Best Home Safes to Keep Your Valuables Safe

best home safe reviews

Technology has advanced leaps and bounds, and a home safe is one of those things that is needed more than ever.

Reading our best home safe review can take away a lot of your worries.

Especially when so many of our belongings can fit into the palm of our hands yet cost thousands of dollars.

Every week brands advertise that they have the best home safe, and that they are far better quality and safer than all of the others.

Well…we have researched the best home safes so you can get the best one for your usage and budget needs.

We’ve looked at 43 different home safes and covered more than 89 hours of research to write these home safe reviews which lead us to recommend that the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00UG9HB1Q” locale=”US” tag=”77033-20″]AmazonBasics Security Safe[/easyazon_link] stands out as the best home safe to buy for most people. It has great features and is is an extremely secure and compact box with a removable shelf so you can fit your valuables.

Top Pick:

1. AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet

home safe reviews

AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet
  • Performance
  • Settings/Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


Price: $50
[easyazon_link identifier=”B00UG9HB1Q” locale=”US” tag=”77033-20″]Buy Now[/easyazon_link]
The AmazonBasics Security Safe is an extremely secure and compact box that is one of the best rated home safes in the market. We found its size, i.e. 13.8×9.8×9.8 to be just perfect and could easily fit in all our belongings in it from legal documents to cash to passports and so on. The floor is carpeted while the safe itself is made of steel. We thoroughly examined all loop holes and couldn’t find a single brute-force one. The interior shelf was removable so there was no item we couldn’t fit into it.

Why our reviews are trustworthy

We have covered home safes here at for a few years now, logging hundreds of hours of research and testing in that time. We’ve looked at a large number of top rated home safes to create this review. We keep up with reviews from other noteworthy companies that also test or review products, such as, Ipsos, Amazon and Consumer Reports though we do find that the coverage is not as comprehensive as it could be. Then we did our own testing of home safe for valuables and also look at what other people have to say about them after they have product tested them at home, who provide their feedback through our product testing panels.

This review covers the best safes on the market before and since the last time we created this guide. We’ve covered this category extensively find the best.

Who should get this

Remember, that home safes might not be the best place for your precious jewelry, rare antiques, or your will. For those kinds of valuable things, you will want to opt for a safe-deposit box at a bank that offers more protection. But if you want to safeguard important things, such as, birth certificates, passports, financial records or family photos at home, then a home safe could be an inexpensive solution for you.

A simple way to determine how large a safe you might need is to pile up everything you plan to put in it and measure. A fairly common safe for your home’s capacity is around 1.3 cubic feet, which should easily fit a stack of financial records, certificates and passports that are a foot high, for example.

How we  selected

We started by making a list of all of the best house safes that we could find for sale in retailers stores and online. We listed 43 models in the original selection process for this category and whittled this down to 15 before choosing the top pick.

Most household safes are designed to protect their contents from fire, theft and water.

Here are some of the ways we evaluated them:

Theft protection

Independent ratings for burglary resistance are less common for home safes than for ones made for commercial users, such as jewelry stores. To determine their theft resistance, testers go at safes with torches, tools, and even sometimes explosives. For example, a TL-20 rated safe is able to withstand an attack of at least 20 minutes using the most common tools.

Plus a 1.3 cubic-foot safe (which is the average size) weighs about 100 pounds when empty, making it a much less attractive target for thieves than money, jewelry, small electronics, and other more portable items in your home. Many safes also come with bolt-down kits, where you can bolt them to the floor for added protection or can be concealed easily.

Fire resistance

Fire is the No. 1 concern of most buyers because during an average lifetime, there’s a one in four chance of experiencing a household fire and we want to keep our valuables safe in the best home fireproof safes.

Fire-resistant safes are rated in terms of what type of material they’ll protect and how long they’ll protect it for. Safes rated to protect paper documents shouldn’t get any hotter than 350 degrees on the inside, whereas for computer disks, DVD’s or 35mm film the inside temperature should not exceed 130 degrees during a fire. For most home safes, around 30 minutes of protection is most common, although some go up to an hour or more.

Water resistance

Protection against water tends to be an added bonus feature of top rated home safes and are verified if they the inside contents can survive being submerged in water to simulate the effects of a broken water pipe or flooding.

The Runners Up:


2. SentrySafe CB12 Medium Cash Box

safe box for home
Price: $15
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Looking for a safe box for home for storing cash? The SentrySafe CB12 is for you. We found it to be very convenient with storing cash deposits and it may sound absurd with the presence of banks, but for $15 this is a must have item to keep your valuables safe. The small safe box for home is this one and comes with a removable tray that made up a lot of space into the 3.7× sized safe box.

3. Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace Portable Safe

best safes for home
Price: $18
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This is the ultimate portable safe box that is both durable as much as its safe. We could easily fit our smartphone, some jewelry, cash and credit cards without making too much hassle. With that being said, the safe is water resistant and when tested protected all contents stored inside it. When put to the “smash test”, its shock absorbing foam prevented all kinds of shocks and none of our electronic products was damaged. Lastly, we found he charging cable function to be quite handy on trips and journeys.

