Best Waffle Makers for Belgian Waffle Heaven

best waffle maker reviews

Take a look at the best waffle makers.

There are round and square waffle makers…so your bound to find a permanent place for your new waffle maker in your kitchen.

Top Picks:

1. All Clad Square Waffle Maker 99011GT

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Price: $127
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Condensation is the biggest enemy of batter. Not with this All Clad Square Waffle Maker! This appliance has a special latch system that sucks the steam in from the top instead of the sides. The consistency is excellent while you can use this appliance with all kinds of batter.

2. Chefs Choice Pro Express Waffle Maker 840B

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Price: $92
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For the romantic in you; this Waffle Maker will give you waffles in the shape of hearts. The Chefs Choice Pro Express Waffle Maker 840B is not only great at cooking up the texture but has ample capacity to make 5 waffles in one go.

3. Black + Decker Waffle Maker GT249

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Price: $54
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When it comes to serving the whole family there are very few waffle makers that can compete with the price and quality of the Black + Decker Waffle Maker. This appliance can make super-sized waffles and by super-sized I mean 9 inches! That’s not all. You can remove the griddle plates and use the waffle maker for other things like making pancakes or frying eggs.

4. Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker 26009

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Price: $35
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Time to get rid of the guessing games. This indicator comes with indicator lights so that you only open the lid when its time to do so. Each individual LED lights up when each process is complete like preheating, pour in the batter, etc. You’ll be able to save a lot of counter space through this vertically compact unit.

5. Presto Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker

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Price: $48

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Made out of rigid, stainless steel, this appliance will stick with you for several meals to come. All you have to do is set the timer, put in the batter and let Presto’s Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker do its thing. When it’s done, the LED display will light up indicating that its time to take them out.

6.  Proctor Silex Belgian Waffle Maker 26070

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Price: $18
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For $20 a piece, you’ll get a great waffle maker with a slick interior and beautiful design. The Proctor Silex Belgian Waffle Maker is space-savvy as well and you’ll waste less time cleaning it and  actually feast on the tasty treats that come out of it.

7. Oster Thick Belgian Flip Waffle Maker CKSTWFBF21

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Price: $58

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This waffle maker features non-stick build quality and a durable exterior that makes the entire process as easy as breeze. The spacious pockets make sure the batter is evenly distributed and when they’re done, you’ll have nothing less than Belgian waffles.

8. Villaware Flip Waffle Maker 2601or

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Price: $193

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With the Villaware Flip Waffle Maker, not only will you get the softest waffles but you’ll also get a device that knows how to keep the kitchen clean. The waffle maker has absorbing pockets that make sure that there is very little spillage, if any. In addition, the waffle maker has indicating light and tones that are enough to notify you that the job’s done.

9. Waring Pro Double Waffle Maker WNK600

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Price: $158

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Keep the batter from going bad through Waring’s Pro Double Waffle Maker’s separating grids. When one of them is done, turn the handle and flip the waffle-maker. Pour batter in the next one and you’ll be all set.

Why Buy A Waffle Maker?

Waffles are family favorites for pretty much everyone. A weekend waffle tradition can bring even the laziest family members out of bed with the temptation of a delicious breakfast. It is no surprise then that having a cool waffle maker is a must for pretty much anyone. A good waffle maker can be a gift to anyone who enjoys eating waffles and it makes the waffle making process very simple.

Of course, all good things must come to an end. Even your cool waffle maker will one day give up the ghost. So, whether you’re in the market for the best waffle maker or you are venturing out to buy one for the first time, you’ll soon realize that you are quite spoiled for choice.

Waffle makers are very simple gadgets. All you have to do is put the batter between two cooking surfaces that are hot and hey presto! the batter is baked. It’s not the most complicated process in the world, but you do have a few variations available. For example, the type of waffle maker you have will determine the shape of the waffles – square or circular. You can also regulate the size of the waffle by looking at a large waffle maker or a small waffle maker. Do you want American style waffles or Belgian waffles? There is also one of the biggest considerations to keep in mind – the price.

One of the most important factors is, of course, what type of waffle maker will make you the best waffles? The best waffle maker will make waffles that are perfect in terms of texture – fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside. No one minds a soggy waffle since it is still pretty tasty, but why settle for second best?

A cool waffle maker doesn’t just do the job – it does it properly. Belgian style waffle makers are pretty popular at the moment, but the traditional thin waffle makers are still in demand. You can pick one or you can go for both, depending upon how much of a waffle fanatic you are.

With such a lot of choice in the market, it can be quite difficult to decide which one to choose. One way to make such a decision is to go through waffle maker reviews. You may find the cool waffle maker you are looking for right there. If you want to make the decision on your own, you need to keep a few factors in mind.

What Do You Need To Look For In a Waffle Maker?

A good waffle maker will have plenty of features to entice you. The gadget itself is not complicated at all, so there are some basic features that you need to consider.


A cool waffle maker will always be consistent in the type of waffles it produces. If you use traditional batter – you whip it up from scratch – you might want to test multiple batches to check for consistency in terms of the fluffiness and crispness of the waffles it produces. But consistency doesn’t just mean traditional waffles. If you like having waffles on weekdays but are pressed for time, you’ll probably turn to instant mixes. A good waffle maker should not let you down when it comes to some instant waffle goodness.


You need to know when the surfaces are hot enough to cook without having to burn your hand. You also need to know when the waffles are ready, so you aren’t having burnt crisps instead of tasty waffles for breakfast. These days, cool waffle makers are equipped with a light or a buzzer that lets you know when the waffle iron is ready to cook and another alarm or light to tell you when the waffles are ready. A cool waffle maker will give you this information consistently. You need to check whether the alarm is accurate – the surfaces are at the right temperature to cook and when the waffle is cooked, it is of proper consistency. You also don’t need waffle makers that take too long, the same as your coffee maker if you are in a hurry most mornings.

Additional Features

Consistency and ease of use are the two most important factors when deciding upon an electric waffle maker. There are additional factors, however, that you need to keep in mind.

Easy to Clean

This can end up becoming one of the biggest minus points against your otherwise cool waffle maker. The fact that they can be notoriously difficult to clean is why many people only bring out their waffle makers during the weekend. Waffle batter tends to drip over the sides, dirtying not just the appliance but your countertops as well, and turning waffle making into quite a messy business. An easy clean waffle maker can be an absolute blessing for those who don’t want to restrict this tasty treat to just the weekends.

Ease of Assembly

Nowadays, most big waffle makers are already fully assembled when you take them out of the box. That does leave a minority of waffle irons that you will need to assemble yourself. A cool waffle maker should not need you to have some kind of a mechanical or electronics degree to assemble it. The point here is the tasty waffles, not how adept you are at assembling stuff. Look for a waffle maker that is either already assembled or is simple to put together once it is out of the box. The best waffle maker reviews will guide you in the right direction.

Waffles are some of the tastiest breakfast treats available and, in keeping with that, you have many cool waffle makers out on the market. You can go for a flip waffle maker or a 4 waffle maker. Depending upon whether you prefer American or Belgian style waffles, you can decide between a thin and a thick waffle maker. Keeping points such as your budget, ease of use and consistency in mind, take your time and decide upon the waffle maker best suited to your needs.