Best Snowboard Boots to Buy This Season

Best Snowboard Boots Reviews

Any snowboarding gear is incomplete without proper snowboarding boots.

Here’s a review of the best snowboard boots for this season that will give you a spectacular grip over both your snowboard and snow itself in case you ever need it!

We’ve looked at 21 pairs of snowboard boots and covered more than 146 hours of research and testing to create our snowboard boots guide this year, in which we recommend that the DC Mutiny boots stood out as the best snowboard boots to buy for most people.

Best Snowboard Boots Winner:

1. DC Men’s Mutiny Snowboard Boot

Price: $90 – $200
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Featuring traditional lacing and Unilite Rubber Outsole, DC Men’s Mutiny Snowboard Boots are some of the most comfortable snowboard boots around. The boots have a brand new designed and are specially developed for freestyle snowboarders. In addition to comfort and high performance, the top snowboard boots will give you unmatched superior feel while at the same time keeping the weight to a minimum. Diving in a little, the boots have direct power lacing, internal ankle harness along with Impact S Insole having a flex rating of 6/10. The price varies according to the size.

Why our reviews are trustworthy

I have covered winter sports equipment and in particular snowboards and boots here for some time and being that I love everything outdoors and have been boarding and skiing all of my life, including a stint as an instructor.

A boot’s primary function is to transfer the rider’s energy into the board, protect the rider with support, and keep the rider’s feet warm. Since we started covering snowboard boots, we have looked at a large number of different types and makes, plus logged countless hours of research (I am more than happy to do this each year!) and consulted with experts and specialists to create this review every year.

We always keep up with companies that also review or test snowboards, such as, ConsumerReports, Amazon and backcountry. Then we do our own testing ourselves, experts and members of our consumer product testing panels who test the boots and provide us with their feedback.

Who should get these

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point when we have needed boots. Buying snowboard boots for the first time or as replacements for ones we love but are on their last legs can be daunting. From ThirtyTwo to DC, everyone brings something to the party with their boots. We decided to write this snowboard boot buyers review originally to help me to get some new boots, but now to help you through buying the right snowboard boots for your needs. Keep in mind that this is not supposed to be foolproof, but should help to guide you through the myriad of different fittings, lacing, and liners.

How we selected for testing

We began making a list of all of the top rated snowboard boots that we knew about already or found for sale instore or online. We then checked through (literally) thousands of online reviews by people that had purchased snowboard boots, relevant study papers and company brochures and information pack to make your eyes water! In order to be able to bring you the most helpful, insightful guide on the best snowboard boots to buy for all-mountain and park activities. We listed 21 pairs of boots this year alone.


Pretty much every boot manufacturer has its own lacing system. Find one that you like and that hugs your foot in the right way.


If you’re mostly in the park, then look for a boot with EVA padding or airbags, which help cushion those big park impacts. If you’re going to be more of a all mountain riders then check out boots with more aggressive soles.


Stiff or flexible? It’s all a matter of your own personal preference. Flex will be listed in the specifications of every boot. If you’re a newbie then get a softer boot with more flex, which you will break in a whole lot quicker.  The stiffer the flex the longer it takes to break them in.

Know Your Feet:

Really get in tune with your feet. Do you have fat or skinny feet? Are you flat-footed? What about high arches? Tiny feet or elephant boot? It really does make a difference.

Know Your Size:

Most of us wear sneakers that are about 1/2 size too big. Be careful, your snowboard boots need to be snug, so think about moving down a size when selecting a new pair. Try it out for yourself…put on your favorite pair of shoes and stroll around, if your toes are not touching the end of the shoe, then your shoe size is probably bigger than needs be. While your there check that both feet feel similar, usually one of our feet is bigger than the other even if by just a little.  Make sure you choose the size for the slightly bigger foot.

Know How Snowboard Boots Are Supposed To Fit:

Snowboard boots should be snug on your feet—on your heel, toes, and instep, and your toes should barely touch the end. So don’t worry if they feel tight when you first put them on. Be patient, it takes 7-10 days of riding to break your boots in, if you didn’t have them heat-molded at a shop.