4. Master Lock 7148D Locking Steel Security File Box

home safes reviews
Price: $15
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This is one of the best security file box for home use. Storing important documents regarding your property or insurance is necessary. The 7148D is a portable and secure file box that can conveniently pack up all your important files and folders. You can carry it around easily without too much weight. We found the durable steel construction to be very sturdy and fire resistant, so worrying about the safety of our files was not a problem.

5. SentrySafe 1170BLK 1/2 Hour Fireproof Security File

top rated home safes
Price: $50
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The 1170BLK has a volume of .61 cubic feet meaning it can easily house all your personal and professional files eliminating the worry about their safety. The file safe box claimed to be fire proof so we tested it for 1/2 hour and to our elation, it did pass the test. It could not only keep our paper based files safe but could also shield away all kinds of dangerous radiations from burning out USB’s or CD’s, so this is undoubtedly one of the best file safes for home use and a must have for anyone who has a lot of stuff on the line.

6. RamPro Hide a Spare Key Fake Rock

top rated home safes
Price: $7
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This can’t really qualify as a safe but is definitely a device that deserves to be on the list of home safe reviews! The Fake Rock can hold a key or two for you and hide in plain sight without anyone suspecting. We found the rock to be quite handy especially in emergencies when there wasn’t time to make the key exchange with our imaginary room-mate or partner The rock is made out of molded poly-resin matches and has an irregular shape much like a real rock. Also, the rock is weatherproof so you can store something that’s sensitive to the elements.

7. Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock

best small home safe
Price: $40
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One of the best rated home safes is the Stack-On PDS-500 is great for storing high value items like cash, electronics, jewelry or pistols. The electronic lock when tested went as promised and we were able to use the “safety key” override to reset the password. The small household safe locked itself after 3 input attempts. The pre-drilled holes made it very easy to fit into a cupboard or a trick wall while the pry resistant steel doors satisfied our need for protection.

8. SnapSafe Lockbox with Key Lock for Handgun Storage

safes for home use
Price: $22
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Featuring a size of 9.5×6.5×1.75, the 16 gauge heavy steel safe was as per our expectations. As one of the best home safe deposit box’s, the operation was simple and a key was all that was required to unlock it. Note that picking the lock won’t be possible as the design is quite advanced. Coming to the security of the contents, the external steel construction and the internal foaming prevented any kind of shock from disturbing the internal environment of the safe. So this is one of the best safes for home storage and can keep your private belongings, private.

9. SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination

best rated home safes
Price: $180
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This is the real deal and  is a great safe for home use if you consider 1.23 cubic feet to be small! The combination fire safe impressed us both by its external strength as well as internal protective lining. It is both fire proof for 1 hour and water resistant for 24 hours making the price tag entirely valid for a small household safe. We found its security features are more than adequate and the large size more than enough for storing all products that were of importance to us.

10. BARSKA Biometric Safe

best safes for home use
Price: $160
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The feature that needs to be mentioned first of all is the bio metric technology. This gave us the ability to effortless access the contents of the home safe without running into the problem of noting down security codes. The $160 price tag is justified as the household safe has a lot of internal volume while at the same time reinforced walls that won’t allow anyone to simple drill through it in the middle of the night. One of the best safes for home use, the Biometric safe is a convenient option for those that have trouble hanging on to keys or passwords.

11. Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

best small safe for home use
Price: $103
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Gun safety is a threat that has made quite a number of headlines in recent weeks. Therefore, we decided to include this Gunvault MV500 in our home safe reviews as it is one of the best gun safe on the market. To our bliss, the gun safe was incredibly lightweight and compact making it perfect for concealing in any location. This top rated gun safe is biometrically unlocked meaning you won’t have to spend a lot of time gaining access to your gun, as the entire purpose of a gun is that it is swift availability. The steel construction makes it impenetrable while the precise fittings make it virtually impossible for someone to pry it open.

12. GunVault NV200 NanoVault 200 with Key Lock

safe box for home mark
Price: $26
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This is as simple yet as secure as a small safe box for home can get. The easy to operate lock system made unlocking a charm while the compact size allowed us to take it from one location to the next without exerting too much stress. The safe box for home is great especially when used as a money safe. The 18 gauge steel construction makes sure no malicious attempts to break through the security mechanism are successful while the 1.25 inch memory foam ensures the delicacy of the internal contents of the safe.

13. Sentry P008E Compact Electronic Safe

best safes for home mark
Price: $30
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The digital security box has internal dimensions of 1.9″ H x 9.8″ W x 7.1″ D and features a durable solid steel construction for keeping all your contents shielded from external influence. The digital security lock box was an impressive feature that gave us the option of setting 2 programmable electronic locks and 2 override keys. A steel tethering cable adds extra security to the overall safe box for home and makes it one of the best safe boxes for home use keeping all your precious items safe.

