Best Jogging Strollers for Every Type of Runner

best jogging stroller reviews

Some of us have a child but still want to maintain our fitness.

Owning a jogging stroller will greatly ease the transition and act as an extension to exercise.

Check out the best jogging stroller reviews to get the one that suits you based on your needs.

Top Picks:

1. Chicco TRE Performance Jogging Stroller

Price: $380
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The Chicco Tre jogging stroller is one of the best buggy strollers in the market now as it strikes a perfect balance between cost and features. When tested, the stroller came out as very strong yet comfy for the baby. Its 16″ pneumatic rear tires combined with a hand operated brake made it a very maneuverable buggy stroller while the 5 point adjustable harness ensured maximum protection for the baby.  The stroller retained its performance in all kinds of terrain thanks to the FlexCore Suspension that can be operated with a single tap.

2. BOB 2016 Sport Utility Stroller

Price: $360
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Ok, so its another green one, maybe it the time of year. We tested the BOB 2016 Running Baby Stroller on both pavements and outdoor environment and we were very pleased with the results. The stroller buggy has shock absorbing features that ensures that your child doesn’t feel the brunt of your routine but actually enjoys the ride. We found out that the tires were made out of high impact polymers that ensured maximum comfort as well as protection for the child. There was also a cutting edge suspension system in place in addition to a hand break for greater control on downhill tracks.

3. Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller

Price: $549
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Featuring a 1-step fold, this is a must mention stroller on the list of jogging stroller reviews. The exterior of this stroller buggy was very compact yet sturdy so it took on all kinds of bumps and uneven surfaces with ease. The jogging stroller came with a “Speed3 Steering System” that made it perfect for running, jogging and walking. We tried the all-wheels suspension system as well and thanks to the air filled tires never once noticed uneven motion for the lightweight stroller for infant.

4. Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller Pierce

Price: $312
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The Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller is an all round buggy stroller designed for both infants and toddlers. We put the “premium tech fabrics” to the test and found that they were specially designed to adjust according to the child. The suspension system was spot on and delivered high grade performance on all terrains. The toddler jogging stroller had pneumatic tires that were able to lock the front wheel making overall handling much easier for us.

5. Tike Tech Double City X3 All Season Stroller

Price: $449
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This is a perfect running baby stroller that can easily be assembled into providing you a helping hand with your jogging and fitness requirements. The best thing about this stroller is its low price yet astounding features. Our first thought was crude performance however after multiple tests we found out that there was plenty of ventilation and miniature breaking holes that smoothed the ride by a great deal. In addition to a smooth ride, the stroller has the ability to protect the baby from wind or any other invasive element.

6. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller 

Price: $120
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Any jogging stroller reviews list would be incomplete without these running strollers. We found the price tag to be very cost effective but so were the features equally impressive. The multi-position, reclining seat was the first thing we tested and found it to be of premium quality meaning your baby won’t really feel any bumps. The stroller can easily handle a child weighing anywhere between 6 – 50 pounds and is fully adjustable to ensure both mobility and care.

7. Baby Jogger BJ11257 Mini Single with Parent Console

Price: $245
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This is a lightweight stroller for infant children and provides comfort with style and agility. We took the stroller for a test to make sure it can end up in our jogging stroller reviews and found out its weight to be very manipulative. Thanks to the weight we were able to move both up and down without applying too much energy. However we also found it great on uneven terrain thanks to the quick release wheels and excellent suspension system. The stroller can take on a child weighing 50 pounds max.

8. Graco FastAction Jogger Travel System Click Connect 35 Elite

Price: $300
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The stroller buggy comes with an additional Graco Snug Ride Click Connect Infant Car Seat to provide maximum comfort and protection to your child. We found the deluxe, padded seat to be both tough and soft at the same time while the air filled rubber tires limited the amount of ups and downs along the way. The front swivel is lockable so there was a smooth transition when we switched speeds just to make sure there was no abrupt jerk that may lead to an injury for the baby.

9. Evenflo Victory Jogging Stroller Tucson

Price: $160
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The Evenflo Victory Jogging Stroller Tucson has slowly but surely made its way to jogging stroller reviews on multiple platforms. We were able to get our hands on one for testing purpose and found it to be very lightweight, almost 10% than the competition. The large pneumatic wheels attracted us as well so we took it for a test spin on all kinds of terrain and noticed that the shock absorbents work flawlessly. The stroller was not just cost effective but also very durable in the face of urban and uneven terrain. It is worth mentioning that the stroller is compatible with an infant car seat.

10. Baby Jogger – City Mini GT Single Stroller

Price: $360
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The patented quick folding technology was our first queue and after rigorous testing we did find it to be incredibly unique and time saving. This means we were able to fold the stroller by using just one hand and in a couple of seconds. We took the lightweight stroller for infant on a test run as well because of its 85 inch all terrain tires and found that the suspension and tires often worked in synergy to produce the smoothest of rides. The large sun canopies made sure that if there was a baby in the stroller, he/she would always feel comfortable and breathable, not conjusted.

11. Special Tomato Jogger Stroller

Price: $700
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The Special Tomato Jogger Stroller Buggy has a very pleasing design one that would want you to take your baby out at all times. The physical aspect as well was very tough and we found the frame in particular to be very strong in the face of all kinds of uneven surfaces. A very unique feature of this stroller buggy that justifies the price tag is customizability for special/disabled children. This makes it a worthy member of our jogging stroller reviews.

12. Baby Bling ‏Metamorphosis All Terrain Jogging Stroller

Price: $364
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Sturdy and long lasting are two qualities that you can associate with this stroller. Upon multiple impacts we found the stroller to be standing tall and making sure none of the impact reaches the inside. You can take this stroller on any kind of terrain with you and go out for jogging, running or whatever you want. The stroller’s interior was thoroughly checked by our team and we found it to be very shock absorbing, especially compared to the many many strollers in the market.

