Best Home Teeth Whitening Treatments for a Better Smile

Best Home Teeth Whitening Treatment Reviews

You don’t need a master’s degree to use the best home teeth whitening products these days.

In fact, simple alternatives such as polishing paste can keep pesky plague at bay and your teeth white, without stressing your budget.

We’ve looked at 21 teeth whitening products and racked up more than 117 hours of research and testing to create this review to find that the Go Smile Whitening Kit stood out as the best home teeth whitening product to buy for most people.

Top Pick:

Go Smile 12 Day Whitening Kit

Price: $29
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Opt for Go Smile Double Action Toothpaste to achieve the best teeth whitening experience we tested and add an element of luxury to your day-to-day oral care routine. Too much coffee? red wine? smoking? Maybe you’ve never even tried to whiten your teeth before? If you have stains, and never thought whitening would work for you, this intensive 12-day whitening system will make you a believer as it eliminates stains. The Go Smile is designed to energize your teeth which is ideal for morning scrubbing, and it is equipped with peroxide to help your teeth get whiter.  It came out as the best home whitening product in our tests, especially for shade increases.

Why our reviews are trustworthy

I have covered beauty, including the best foundation powders, the best collagen creams for face and the best shampoos for color treated hair for a few years now. I have logged hundreds of hours of research and testing each year when new teeth whitening treatments come to market (I love white teeth too). We have looked at a large number of products and consulted with industry experts to create the teeth whitening kit guide each year.

We make sure we are up to date with companies that also test or review products, such as, Total Beauty, ConsumerReports and Sephora. Then we do our own testing of the best tooth whitening treatments with selected members of our product testing programs, to product test them at home and provide their feedback.

*This review covers the best at home teeth whitening products on the market before and after the last time we created this guide.

Our Other Top Picks:


Crest 3D Whites Luxe Professional (Best teeth whitener for sensitive teeth)


Who should get these

When it comes to teeth whitening, most of us go to some lengths in order to find that perfect product. That one teeth whitening product that that creates an overall flawless smile. We will listen to experts on TV and in magazine adverts to convince us that their whitening toothpaste or strips are the best. Well, in order to put an end to this madness and to hopefully save you time, hassle (and get your teeth white), I am sharing with you the results of our extensive research and testing.

How we began the test selection process

We began by listing down the best teeth whitening systems that we could find for sale and online or in store.

“We listed 21 in the selection of this category.”

We then removed products that did not explicitly list their ingredients or had controversial ingredients (yes, there are some).  The American Dental Association (ADA) in their recent brief on teeth whitening advised: “It is known that at concentrations of 10 percent hydrogen peroxide or higher, the chemical is potentially corrosive to mucous membranes or skin, and can cause a burning sensation and tissue damage.”  So we didn’t go for anything higher than 10%.

“So, from the research we conducted, we then removed teeth whiteners that had more than 10% peroxide.”

We then began the arduous task of combing through the thousands of home teeth whitening reviews online, in order to bring you the most insightful guide on the best home whitening products available. And there are so many variables to get right, though in the end, the best teeth whitening is the one that effortlessly gets your teeth naturally whiter.

How we tested them

First we selected a cross section of consumers from our product testing panels in terms of teeth shade, lifestyle and age, plus whether they currently used a home teeth whitening system currently and then provided the products to them to test at home, and also got them ready for ourselves.  Then each of us armed with our home teeth whitening kits started to use them, incorporating them into our daily routines for two months and noting down the scores each week, for the the whitening effect (measured using a shade chart we provided) and the sensitivity.

After the two months were up, each panelist then submitted their scorecards to be analyzed, so we could find out what the best at home teeth whitening systems are. After that we looked at the current retail prices for each powder and found our favorite picks were not always the most expensive ones. In full coverage powders, price does correlate pretty well with quality. Except rules are meant to be broken is seems.

Other Top Picks

2. Active Wow Teeth Whitening

Price: $39
Buy Now

The Supersmile whitening system is an ideal tool to help you achieve dramatic teeth whitening results protecting your teeth against cavities and re-mineralizing of the enamel. It is infused with fluoride, baking soda, and calproxa to eliminate stubborn stains from your teeth.

