Best Plug in Carbon Monoxide Detectors

best carbon monoxide detector reviews

Having the best plug in carbon monoxide detector is essential for your home.

The odorless and colorless gas Carbon Monoxide is lethal for you and your children.

Therefore its vital you have your hands on the best smoke and carbon monoxide detector in the market.

1. Kidde KN-COPP-3 Nighthawk Plug-in Carbon Monoxide Alarm 

Price: $29
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The Kidde KN-COPP-3 is perfect for home use. The plug in carbon monoxide can be attached to any power socket and quietly operates, sensing for the slightest amount of carbon monoxide in the room. The alarm’s sensor technology impressed us as it was able to detect the gas every time the percentage went over the safe limit. The siren itself was quite loud and we could easily hear it two rooms apart. A 6 foot power cord along with a variety of mounting hardware made it possible to switch locations without any difficulty.

2. First Alert C0615 Dual Power Carbon Monoxide Plug in Alarm

Price: $30
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This low level carbon monoxide detector is able to sense and alert you as soon as carbon monoxide crosses its threshold level. The electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor was able to pass all our tests while the easy to read LED gave us clear info as to what was going on. The alert was both audible as well as visible when it struck and the carbon monoxide plug in alarm is smart enough to give off a final alarm indicating low battery.

3. Floureon LCD Digital Display CO Detector

carbon monoxide detector reviews
Price: $10
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Featuring 1 year warranty, the Floureon LCD Digital Display CO Detector is able to deliver early  warning of rising CO levels. It can be used as a permanent carbon monoxide sensor and was able to alert in our test room quite swiftly. Other than sensing, the CO detector hosts a test/reset button that can perform a diagnostic test of the detector. A red LED is used to indicate dangerous level of CO along with a loud alarm that definitely woke up the neighbors!

4. X-Sense CO615 Carbon Monoxide Detector CO Alarm

Price: $30
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The carbon monoxide detector plug in was quite easy to install and we were able to complete the method in only a couple of minutes thanks to the handy guide. This carbon monoxide and gas detector gave us early warning of CO concentration build up in terms of parts per million. The digital display was as clear as it could be. In addition, the detector also had malfunction warning, hush mode and anti-RF technology for long lasting performance.

5. Kidde KN-COP-IC Hardware Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup

Price: $36
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Another great device from Kidde, the KN-COP-IC Hardware CO Detector can be installed on any ceiling or hardwired into your home. The display is digital so we had no problem reading off it while a backup battery was there to keep us alert about the rising CO levels. Installing the device itself was quite easy for us and anyone can do so by following the simple instructions that come along the pack. The snap-on electrical harness allowed us to adjust the mounting  bracket perfectly so all the info was clearly visible.

6. First Alert CO410 Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display

Price: $25
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A worthy contender in carbon monoxide detector reviews, the CO410 is powered by 2 AA batteries and comes with a low battery warning system to keep you alerted about a threat other than CO. The sensor uses electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor which is the most accurate technology out there. When put to the test, the Alarm was able to alert us at the slightest detection of carbon monoxide in the room. The operation was quite simple and so was controlling the device, i.e. turning on the silent alarm and so on.

7. MTI Industries 65-542 Flush Mount Hard Wired Carbon Monoxide Detector

Price: $68
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MTI industries have produced a wonderful hard wired carbon monoxide detector whose circuit is able to respond with an 85dB loud alarm when CO reaches 10 feet from it. Disorientation and confusion are two of the most common effects of CO so the detector makes a preemptive strike on carbon monoxide and alerts the occupants of the room as soon as possible. The plug in carbon monoxide when tested gave us excellent results and peace of mind thanks to its early warning system. In addition, a further alarm can activate itself if CO maintains a concentration of 60 PPM for 4 hours.

