Best Microwave Ovens to Save Time and Effort

best microwave oven reviews

We have spent our time researching to give you the best microwave ovens reviews, so you can save time and choose the best one for your needs.

These days microwave ovens come in various sizes, shapes and features depending on your budget, need and the space available for a countertop or built-in microwave oven.

1. Danby Designer 0.7-Cubic-Foot Countertop Microwave

Price: $57
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A super light appliance, the Danby Designed Countertop Microwave is great when it comes to portability. You can easily shift it from apartment to apartment without the need for the movers to come in. It has all the basic functions one would want in a microwave and best of all won’t clutter your kitchen in case you live in a moderate sized apartment.

2. Breville BM0734XL Quick Touch Microwave Oven

Price: $249
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For every guy/gal who is impatient and never truly knows how much time he/she should set; this oven’s for you. Add 30 seconds to the timer by a single touch, adjust the power level through a dedicated dial and allow the sensors built within the oven to work out the cooking time for you.

3. Daewoo Retro Microwave Oven in Green

Daewoo Retro Microwave

Price: $110
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Are you color consciousness about your kitchen and want everything to stand out equally? Look no further, as this Microwave Oven will give you all those things without any worry. The Daewoo Retro Microwave Oven has 700 watts of power through which you can cook anything you want in style.

4. Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series

Price: $74
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The Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series comes in two sizes, 0.7 and 0.9 cubic feet. Both of them have a sleek and retro design. They come with 12 pre-programmed settings as well as an LED display to make sure you know what’s going on.

5. LG Counter Top Combo Microwave and Baking Oven in Stainless Steel

Price: $370
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If your kitchen doesn’t allow spacious ovens but you still need something that’s as powerful then the LG Counter Top Combo Microwave is for you. This is a fully capable oven that can deliver on what it promises and gives a tough time to most wide dimension ovens. You can not only cook in it but also use it to bake cookies, brownies, etc.

6. RCA 0.7 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave in Stainless Steel

Price: $50
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Designed especially for dorm-rooms, the RCA Countertop Microwave will help you get through examination nights. It is made out of stainless steel, is of perfect size and has so many functionalities that you won’t even know how to use them all.

7. Whirlpool Built-in Convection Microwave

Price: $449
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Are you unsure when the guests arrive at your house but still don’t want to wait up with the food? The Whirlpool Convection Microwave allows you to leave the food untouched in the oven while it keeps it warm through its “keep-warm” technology. In addition, the oven can hold 1.9 cubic foot worth of dishes so you don’t have to worry about falling short.

8. Bosch 500 Series Built-in Microwave

Price: $645
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For the price tag, you would want something unique, right? Well, you’re going to get it. Along with doing all the basic and advanced functions of every microwave oven, the Bosch 500 Series Oven comes with 4x speed fan controls that can dramatically improve ventilation and remove all kinds of steams and fumes from the box.

9. Samsung Over-The-Range Microwave

Price: $224
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With the strong brand name of Samsung to protect it from all kinds of competition, this microwave will give you reliable performance without any of the bells and whistles. It even has an Eco mode that will keep the oven from soaking up excessive power and keep your energy bills in line.

10. Frigidaire Gallery Cubic Foot Built-in Microwave

Price: $179
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This is a smart microwave that is best for heating out leftover. Whenever you’re in the mood for a midnight snack, simply press the reheat button and the oven will decide how much heating is needed. The exterior is stainless steel, smudge proof and look beautiful in any corner of the kitchen.

11. GE Profile Advantium Electric Wall Oven with Speed Cook and Convention

Price: $2199
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For a whopping $2000 you get a full blown oven that has everything from A – Z. Skip the preheating as this microwave comes with Speedcook cycle that can both cook and heat the food you put in it. Think of this as a combination of 4 ovens used smartly through well-knit circuitry.

12. Panasonic Stainless Steel Built-In or Countertop Microwave

Price: $220
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The Panasonic Stainless Steel Microwave can smoothly deliver on a rapid thaw and other heating needs as well with its Turbo Defrost technology. It can cook quite elaborate meals with its settings and three cooking stages.


Why Buy A Microwave?

