaster will help you get the best crunch on your toast as you might wish.

Toasting functions

The finest features on a Black & Decker two slice toaster could be worthless in case you can not use them with ease. Many top rated two slice toasters have normal setting buttons; cancel, defrost, reheat/warming plus a bagel. Several top rated two slice toasters come with added features to toast your bread to perfection. You ought to choose a toaster with functions that allow you to check all through toasting and add more time of it is needed.

What you need to know before buying your toaster

You need to be contemplating these points when getting a top rated two slice toaster for your kitchen Like the right size, the uses you need it for, the warranty, the price and the design of the toaster.

Here are a selections of the proper toaster brands


This toaster manufacturer offers a lot of the highest performance & quality. There are more often than not extraordinary additional features on the toasters.

T- Fal

Functionality, quality and performance as well as awesome developed toaster come from T-fal. They product a wide range to toasters from high end to affordable toasters.


Krups is known for making commercial grade toasters which are reliable and durable. Functionality is why Krups toasters appeal to a wide range of men and women.


Reliability, easy styles and functionality come from Cuisinart. There are a great deal of top rated toasters that are for sale that carry the Cuisinart branding.


Oster are known to make quite a few well thought out, attractive functional toasters. The Oster branding may be identified on a lot of the most functional toasters there are today.

What is the right 2 slice toaster brand to get?

Your toaster will have electrical components comparable to other appliances in your home. This is why, you should avoid the use of water and other cleaning liquids. A damp cloth is all you should need in order to clean your toaster. You might use big granule salts to loosen stains & crumb buildup. Some toasters have to be turned upside down to clean out the crumbs while others have removable crumb trays.