14. Gunvault GV2000S Multi vault Standard Gun Safe

money safes for home mark
Price: $130
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Another great gun safe for home use, the GV2000S will allow you to store all your home armory in a safe and convienient environment. We found the safe to be extremely secure, laced with mounts almost in all directions. The precise fittings made it impossible for us to pry on it from various angles while the software security system in itself made sure repeated entries don’t go unchecked. There are over 12 million user access code combination possibilities with this home money safe box to buy.

15. First Alert 3031F Deluxe Looking Steel Security Box

safes for home use
Price: $19
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The First Alert Deluxe Locking Steel Box is not just one of the many top rated home safes but is a multi-purpose safe that can be used to store both paper based items as well as other hard valuables. When put under the test the steel walls could take in all the stress in the world while the firs insulation made it impossible for us to set it on fire. The lock system came with 2 entry keys while a layer of protective floor mat eliminated the rest of our worries regarding this best rated home safe.


Why Buy A Home Safe?

If you keep valuables in the house or have important documents that needed to be protected from the threats of fire, flood and burglary, keeping them in your cupboard or closet will not do. You need to invest in a home safe that can protect things that are important to you and that you would be loath to lose in the event of a house fire or burglary. The best safes for home will not only ensure that no one can access them easily but will also be able to resist damage from a fire or floods. Consult home safe reviews to determine which one is best for you.

Safes for home use come with a variety of features. Some have biometric locks that ensure that you and you alone can access them, making it very difficult for the ordinary burglar to break into them. Some have entry alarms that will alert you to any unauthorized attempts to access the safe. If you keep firearms in the house, you need gun safes. Not only will these secure your weapons from being used against you in the case of a break-in, but also keep children from playing with the firearms. Home safe reviews can let you know what features the model you’re considering has.

When thinking about getting a home safe you need to keep in mind certain factors. First of all, you need to consider how much space you need in your home safe. This, of course, also depends upon what you are planning to store in there. If it is cash and jewelry, you can look at money safes for home. If you have firearms you need gun safes. The size of the safe will be determined by what and how much you are putting in there. Look at home safe reviews to figure out what is the best fit for you.

Consider whether you need fire protection. While most of us would like to keep believing that it can’t happen to us, the National Fire Protection Association assesses the risk of a fire that gets reported at one in five, which is pretty significant. A fire resistant safe becomes a must, especially if you plan to store electronic storage devices such as flash drives, compact discs, DVDs or even negatives of photographs since these are highly susceptible to damage from excessive heat. To determine the best small safe for home use go through home safe reviews.

What Should You Look for in a Home Safe?

 Clear Specifications

Most safes for home use will have the specifications about fire temperatures and water levels on the packaging. Ensure that you go through these specifications so that you know that your safe is protected from fire and water damage and how much fire or water damage the safe can take. The best rated home safes will tell you what temperatures or immersion in water they can withstand and for how long. If you’re not sure about the one you have selected, look it up in home safe reviews to do a comparison with other home safes.

ETK or UL Certifications

The best safes for home use will be certified by the UL or Underwriters’ League or by the ETK (Intertek). These are independent organizations that ratify manufacturers’ claims about the fire, theft and water resistance of their safes. Beware, though of imports with fake UL seals. You may be able to identify them by their much lower price, but if you’re still not sure, check home safe reviews.

Large and Heavy

The size and the weight of the home safe let you know how well built they are. The top rated home safes are big and hefty. If you have a safe that is large in terms of size but not heavy enough, it means that the walls and door of the safe are not built with steel that is thick enough to withstand attempts to break it down. The fanciest lock in the world is not going to prevent thieves from accessing the safe if they can get through the walls or the door itself. Read home safe reviews to determine which safe is heavy and thick enough to deter burglars.

Fire Rating

In the event of a fire, you need a safe that can withstand the high temperatures for the longest period possible. Home safes generally come with fire protection that lasts up to thirty minutes in a blaze. The best rated home safes, however, can handle fire for up to an hour. This becomes even more important if you keep electronic items in your safe since they are more susceptible to fire damage and need higher fire resistance. Home safe reviews can tell you which safes are best for this purpose.

Additional Features

In addition to the above features, here are some additional considerations.

Ability to be Bolted to the Floor

This is a great deterrent to burglars. The disadvantage of even the best small home safes is that due to their size they can be easy to haul around. However, if the safe is bolted to the floor burglars can’t just pick it up and walk off with it. Check home safe reviews to see which safes are can be bolted to the floor.

Carpeted Interior

This is best if you plan to store items that are fragile such as small antiques. This is especially important if you have a portable home safe that you carry around now and then. Read home safe reviews to determine whether the additional feature is available.

Home safes are a must for anyone who stores important documents such as passports, birth certificates or legal documents at home. If you lose these documents in a fire they can be difficult or even impossible to replace. Home safes become even more essential if you have large amounts of money or expensive jewelry to deter burglars. Take the time to look around before making your selection so that you can ensure that things that are important to you are as safe as they can be.

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