Black & Decker 2 Slice Toaster T2030


Black & Decker 2 Slice Toaster T2030 review shows that is has some great features.

Its two toaster slots are very wide, easily capable of handing large slices of bread or any size bagel or English muffin.

The toaster features a cancel button, a defrost setting and a bagel setting.

The also toaster comes with a removable crumb tray when it comes time to clean up.

It comes with chrome covering that does not become hot during use of the toaster and a simple knob to fix the length of toasting time during use.


Chrome and black outside case blends with any kitchen

Wide toast slices that handle a variety of breads

Extra high lift to easily remove bread

Easy to use removable crumb tray for cleaning


Price is higher than most two slice toasters

Defrost setting requires bread to be toasted twice

Comes only in black and chrome


Works well. Bread comes out toasted on both sides in varying levels of cooking. The toast has an operation light that lets the user know when the toaster is operating. Larger types of bread fit easily in this toaster. The toaster remains cool on the outside which is helpful if you have children who make toast.

Settings and Features

This toaster allows two settings to make your toast. One for normal toast and another for bagels which normally require longer toasting because they are thicker. This is quite useful if you like to toast bagels on a regular basis. Temperature dial allows settings between the numbers; this is not possible with digital settings on other toasters. Outside is cool during operation of the toaster.

Ease of Cleaning

The removable crumb tray makes cleaning fairly simple. The chrome and black casing resists finger prints and kitchen grease.


This toaster has the durability expected of Black and Decker products. The black covering on the sides of the toaster resists dents if the toaster is struck by other kitchen implements.


The toaster is 3 x 8.4 x 9.1 inches and should fit easily on any kitchen counter.


4.2 lbs.


Comes with a warranty of one-year and customer support from Black and Decker. Toaster comes with an operation guide in several languages.

Black & Decker 2 Slice Toaster T2030
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Most people looking for a two-slot toaster will be more than satisfied with this toaster. This is a good choice if you toast lots of wider pieces of bread or bagels. The cool outside of this toaster reduces the likelihood of burns during use. For more toaster options see our best toasters review.

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Why Buy A Black & Decker 2 Slice Toaster T2030?

Well if you want to toast your bread you will need to buy a toaster. Your Black & Decker 2 slice toaster can do so much more though. Make the most of dishes with a toaster in your kitchen. To a good 2 slice toaster, you need to keep reading to find out what you need to know.

Which is the right toaster to buy

Black & Decker 2 Slice Toasters, similar to other electrical appliance in your home, have a circuit board. It is best to avoid using liquids like water on your toaster. To clean your toaster, use a wet cloth on the surfaces. You can loosen stains and crumbs with large granule salt. Putting large granules in small amounts in the bread slots and turning it upside down after shaking it ensures your toaster is always clean.

The information you need before buying a 2 slice toaster

If you are looking to buy the best Black & Decker 2 slice toaster for your home, you may wish to consider these points. For example, before you buy a 2 slice toaster, you should think about the design, the functionality, how many slots you need, do the slots need to be wide and of course the cost and warranty.

The features

A perfect Black & Decker 2 slice toaster might be the difference between an inedible charred black and a seamless golden brown. Select the toaster that can give you a variety of toast shade settings so you get the shade that is just right for you. Some 2 slice toasters that are on the market have very little difference between shade settings. So, if bagels and artisan breads are your thing, then you really need to be able to adjust the shade settings.

Take your time to consider the usage you might want. Automatic toasters have settings to look after different types of bread these days. Some automatic toasters allow you to just push a button and they do all of the work for you including detecting the type of bread you are using. It is true that some toasters have wider slots and some can allow you to toast a larger number of slices at once. A good toaster will help you to get the crunch you crave in the morning.

The design

Black & Decker 2 slice toasters are not just about how great it looks on your side, its also about how well it toasts your bread slices. You want a toaster that looks great rather than hiding it away when people come round. I am sure you would not want that. It can be the same if while removing your toast or changing settings, you burn yourself when you touch it accidentally. With the best Black & Decker 2 slice toasters, you get added beauty and fantastic features for storage, cleaning and usage.

I have a Black & Decker 2 slice toaster as we very rarely find any problems with operation with this toast maker. It is a great toaster for those of us who like to have great functionality. With this toaster’s excellent bread setting, there is no more burnt fruit toast. It is important you select the correct setting for each bread type.

The 2 slice toaster is great at toasting and defrosting bread. The bread straight from the freezer tastes just as good as using fresh bread. The toasters come with a lift and look option so you can add more time or cancel as needed. Unfortunately, you may have to invest in toast tongs if you have small bread bits since this toaster lacks an extra lift.

Here are a selection of the best 2 slice toaster brands


This toaster manufacturer offers some of the highest performance and quality. They make toasters with some of the best functions and settings.

T- Fal

Well known for quality, great design and functionality. They are responsible from a large number of toasters on the market these days.


Krups produce solid, reliable and well thought out commercial grade toasters. They are proud to be responsible for some of the best toasters you can buy.


Cuisine art is known for producing well designed and functional toasters. They are proud to be responsible for some of the top rated toasters around.


Well designed and functional toaster is what this company is about. The Oster branding can be found on some of the most functional toasters there are today.

Toasting functions

The best features on a good Black & Decker 2 slice toaster can be useless if you cannot use them with ease. Various toasters these days come feature packed with settings for bagels, reheating, defrosting and cancel buttons. In toasting a perfect bread slice easier, some toasters have extra functions. You should select a 2 slice toaster with functions that allow you to check during toasting and add more time of it is required.


For any Black & Decker 2 slice toaster you buy whether it is compact or automatic, it’s good to know there is a long warranty. Select toasters with a longer warranty for peace of mind.