8. Nest Protect Carbon Monoxide Detector CO Alarm

Price: $30
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This is another great detector from X-sense that proved its ability to detect carbon monoxide at very low levels by operating in a room that had a lot of exposure. We found the alarm to be particularly golden that was unavoidable no matter how much we tried to. The carbon monoxide readings themselves were very accurate and visible on a digital display while functions such as low battery warning were the nail in the coffin. For $30 this is an amazing plug in carbon monoxide detector so don’t overlook it if you’re on a budget.

9. Universal Security Instruments MCN400 M Series Plug-in Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Price: $40
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This is a carbon monoxide and gas detector able to give you a clear warning whenever the room starts to fill up with the harmful gas. The detector is controlled by a microprocessor so the device is extremely accurate and there is absolutely no chance of a false trigger. We found it to be awesome for a device to be controlled by a microprocessor for $20 so this one’s a must have especially if you have a lot of rooms to cover. Hostel Staff, here you go!

10. KKMoon LCD Display Battery Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide Detector

Price: $54
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KKMoon is new into the CO alarm market however its already made its mark with LCD Display Battery Operated CO Detector that goes off for just $54. The detector features four alarm beep patterns each for indicating the amount of CO that has filled the room. It worked out quite well when tested and was accurate as we compared the alarms to a second CO detector. The 85 dB alarm satisfied our need for long enough warning while the battery indicator gave it a decent spot in the vast world of CO detectors.

11. Universal Security MC304SB LCD Digital CO Detector

Price: $22
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This is a pretty standard digital CO detector and can conveniently act as a plug in carbon monoxide detector for your home. We tested it thoroughly and found outs its price tag had nothing to do with cheap components being used in it. An LCD display kept us up to date regarding the concentration of CO in air while the audible and visible alarm did a good job at alerting us.

12. BRK Brands CO5120PDBN Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery

Price: $40
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The plug in carbon monoxide detector operates at 120V AC therefore there’s very little need of worrying about its battery. However, even if you do, we found out that the 9V included battery was stretchable by leaps and bounds by the efficient circuit. As the detector is controlled via microprocessor, it consumes very little power. The only time it maxed out was when the alarm triggered and we refuse to turn it off, just for the sake of testing.

13. ARIKON Battery Powered LCD Plug in Carbon Monoxide Detector

Price: $13
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A perfect item for protecting your family against the looming threat of Carbon Monoxide gas, the detector is accurate and has a warning system that triggers out every time too much CO makes its way into the room. The detector was quite easy to install and as it was powered by just 3 AA batteries, it had no reliance on AC systems. Don’t worry, as there’s an alarm in place for low battery indication and at the same time a very loud one for warning you about rising CO levels.

14. Xintex CMD-4MR Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Price: $256
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The carbon monoxide and gas detector may come at an above average price, however it does the job as perfect as it could be done. The detector features an on board cutting edge sensor that’s able to detect CO without getting under the influence of common solvents. This gives you holistic protection against CO and the side effects it carries with itself. We found out that it drew very limited amount of current for operation and is thus one of the most efficient detector out there.

15. Universal Security Instruments MCND401B M Series Plug-in Carbon Monoxide

Price: $34
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The dual sensing detector alerts about two threats, both CO and natural gas. The detector passed our tests with flying colors and its early warning system warned us of the trend of CO concentration. This allowed us to take necessary steps to prevent the inflow of CO within the room. The display is digital and as clear as it could possible be. The battery can last for up to 7 years on normal operation and the system as a whole requires little maintenance.


What Plug In Carbon Monoxide Detector To Buy?

Carbon monoxide or CO is an odorless and colorless gas. It can be fatal since there is no way to detect it. Often called the ‘silent killer’ because it is undetectable, the gas is produced due to incomplete combustion. Gas stoves, wood burning stoves, gas clothes dryers, oil furnaces and other such appliances are capable of releasing the gas if they don’t work properly or if they aren’t ventilated properly. If the malfunction is not looked into, carbon monoxide can keep accumulate until it is at deadly levels in your home. When exposed to the gas, you experience symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, headache, vomiting, upset stomach, confusion and chest pain. This, of course, is if you are awake. If you are asleep especially after drinking alcohol, you have a much higher chance of dying from exposure to the gas.