Get Proper Socks:

Get some real snowboarding socks to use when your putting boots on, it makes a massive difference. Ditch the dinky little socks now.

How we tested

So this test took place at the same time as our reviews for best snowboards, the best snow goggles, the best chapsticks. and several others. We needed cold temperatures. This year, we again selected snowboarders of differing levels from our product testers as well as experts and ourselves for the testing process.

This year’s testing was conducted at two locations, one in Europe and one in the US, both provided awesome terrain for the all mountain tests and had awesome park facilities for the park testing, plus we wanted to get feedback from people on both sides of the Atlantic, so we get a better all round result.

So, first, we traveled to Mammouth Mountain, which was the location for the US Freeski and Snowboard Grand Prix and then to Mayrhofen, Austria which is where the Burton Terrain Park is located. Now, it is not easy to choose the perfect boots by any means, there are so many differences to account for like, flex, lacing and sole to name but a few.

During testing our product testers all felt exhausted with all of the activities and different boots and board combinations we had going on but we’re all very glad to participate in order to help the next generation of boarders to get the best snowboard boots and goggles for them.

After an amazing couple of weeks out on the mountains (both locations were epic!), the testing phase was up and we had finished testing all the boots with different combinations of boots/ boards, the scorecards were submitted and the results were analyzed to find out the ranking order of the top rated snowboard boots this year and here are the results.

Other Top Picks:

2. DC Men’s Phase Snowboard Boot

Price: $50 – $140
Buy Now

It is DC once again with another great pair of top snowboard boots. This one’s a lower priced version of the first entry and is aimed at beginners. The boots are sure to give you superior performance at the same time not weighing down your feet. You will especially find that the low weight comes in quite handy while maneuvering on the snowboard. This one also has traditional lacing and Foundation Unilite Outsole along with a flex rating of 5/10.

3. Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots

Price: $89 – $348
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Needless to say, the price varies according to the size you choose. These best snowboard boots are made for all the riding styles you could think of, ranging from park trails to mountainous terrain. The snowboard boots for men are especially comfortable thanks to a foam outsole and a 3D modeled tongue. The boots can be great for people with giant feet and if you ever want to, you can carry out head mold treatment on these without any problem, extending their lifetime by months.

4. Ride Orion Snowboard Boots

Price: $96 – $160
Buy Now

Available in both black and blue, these are extremely aesthetic snowboard boots that look great on both men and women! The stiff snowboard boots come with a 3D formed tongue and have Grip Sole so that no matter what texture you encounter, you always stay put. The snowboard boots have been lined with Intuition Plush Foam Liner Technology as well as a couple of others that I will not bore you with. However, liner technologies do achieve a solid goal: strength. The price on these snowboard boots simply gives you a catch and you’ll get premium quality stock for it.

5. DC Control Snowboard Boots

Price: $240
Buy Now

Have you ever felt that your feet are actually choking after too many snowboarding rides? Well if you have then you’re in luck as these are one of the best snowboard boots when it comes to breathable valve technology. The snowboard boots are extremely comfortable to wear and at the same time give you monster grip over whatever you set foot on. The great footbed provides extra comfort while the WrapLock Lacing deliver all round response and support. The top snowboard boots are bound to give you killer fit and top grade performance.

6. Thirtytwo STW Boa Snowboard Boots

Price: $67 – $354
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Enough with all the men’s talk, the Thirtytwo STW Boa Snowboard Boots are great. After trying, most women will find these the most comfortable snowboard boots ever to be made. And they won’t be wrong. For the price, these are exceptionally great.  The Comfort Fit Level 1 Technology makes sure you get a par that fits right into your feet, not slightly big, not slightly small. This very step ensures great grip and extreme comfort for women. Next up the BOA closure system keeps the armor packed in nice and tight while the release system gives you instant freedom. There is a very specific insole liner as well for added strength and to hold the entire thing together even through the roughest of rides.

7. DC Judge Snowboard Boots Split Toe Boot

Price: $60 – $80
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The exterior’s made out of FluidFlex while the 100% Sealed Rubber Sole is enough to keep all kinds of elements outside keeping your feet as warm and comfortable as possible. Ensuring that the feet are comfortable is the easiest way of maximizing maneuverability; the Velcro straps really kick in on this one and keep the water out as well as its resultant temperature. Moreover, the Psychofreak Toe Boots are extremely commendable for their light weight and finally their low cost so if you’re searching Google for “snowboard boots cheap”, I think your quest is over.