13. Baby Trend Stealth Jogger Alloy

Price: $162
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All you’ve ever wanted from a budget friendly stroller buggy is filled in the Baby Trend Stealth Jogger Alloy. The structure is very robust and finely design to withstand weights up to 50 pounds while the fabric used for the inner seat is very soft. The seat is recline-able while the addition of an storage basket under seat makes this a very worthy contender in the list of strollers that you can take to the farmer’s market.

14. Bumbleride Indie Jogging Stroller Jet Black

Price: $449
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Before you pass this lightweight stroller for infant because of its price tag, we advise you to take a minute to read its features. We put the Bumbleride Indie Jogging Stroller under the microscope and were very much impressed with its 100% polyester build. This makes the stroller a comfortable ride for the baby and one that would protect him/her from all elements. This is an all terrain ride and lives up to its word while at the same time weighing a mere 20 pounds. In our opinion, if you’re after a long-lasting, top of the line jogging stroller and have no issues with the price, then this one would give you the ultimate satisfaction.

15. BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller Black

Price: $399
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This is the final entry in our jogging stroller reviews and packed with a number of features that put it in the “cutting edge” category. There’s a state of the art suspension system in place that works in combination with the tires to let you travel through pavements, gravel or rocks. We tried the easy fold technique and approve that transporting and storing the stroller buggy is not tiresome at all. There’s an adjustable padded handlebar for better grip and control and 9 positions so that both the parent and child are not fatigued by the traveling.


What is a Jogging Stroller?

Do you want to stay fit and take care of your child at the same time?

If yes , then you must buy a jogging stroller so that you stay in shape while taking your baby out for a walk. Hiring a babysitter just because you want to go out for a walk would be an expensive idea; instead the jogger stroller idea would be a preferable one for the parents. But like everything else a running stroller also comes in different models with different functions. So you have to be clear about what you exactly want to buy, what your needs are and most importantly do not forgot to check jogging stroller reviews online before buying it.

Jogging strollers are known as running strollers with three wheel design. They have two small wheels at the back and one large wheel at the front, both the sections are combined with a proper back rest which makes it easier to push the stroller. When it becomes easy to push, you can easily walk or run with it. In a modern jogger stroller there are several modes to choose from, so depending on your workout routine you can chose it.

Secondly if you jog on a smooth neighborhood park then opt for a light weighted stroller. But if your jogging track is rough and less smooth then consider buying a heavy one with shock absorbers.

Things to consider while buying a jogging stroller

Weight of the stroller is a secondary issue; joggers will get a good workout based on the resistance of the stroller. In fact the workout is doubles since there is pushing and guiding at the same time. In short a hogging stroller increases a person’s physical fitness. Before you decide to buy lightweight strollers for infants, you will have to ensure that your baby is ready ride a jogging stroller.

Baby’s age should be at least four to six months and for the first few months there should be only walking and no jogging or running with the stroller, that too on a smooth surface .While this activity goes on please ensure that your baby has enough neck support, as a bad neck support could lead to injury while you jog or run especially on a rough track. Before the first run you can also visit the doctor for his advice, just to be sure that your baby will be comfortable with the running baby stroller.

For the baby’s safety issue, ensure that the stroller comes with an attached shoulder harness so that the child’s head in placed properly and is stationary. Also you can consider buying a small helmet to protect his head. A running stroller might create problems for you in a mall or a grocery shop as it has big wheels in the front.

Some of the running strollers have the feature to lock and unlock the front swiveling wheel which will allow easy navigation around the mall or grocery stores. The best new born baby strollers should be flexible to adapt all kinds of conditions and environments. Jogging stroller reviews will help you to decide the right type of stroller for the baby.

Types of strollers

Basically there are two different types of strollers.  A single and a double stroller. Before buying a double stroller ensure that it can pass through any door way. Obviously the weight of a double stroller will be much more than the single one, since you will be carrying two babies instead of one. Another essential feature which you must check is the brake system. With extra weight of the baby, more energy will be required to push down the stroller and the brakes will slow down too.

Look for a jogging stroller which can be easily folded and stored wherever you want to. Parents who have two small babies a stroller buggy would be of really good help. It’s the latest accessory that attaches the stroller to accommodate a new born.

Just consider your child’s health before buying a stroller buggy. Thirdly if you are looking for a stroller that will occasionally be of some help in exercising while you are out with your child then an all terrain stroller will be a better choice. It’s a well designed stroller with lockable front wheel which can be unlocked depending upon the situation. Choose a lightweight stroller for infant, so that it becomes easier for you to pull push the stroller. A little bit of research will help you to decide what type of stroller will suit your baby, for that you will have to check jogging our stroller reviews.

Features of a best jogging stroller

The best toddler jogging stroller will be a light weight one with sturdy frame. The front wheel of the stroller should have the lock an unlock feature according to the position. Thirdly the wheels should be at least twelve inches in diameter filled with tires filled with air.

Also it should have proper safety and comfortable features for the baby, like a proper head rest. It should have good 5 point harness, good suspension or shock absorbers, a reclining seat, proper canopy that protects the child from heat or sunshine and a nice tether that you can attach to your wrist while running or jogging. People who have already experienced this machine have shared their jogging stroller reviews online.


A lot of people get confused between a normal stroller and a jogging stroller. The basic difference is the size of the two. Regular baby strollers are much more compact then the jogging ones which are more bulky and heavy in nature. They have large wheels which is easier to control the stroller. While reading through the jogging stroller reviews make sure you read about the size and weight of the baby stroller. Another point to be taken care of is that if you live in a hilly area then a heavy stroller will be more difficult to push uphill and harder to control downhill, with a tougher and better workout.