Best Lip Gloss Review for Summer Sun-Kissed Lips

Best Lip Gloss Reviews

Are you searching for the best lip gloss to buy?

When your goal is achieving the perfect pout, lip gloss is crucial.

Whether you choose to wear it alone or over lipstick, the best lip gloss places just the right amount of emphasis on your lips, resulting in a healthy, yet sexy look that will turn heads.

Are you ready for some attention?

We’ve looked at 41 different lip glosses and conducted over 86 hours of research and testing so I could write this review for you, in which we recommend that the MILANI Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss stands out as the best lip gloss for most people to buy.

Top Pick:

MILANI Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss

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This lip gloss is ready to help you make a statement. Experience lip gloss that has a rich color, extreme high shine, and comfortable lasting wear. Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss is moisturizing and non tacky. The flexible sponge tip applicator makes application easy and it is paraben free. Simply apply the lip gloss with the soft tip applicator wand by starting in the center of your upper lip and work your way to the outer edges, then the same technique applies for your bottom lip. Use alone for glitzy shine or over your favorite lipstick for a more glamorous finish.

Why are our reviews are trustworthy

Before I go any further, I have to make a quick confession. I’ve never been a big fan of lip gloss and when I do wear it, I always opt for the best long-wear lip gloss I can find. Honestly, I didn’t think that experimenting with a variety of lip glosses over a period of several weeks would change my mind.

Guess who was wrong? Me!!

Not only did I love the look and feel of several different lip gloss brands, but I was also highly impressed by their staying power. In fact, more than one lip gloss managed to stay on while I was chowing down on burritos and sushi.

So, I covered beauty products, including lip gloss, and have logged countless hours of research and testing. We keep up to speed with other noteworthy companies that review products, such as, Sephora and Total Beauty, though we do find that the coverage is sometimes not as comprehensive as it could be.

We then conduct our own testing, including myself, some of the us and selected members of our product testing panel who provide their feedback through our product testing programs.

*Review covers the best lip gloss and has been updated to include the new ones this year:

Who should get these

In recent years, companies have completely transformed lip glosses from the icky, goopy mess available in the 80s and 90s that was notorious for attracting your hair with every gust of wind. Which is what put me off in the first place.  Today though, you can get the gorgeous color you want, with the right amount of shine without worrying about stickiness. You can even find lip glosses that moisturize your lips and offer SPF protection. You’re also lucky enough to have the best long wear lip gloss available to choose from.

In addition to some of your old favorite brands, new release brands, including NYX, Marc Jacobs, Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner, and Anastasia Beverly Hills, give you the chance to wear some of the best lip glosses to ever hit the market.

How we began the test selection process

I started by listing all of the top rated lip glosses that we could find for sale in retailers stores and online on a spreadsheet. There were 41 when I drew up the selection list.

It is important to remember that when you choose to wear lip gloss over a lipstick, whether traditional or liquid, it simply won’t stay on nearly as long. Even the long-lasting versions usually can’t stand up to a matte lipstick. That being said, some of the best long lasting lip gloss brands are currently available.

If you frequently have dry lips, you will find that a glossy, hydrating lip gloss that doesn’t highlight your lip’s flakiness is your best option. This will also help your lips look a bit larger than they actually are and play up the overall color effect.

There were several aspects to consider when trying different brands of lip gloss, including color, both bold and neutral shades. In addition, we evaluated each brand’s staying and hydrating power, ease of application, and of course, the stickiness factor.

How we tested them

We found that different lip glosses topped different categories. For example, when I was worried less about color and more about hydration, I found that Urban Decay’s Naked was the best choice. It gave me just the right touch of color, while keeping my lips well hydrated and flake free.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, on the other hand is far and away the best choice for overall color and overall lip gloss. Thanks to a wide selection of shades to choose from (more than 40!), the lip gloss had an ideal shine and lasted for quite a while.