8. Burton Men’s Ruler Snowboard Boots

Price: $80 – $104
Buy Now

For those of us who have a spark to take their snowboarding skills to the next level, Burton presents one of its best snowboard boots, Ruler Snowboard Boots. These boots can give you a lift off into the real world of snowboarding. For starters, the Inprint 3 Liner comes with technologies like Rad Pad which are simple enough but boost up comfort greatly. They are waterproof thanks to the Velcro strap while the Therm IC-Heat gives optimized control, eliminating any kind of moisture.

9. Vans Encore Snowboard Boots

Price: $140 – $210
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An amazing, right out of the box snowboard piece, the Vans Encore Snowboard boots beat nearly all its competitors when compared according to the price:quality ratio. The snowboard boots give you a perfect fit, extreme precision and are reliable no matter what you have plans for. The proven BOA tech compliments the boots and makes them a great value for the money. Plus, the design on this one is great which is something many developers leave out to bring down the costs.

10. Thirty Two Pas Lo-Cut Snowboard Boots

Price: $120 – $200
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Who says style and comfort can’t go hand in hand. These best all mountain snowboard boots prove otherwise. For people who’re looking for snowboard boots designed for the skateboarding community, then this one’s it. The snowboarding boots are ideal for free styling while they have unparalleled protection from the elements as well physical features. One feature in particular that stands out is the Molded TPU Heel Cradle that gives arch support to your heel and at the same time the lightweight unit doesn’t bring you down during any part of your ride.

11. Ride Insano Focus Snowboard Boots 

Price: $290 – $360
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These are excellent stiff snowboard boots that are a treat to wear in all conditions. The Flexon pattern is recognizable at a single glance which is enough to tell you that you’re in for a lot of comfort. The boots will grip your feet as well as the ground/snowboard giving you complete control over your movements. The Snowboard boots use the plastic tongue technology that neutralizes any snags that might pop up at times.

12. DEELUXE Snowboarding 571529 Empire TF Snowboard Boots

Price: $150 – $450
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The double E in the brand name sure does make them sound like the best snowboard boots around, right? Well, these definitely are one of the finest stiff snowboard boots. The first and foremost thing you’ll notice with these boots is an unprecedented response and never-ending support for your feet. The asymmetric design provides much needed support to your ankles while diving but at the same time Dupont Surlyn backstay gives you an extremely responsive flex for powerful heelside turns. On top of all that, Deelexue offers 2 separate shields for the snowboard boots just in case you’re interested in giving the stiffness a boost.

13. HMK Team Series Men’s Boa Focus Boots

Price: $250
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HMK Team Series Focus Boots are truly out of this world. They are designed using technology that’s never been introduced before and are made out of some of the most progressive components out there. The SympaTex waterproof technology is the perfect example that protects the inside leather and keeps your feet free of even a hint of moisture. The Boa focus zonal fit on both upper and lower zones adds to the entire mobility, which is perfect for all kinds of athletes.

14. Adidas Samba Snowboard Boots

Price: $150
Buy Now

Adidas has entered the snowboarding market quite recently but just like all its foot wears, has been quick to leave a mark in the market. The company is keeping things simple but at the same time providing top of the line features for a great price. The Samba Snowboard boots come with a traditional lace system and dual-zone tightening technology for a strong grip over the snowboard. The Heel Harness system promotes natural mobility while the 3D modeled spine gives you the comfort you need. So every box is a check, right?

15. K2 Darko Snowboard Boots

Price: $100
Buy Now

The K2 Darko Snowboard Boots are cost-effective boots but at the same time have all the features that would give you a nice, secure and agile ride through the local park or a mountain track. The boots are flexible yet supportive and offer a tight grip over everything. They are quite comfortable to wear and will never let you down in the face of moisture. The material used for their fabrication is Intuition Control Foam 3D so even though the price is low the features are definitely high end.


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