Black & Decker 2 Slice Toaster T2707SB Review


Black & Decker 2 Slice Toaster T2707SB review, we look at a contemporary, brushed steel and black appliance packed with features this time.

It’s a simple 2-slice toaster in an attractive matt brushed steel and black finish with gently curving sides.

At the end around the lever it’s black plastic, which contrasts nicely and also keeps finger marks away from the silver parts.


– attractive design

– Shade selector works well, easy to use


– button labels are hard to see


We were able to make fine adjustments to the browning control. Bagels were good, not overdone at all and toasted more one side than the other. The reheat and frozen settings worked satisfactorily without burning our test bread. It offers a good range of timings and with 1400W power, never takes too long.


Below the lever on the right there’s a rotary browning control from 1 to 6 with an LED power indicator very neatly built in. On the left are four stacked buttons which cancel the toasting, or choose options for bagels, frozen bread or reheating.

Ease of Cleaning

The steel finish takes a little looking after, but finger marks usually keep away from the silver parts. The high lift works well for making toast and bagels easy to grab.

Ease of Use

Basic toasting with various browning settings was easy to do, and the slots are wide, self-centering and easy to access. However, the option labels are very small icons between the buttons and it’s hard to see which one to press for a bagel, or reheating or defrosting. Large text would’ve been clearer.


It seems solid and easy to use, the controls are satisfying and they’re a trusted brand confident to offer a 2 year warranty.


12″ x 8″ x 9.1″


4 lbs

Warranty and Support

Black and Decker offers a 2 year limited warranty with this product.


Black & Decker 2 Slice Toaster T2707SB
  • Performance
  • Settings/Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


It’s one of the more stylish stainless steel 2 slice toasters we’ve reviewed. The Black and Decker T2707 is a step up from a basic toaster without breaking the bank. With its modern design. You’ll be happy to keep it on display in your kitchen, and we particularly liked the light that glows inside the browning control dial.

There are some useful features too, with the bagel and reheat settings options likely to get used. The slots are wide so it’s a good choice for fans of bagels. Our only criticism is you’ll be peering at the buttons as the black on silver pictures between them are hard to make out, and it’s far from clear whether you’re going for the bagel or frozen option. But it won’t take long to learn them. Available on Amazon for $23.

Why Do You Need A Toaster?

The main reasoning behind getting as toaster is basically making toast or bagels but did you know there is a lot more your toaster can offer you? Get the best from dishes that demand toast, with a toaster within your kitchen. You need to read this to find out what you need to know to get the right toaster.

Its design

For the latest toaster, how great it toasts bread is key. However, the last thing you need is to be hiding your toaster in the cupboard when family come to visit. I don’t think any person wants that to take place. The same would apply if your toaster burns you when you attempt to touch its controls but you mistakenly touch its sides. The correct toasters need to enhance your kitchen worktop but still have all the features for cleaning and usage.

Help and assistance

In case somethings should happen it is fantastic to know there is a proper warranty with your toaster. Opt for a toaster with longer warranties- potentially for over a year. Some makers provide good assistance, try to find one in case you want it.

Which toaster is right for you?

Please try to stay clear of using cleaning liquids or water on your electric toaster. A damp cloth is all you ought to need to be able to clean your toaster. Stubborn stains might be tackled with sizeable granule salts. Putting big granules in little quantities in the bread slots then turning it upside down after shaking it ensures your toaster is always clean.

Choice of the best setting for each bread type is important. You get bread right from your freezer that tastes just the same as fresh bread does. You can add more time or cancel the toasting with the look & lift option. Find out what you want to know before you get your toaster. When seeking to acquire a toaster for your kitchen, you will need to take the time to consider these things. E.g., in advance of buying a brand new toaster, you want to check the right size and design, the toasting function, the toaster uses, firm’s support in case you encounter trouble working with it and also the specifications.

Toasting functions

Several toasters today come feature packed with settings for bagels, reheating, defrosting and cancel buttons. In toasting a ideal bread slice easier, a number of toasters have additional functions. Decide on toasting functions that let you observe the food mid cycle toasting.

Here are a selection of toaster brands

Krups are known for producing trustworthy & durable toasters that are commercial grade. Krups are responsible for a number of the greatest toasters on the market-place.
Waring Pro make toasters which are incredibly appealing & have excellent performance. There are typically fantastic extra features on the toasters.
Black and Decker have functionality & design at the cornerstones of their toasters. A considerable amount of the top toasters which are around right now are made by Cuisinart.
T- Fal is widely known for quality, great design and functionality. They product a wide range to toasters from high end to reasonably priced toasters.
Hamilton Beach are known to create some well thought out, appealing functional toasters. Widely known for producing numerous the top included toasters in assessments.

The Features you need

The right toaster might be the distinction between burnt black toast along with a amazing toasted brown color. Choose the toaster that has shade settings from dark brown to light brown to get your toast right every time. A whole lot of toasters limit the shade settings and there is insignificant difference between these settings. If, bagels and artisan bread is your thing in the morning then to be in a position to adjust the shade well is key. A excellent toaster will assist you to get the crunch you crave with your coffee in the morning.