This is where a plug in carbon monoxide detector comes in. The usefulness of a carbon monoxide and gas detector can be determined by the fact that not only is it strongly recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, but it is also a legal requirement in many areas and many types of buildings. However, it isn’t just enough to install one and then forget about it. The detectors don’t last forever and even the best smoke and carbon monoxide detector will give up the ghost at some point. You will need to replace it when it does.

What Should You Look for in a Carbon Monoxide Smoke Detector?

A carbon monoxide detector is an absolute essential in your house. However, there are features you must consider before you decide which plug in carbon monoxide detector or battery operated detector is the best one for you.

Loud Alarm

The Underwriter’s Laboratory or UL certifies plug in carbon monoxide detectors and the ones it recommends have a minimum 85 decibel alarm that can be heard at least ten feet away. After all, you do need to hear the alarm if something goes wrong. There are accommodations made for those who suffer from hearing loss whether because of age or because of any other reasons. Check out carbon monoxide detector reviews to determine what works best for you.

Digital Display

A digital display can let you know at a glance the status of your plug in carbon monoxide detector. You will be able to see the current levels of CO in the room, the peak levels over a period of time, battery power and other such information. However, find out whether the detector you have selected is a low level carbon monoxide detector or not. You don’t want to be caught unprepared because your detector can only sense high levels of CO. Go through carbon monoxide detector reviews to find out.

Testing Functionality

Make sure that your plug in carbon monoxide detector can be tested every month. Whether a high or low level carbon monoxide detector, most devices come with a testing function. There is generally a button you can use to activate the test which will let you know if your plug in carbon monoxide detector has sensors that are working or need to be replaced.

Additional Detector Features

 Sensor Alarm

Nothing lasts forever – not even the best smoke and carbon monoxide detector. The sensors on a carbon monoxide and gas detector will stop working after a period of five to seven years. The older models of the plug in carbon monoxide detector did not come equipped with any way to let you know when the sensors were done and needed to be replaced. That is not the case anymore. The newest carbon monoxide detector, whether a plug in or a battery operated one comes equipped with an end of life timer. When the sensors are finished, the timer will begin beeping to let you know that the sensors need to be replaced. However, it is best if you don’t wait for the timer to tell you when to replace the sensors. Instead, conduct a check once a month to ensure that the sensors are still working.

If the device does start chirping to indicate a dead sensor, don’t remove the battery or unplug it to silence the noise. You may think that you’ll remember to replace the sensors but we all can be forgetful sometimes and it would not do to be forgetful on this point. Replace low batteries if it is a battery powered detector or replace the sensors if they’ve stopped working.

Stand Alone or Interconnected

A plug in carbon monoxide detector comes in two types – stand alone and interconnected. As the name suggests, stand alone carbon monoxide detectors that plug in or are battery operated are not connected to any other alarm system in the house. They operate on their own. The plug in versions can be used with an AC socket with a battery backup in case the power goes out. They are the easiest to install. If they detect CO in the house, they will sound the alarm but will not trigger any other alarms such as the smoke detector. This can be a major disadvantage if the CO detector that is triggered is in a room far away from where you are, and you cannot hear the alarm.

An interconnected carbon monoxide detector connects with other alarms to form a network of alarm systems in your house. It can be a plug in carbon monoxide detector or one that is battery operated. It is generally connected up to a network that includes smoke detectors as well. The clear advantage of such a system is that when one alarm sounds, it triggers all the other alarms. This means that you will know of the danger regardless of which room you’re in.

It is absolutely essential for your safety and the safety of your family that you install a plug in carbon monoxide detector. Regardless of whether you have any devices in your home that emit the gas or not, you should install the detectors. You never know when the neighbor’s malfunctioning wood bartbeque smoker or your car accidentally left on could allow the gas to seep into your house.