These days microwave oven come in various sizes, shapes & features. But deciding which one you should opt for is another task. You should buy a microwave depending on your budget, need and the space available in the house. Basically there are three different shapes and size of a microwave oven one has the medium capacity, one has large capacity and one is compact microwave. [expand title="See more"]The best rated microwave oven for now is the Compact microwave, which has a standard capacity of 0.8 cubic feet. It’s the best option for college goers who look for various features and who have limited space. The space saved makes a huge difference. The other most common type of is the countertop microwave. This type of oven is heavy when compared to other but still can be easily moved from one place to another. The third one is the convention microwave which is a combination of traditional as well as modern technology. It allows the food to cook or bake faster.

Compact microwave oven

Compact microwave oven is made up of stainless steel. This type of oven is popular because it’s small microwave and can be carried or moved easily and is very convenient to use. The capacity is around 28 liters and is usually used for making stuff like maggi, popcorn, heating food etc. People who have small kitchen would love to keep a compact microwave in their kitchen. It fits well without occupying more space. The stainless steel quality helps you to keep the microwave away from dirt, spots, or smudges. It’s very easy to wipe it clean. Even if you wish to clean it with some detergent, you need not worry about it because its rust proof. It’s the best rated microwave because you can take this microwave along with you when you go out with your family for some picnic or camping, due to its small size. When used, a compact microwave oven performs really well. It’s really easy to use as the instructions are mentioned clearly mentioned on the booklet provided with the appliance. Wide bowls and tall glasses can easily fit into the microwave. These microwaves also have a 30 sec button to heat food or melt butter.

Traits of a top rated microwave

For convenience and flexibility one must consider on buying an appropriate kitchen microwave oven.  While contemplating on purchasing a new microwave oven one should consider their needs and lifestyle. Nobody wishes to replace a microwave until and unless they find some new and different feature, which pleases them and influences them to buy a new one. While buying one must consider things like budget, space in the house and the features they require.  The specifications of the appliance should match the consumers cooking style and needs.

Size of the microwave

Well the size depends on the number of family members and what amount of food you wish to cook in the microwave. If you are a family of two or three then the best option for you would be a compact one. The size is just appropriate for a small family. But if you want to put in big casseroles, large dishes then you need to opt for a bigger one. It’s advisable to measure the size of dishes at your place and buy a microwave exceeding 3 inches from all the sides.


A best rated microwave is one which has enough features for simple cooking like making popcorn, heating food, melting butter etc. But if you like to bake, roast, defrost then you will have to find a microwave with a list of updated features to make your life comfortable in the kitchen. Some ovens have features like sensor cooking, which gauges humidity from the oven, or helps in defrosting. Some have come up with Pre programmable version which allows the food to cook just with a touch of button. Also there is a convention feature which allows the food to become brown or crisp. Earlier the microwaves had only few options and basic settings. But now with the advancement in the technology they have come out with shortcut keys like automatic settings for foods like pizza, pasta, oats, chicken etc. You need not worry about time and power here; it will automatically get turned off once it’s done. All you need to do is just press the button and you’re ready to go.

Color of the appliance

Do you wish to make your cooking hours seem longer than it is? If no then you need to spice up your kitchen with reds and black. These colors will brighten up the room and make it look livelier. You will be excited to cook in a kitchen with red microwave, black appliances etc. While choosing a microwave oven one must be careful because the color of the oven should match with the theme of the kitchen and other electronic appliances placed in the kitchen. Adding color to your kitchen will produce a glam look rather than the dull boring old style kitchen. Make your kitchen an exciting and a fun place to be .


Microwaves are not just meant for heating food or making popcorn anymore. They have become an essential appliance which every kitchen must have. It fulfills our daily needs and makes our life easier. Some of the new features like grill defrost and convention has made them more versatile. Apart from the speed cooking technology there are a lot of features you must consider before buying a microwave oven. One must check all the top microwaves present in the market and on online portals and then buy the best rated microwave. Now days the online portals offer a huge variety of microwave oven, they have the top microwave brands and also provide best prices on microwaves.  Before buying one must refer to various websites and opt for the best deal on microwaves. Time to go shopping and get the best one out of the whole lot.[/expand]