3. Crest 3D Whitestrips Ultimate Effects

Price: $43
Buy Now

Crest 3D Whitestrips Ultimate effects is the best at home whitening system that will polish and whiten your teeth like magic. This teeth whitening kit comes with 20 sets of leave-on strips for both your teeth bottom and top. You only need to set aside at least 30 minutes for pearly-white and reveal a brilliantly white smile that will last for over 12 months.

4. Rembrandt Deep White 2hr Whitening Kit

Price: $16
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Are you craving for a speedy stainless smile? Rembrandt Deep White 2hr Whitening Kit, a two-hour treatment is one of the best teeth whitening home products. It is designed to offer you a customized dentist-like whitening experience to make your teeth appear white resulting in a brighter smile.

The kit is equipped with a peroxide-based whitening gel that does not erode your tooth enamel. Also, this product has exclusive COMFYTRAY applications which conform to your teeth’s unique shape to safely whiten the deep stains for brighter teeth.

5. Plus White 5-Minute Premier Speed Teeth Whitening Gel

Price: $5
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This whitening gel is a fast-action formula that offers you one-step teeth whitening in five minutes. Don’t be surprised that Plus White 5-Minute Premier Speed Teeth Whitening Gel uses the same approach as most dentists use to whiten teeth effectively – the oxygenating beach action with peroxide that lifts stains caused by tobacco, coffee, cola, and more. Plus white 5-minute whitening premier speed is gentle on teeth enamel and is will whiten your teeth to achieve a brighter smile on a budget.

6. Smart Ash Organic Natural Whitening Teeth Powder

Price: $30
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Smart Ash Organic Whitening Tooth Powder with cctivated charcoal & bentonite clay. If you have been looking for the best organc teeth whitening system, Smart Ash Organic Natural Whitening Teeth Powder is good choice. It is an organic oral care component which is made of bentonite clay and activated charcoal to prevent teeth stains, decay, cavities, bacteria, and plaque.

7. Arm & Hammer Real Radiant Fluoride Anticavity

Price: $15
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The Arm & Hammer Real Radiant Fluoride Anticavity combines peroxide, baking soda, and calcium to offer you effective teeth whitening home formula. It eliminates over 90%of the teeth surface stains for noticeably whiter teeth. Also, it offers ultimate protection to enamel and rebuilds it to correct tooth surface imperfections and restore the shine for a highlighted smile.

8. Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste

Price: $9
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Sometimes our teeth can get exposed to acid erosion despite the daily care we commit to. Note that the acid erosion poses damage to your teeth enamel, texture, appearance, and shape, resulting in more sensitive teeth. Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste is designed to strengthen your enamel and protect it from the impacts of acidic erosion each day. Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste is a gentle and dentist-approved agent to soothe your teeth back to white.


9. Colgate Optic White Toothbrush Plus Whitening Pen

Price: $6
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The Colgate Optic White Toothbrush and Whitening Pen offer you all-in-one brushing and whitening solution to make your teeth whiter in just two days. The toothbrush has features specially designed polishing bristles to remove surface stains. After brushing, use the whitening pen to apply the whitening gel and within a week, you will see a change in the shade of your teeth.

10. Marvis Whitening Mint

Price: $14
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This whitening mint has a lasting sharp taste of cool pleasant mint to offer you a lasting freshness. For more beautiful and splendid smile, opt for the Marvis Whitening Mint that whitens your teeth, protects them from decay, plaque and tartar. Also, you will boast of a fresh breath all day long after using Marvis Whitening Mint, while getting slightly whiter teeth.



11. Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste

Price: $9
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This among the best budget at home teeth whitening systems as its unique formula optimizes the fluoride absorption into the enamel to remove surface stains at low abrasive levels. Therefore, Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste is an ideal choice for people who wish to preserve the shade of their white teeth but not improve it.

12. Kiss My Face Gel Teeth Whitener

Price: $4
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Kiss My Face Gel Teeth Whitener uses a soothing certified organic aloe vera blended with a keen selection of natural whiteners to offer a truly and exceptional teeth whitener that will leave your mouth fresh but doesn’t really have a great whitening effect.

13. Hello Oral Care Extra Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

Price: $5
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Hello is thoughtfully formulated with ingredients including silica, calcium carbonate, Xylitol, and stevia that will gently whiten your teeth, strengthen your enamel, prevent cavities, and freshen your breath according to the information from Hello. It is supposedly one of the leading teeth whitening kits but note that this product does not have artificial sweeteners, dyes, preservatives, or peroxide, maybe thats why in our tests it proved a different experience.

