Black & Decker Belgian Waffle Maker WBM500


This is a handsome Black & Decker belgian waffle maker with a steel-finish.

It produces seven and a quarter inch round Belgian waffles and cuts them into four, indicating with a glowing light when preheating is done and again when the waffles are ready.

It’s good value for an appliance that’s good looking enough to leave out on your countertop for guests to admire, something that’s made easier because you can stand it up and wrap the cord around it.


– Divides and cuts the waffles

– Looks good

– Competitively priced

– Folds away compactly


– Plates can’t be removed for cleaning


There’s a slider to adjust the timer from lightly done to dark and crispy waffles, and it makes adjustments you can see and taste. Our test waffles were evenly cooked, and usually emerged already cut into quarters, which is a reassuring sign of a well-engineered appliance.


There aren’t too many things to adjust, just find a browning setting you like, give the plates a quick spray of oil, preheat, then fill it with a scoop of waffle mix and go.

Ease of Cleaning

You cannot remove the plates, although they are well coated with a non-stick surface, and easy to wipe down with a damp cloth. A quick spray of a non-stick oil coating most times before cooking makes the waffles come out much easier and leaves less residue to clean off.

Ease of Use

Instructions are very clear but it’s an easy machine to just figure out by yourself. Just take a scoop of waffle mix and pour into the grid. It’s quick and safe to use, with even the steel staying cool enough to the touch and the large, strong synthetic handles making it simplicity to close and set the waffle iron.


It opens and closes smoothly and feels solid and durable in use. Provided you look after the iron plates, keep them clean and lubricated, it should look after years and years of delicious waffles for you.


10.1” L x 13.1” W x 4.7” H


4 lbs

Warranty and Support

Black and Decker provide a limited 2 year warranty.

Black & Decker Belgian Waffle Maker WBM500
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The WBM500 for a Black & Decker is a well priced, attractive and straightforward waffle maker. With its good looks it’ll fit right in to many a stainless steel themed kitchen. One or two reviewers thought it took a long time to make each waffle, so consider this if you’re likely to make large multiple batches in one session. There are no worries about durability, and the Black & Decker Belgian Waffle Maker’s warranty is longer than the average.

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Why Buy A Black & Decker Belgian Waffle Maker?

We all know waffles are critical for people. Even the laziest members of the family are fast to get out of bed when they smell delicious Belgian waffles for breakfast. No surprise then that having an electric waffle maker is a superb addition to your kitchen. Black & Decker Belgian waffle makers are amazing gifts to anyone who enjoys making waffles as they make them so straightforward to make. Oftentimes it’s important to replace a waffle maker if it comes to the end of its life. You will see that there are a large amount of waffle makers accessible to you, whether you are getting your first one or replacing your old one.

They’re simple goods to use. All you want do it to add fresh batter to the hot cooking plates. The hot plates heat the batter till it’s baked. It’s such an simple process, with a couple distinctive techniques to make them. Dependent on your preference, you will either get a round or square waffle maker. The size of your Belgian waffles might be either large or small dependent on whether you get a big or small waffle maker. Which do you prefer? You’ll also want to take into consideration the cost.

Ease To Clean

A excellent Black & Decker Belgian waffle maker can get minus points if it is not an straightforward to clean waffle maker. The fact that they might be notoriously difficult to clean is why countless people only bring out their waffle makers during the weekend. Waffle batter can get everywhere, so waffle making will become a tremendously messy business. Simple to clean waffle makers are a gift to those of us that need to make waffles through the week.

You Need a Light or Alarm

In the event you do not know the surface is hot you might burn yourself. Knowing when your waffles are ready is key to making them the same each time. A light or an alarm is obtainable on most waffle makers to tell you when the waffle iron is hot or the waffles are cooked. A cool waffle maker will give you this info frequently. You will need to check the alarm or light is right and that the waffles are cooked to your liking. You also do not need waffle makers that take too long, in case you are in a hurry most mornings.

What Else You Should Consider

The other thing that’s essential is, what kind of Belgian waffle maker will make you the best waffles. The proper Black & Decker Belgian waffle maker for you will be able to generate waffles which are crisp on the outside & fluffy inside. An underdone waffle is ok, nevertheless why settle once you can get the best waffles. Get the best waffle maker to do make them the right way.

Round waffle makers are in high demand, but square ones are nonetheless getting used a lot. In the event you are a real fanatic of waffles, you may get one or both Belgian waffle makers. It might be troublesome to determine as there’s so much choice in the market. Our waffle maker reviews will help you make that selection. You’ll be in a position to find the best waffle maker for you. These hints ought to allow you if you’d like to make the selection yourself.

What Do You Need To Check out In a Black & Decker Belgian Waffle Maker?

There are lots of features available on the Black & Decker Belgian Waffle Maker. It is not that complex, nevertheless there are still several features you ought to seek out.

Straightforward to Assemble?

It is true that most of the great Black & Decker Belgian waffle makers are bought fully assembled. Leaving some that demand being put together once purchased. If it does must be assembled then you will need to not need to be a mechanical engineer to get it done. Terrific waffles is what we’re after here not a badge for putting a waffle iron together. Search for a waffle maker that’s either already assembled or is easy to put together once it’s out of the box.

Our waffle maker reviews are here to assist you make the right choice. Belgian waffles make a great breakfast treat and there are lots of waffle makers on the marketplace. Choose from a cool Belgian waffle maker, a big waffle maker or a thin waffle maker. Keeping points such as your budget, ease of use & consistency in mind, take your time and make a decision upon the waffle maker greatest suited to your demands.