If you are new to the world of long lasting lip gloss, your best option is NYX’s Butter Gloss. The brand offers an array of colors, ranging from neutral shades to bright, bold hues. Plus, it smells like candy and has some serious staying power.

Do you agree with my best long lasting lip gloss reviews? Let me know what your favorites are. Since I am a new lip gloss fan, I would love to hear about other brands we should be sure to try. Are you ready to hear which brand makes the best lip gloss?

Other Picks to Consider:

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Gloss

Available in 12 colors from pinks, neutrals, to reds and plums which flatter and nourish your lips. Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss leaves your lips soft, shiny and naturally beautiful by combining natural oils and nutrients. This 100% natural lip gloss goes on smooth with a satiny finish and the right amount of shimmer and shine. While the rich, pearlized formula delivers the right amount of color statement and high impact shine. You just need to apply the long lasting lip gloss with the precise wand applicator. Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss is also enriched with nourishing beeswax and soothing sunflower oil which promotes healthy looking and beautiful lips.  Free of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and SLS.  Burt’s Bees lip color leaves your lips soft, shiny and 100% naturally beautifu

N.Y.C. New York Color Lip Gloss

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Looking to pair in between shade for a chocolate and cherry? This one is just apt for your look, gives you that instant glow on lips with a shimmer in this bright summer season! Great for a picnic or regular wear. Fits everywhere. Non-sticky and lightweight, the gloss goes on effortlessly and even. The cushy oversized applicator guarantees precise application and builds even coverage and sultry shine with one effortless swipe

Rimmel Oh My Lip Gloss

$7 each

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A recent addition, gives a chilled out look, hot favorite among the younger lot! Adds to your glossy sticks as these are very  compact and great to put it in your sling bags and travel. With hell lot of a lot of pigments, this 3D stick gives you immense satisfaction! Makes your look plumper like never before. Rimmel stay glossy lip-gloss gives up to six-hour shine and color and contains soft silk and natural cotton. The lip sculpting wand provides precise definition.

N.Y.C. New York 8 HR Lip Gloss

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The latest batch of shades from N.Y.C’s glossy collection features colors from a milky brown to rouge red. We’re personally loving this deep hue, because the right shade is incredibly sexy, and practically guarantees a boost of confidence with each wear. Need a gloss that you can count on? Lunch in the park followed by an unexpected key meeting in the city? No time to retouch your lip gloss? You can keep calm if your lips are groomed with NYC’s 8 HR Gloss. Its incredible formula offers high-shine and rich color with no sticky feel and serious staying power. So just gloss and go to live your New Yorker lifestyle.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 8HR Le Gloss

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If you want to look confident but quiet, then here is the best lipgloss for you. Very subtle and simple. Great for regular wear, long lasting and perfect for the no-makeup look. Keep your pout looking cool, composed at the same time with a thin layer of shimmer with each coat. The applicator contours lips precisely, giving you a smooth, even, flawless finish every time. Available in a range of 20, luminous shades, the Infallible 8HR Le Gloss is a hydrating formula that keeps lips soft, smooth, colorful and glossy for eight shining hours. All without ever feeling sticky.

Too Faced Lip Injection from Extreme

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Too Faced’s simple and basic lip gloss is a supremely translucent serum which holds your lips intact giving them the correct feel and making them look plumper, fuller and soft. Application of a coat is enough to give that look you die for. With its scientific angle, it helps in moisturizing with the doses of avocado and jojoba oil resulting in a smooth pout!

Butter London Plush Rush Lip Gloss

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This hue has a secret formula keeping your look just righ. This is the perfect high-impact shine gloss. It can be worn alone or on top of a lipstick  with just one coat of application, the shine gives you electrifying results.  Experience lip decadence with this ultra-shiny, pout-perfecting lip gloss, that provides smoother, fuller and more voluptuous lips with a touch of happy. It’s a gloss and the color is amazing. My favorite color of the moment.