Best At Home Teeth Whitening System

The most affordable and easy way to get pearly white teeth and an awesome smile is to whiten your teeth is at home. White teeth give you a positive look; you keep smiling which makes you look younger and attractive. An enchanting smile helps you to boost your self confidence. If you have dirty pale stained teeth then it makes you look less attractive and unhygienic, therefore one must take care and follow rules of dental hygiene.

With the help of cosmetic dentistry one can easily retain the natural color of your teeth, but that’s certainly not affordable to everyone. The dental fee is too high and the teeth whitening process requires a number of sittings which costs too much of money and time. The best way to get out of this problem is to start using best home teeth whitening process with the use of good quality products which is not as expensive as the cosmetic dentistry.

How to choose a best at home teeth whitening system

A lot of people have tried and have been trying various methods to whiten their teeth. Some cost time and some cost money. The most simple and the easiest method to whiten your teeth is the whitening tooth paste which removes the discoloration from the surface and lightens up the teeth by a couple of shades. When compared, some toothpastes are better than the others but still they do not give desired or satisfactory results  that you may wish for. Same way there is whitening chewing gums available in the market which come with different brands and flavors. These are effective but only for stains on the teeth and for preserving the whiteness of the teeth. Thirdly there are whitening strips which are much more effective when it comes to lightening up the teeth by several shades.

These are inexpensive, very easy to use and are easily available in most of the stores. The only problem with them is that they do not fit well on all types of teeth especially the ones with small or large jaws. They just come in one common size which fits most of the people but not all. Lastly, the most effective for best home teeth whitening, out of all these methods is the teeth whitening kit, this is also closest to teeth surgery whitening. These kits contain customized mouth trays for the application of whitening gel all over the teeth, and some kits come with blue laser light for faster and better results. They also consist of hydrogen peroxide which do not harm the enamel and prevents tooth sensitivity. Teeth whitening products reviews can be seen online which shows consumer feedback and their issues. These reviews will help you to take the decision before buying the product.

Things to keep in mind while buying a best teeth whitening kit

Firstly one should opt for a product that has been present in the market for a long period and has been proven to give good results and positive home teeth whitening reviews. Secondly, safety is an important issue here as the high quality kits are mild on teeth and do not contain more than 6% of hydrogen peroxide. More the concentration of active substances n the kit more it will cause pain, tooth sensitivity and irritation in the gum. Always opt for a whitening kit that that contains good amount of whitening gel, customized mouth trays are good application for whitening gel.

Try to get a kit with blue laser light as it gives better results along with an aftercare gel which helps to soothe the gym. Some whitening kits offer two to three shades of lighter teeth while some offer more than ten shades, so buy a kit which offers more number of shades of whiter teeth over a period of two weeks. Another important factor is the price of the best home teeth whitening kit. If the price of a kit is higher than the others that does not mean that this kit would better than others .It all matters on the quality of the product, safety and its effectiveness.

The brand or the company also matters, as some brands provide a money back guarantee after sales service. Best home teeth whitening with these kits will take approximately two to three weeks, but still this is the best method when it comes to comfort of using these kits. These kits are also dentists supervised so you need not worry. After keeping all these factors in mind you can buy best home teeth whitening system, for yourself and get bright white shinning teeth in the comfort of your home without spending too much.


Home whitening teeth is the most economical way to whiten your teeth; it saves more than 50% of the money that you will spend of cosmetic dentistry. Home whitening actually provides people with long term teeth whitening a result which is a case of doubt in cosmetic dentistry. If you are a kind of person who is very busy and doesn’t get time for all this because of your hectic schedules and traveling plans then you should definitely consider the best way to whiten teeth at home, as it does not takes much of the time. Just does it before you go to bed to attain the best results. You will surely fell happy to see your while glistening smile and long term results once you start with home teeth whitening.

Before buying the product check it’s at home teeth whitening reviews, which will show whether its FDA approved or not and if the product is safe to use and free from all side effects. Best option is to try the product before buying to see if it suits you or not. Each one of us would wish to have clean teeth, but plagues, tooth decay, bacteria, and other teeth problems deprive us the opportunity to have a brighter smile. However, the home teeth whitening product reviews featured in this article will help you to select the best home teeth whitening kit. Remember to read other customers’ home teeth whitening reviews as you are likely to know how specific home teeth whitening kit performs.

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