Best Hiking Boots For Women

renegade gtx hiking boot

Going hiking at the weekend?

Take a look at the best hiking boots for women to make sure your feet are not so sore on Monday morning…

Top Picks:

Ahnu Montara Women’s Hiking Boot
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When wearing these hiking boots, it will feel as if you are wearing the most comfortable sneaker in the world. Additionally, you will have all of the qualities of the best hiking boot on the market. It is truly a win-win situation. This is especially true for the times of hiking through rough areas with varying types of weather. At least your feet will always be walking in a state of peace.

North Face Women’s Litewave Explore Mid Hiking Boot
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This boot has everything that is needed to walk, run, and hike in the most comfortable way. This includes resistance to abrasions in the upper part of the shoe—with still a good amount of looseness in that area. The middle of the sole is cushion and the outer sole is rubber. Women will not want to take these boots off once they put them on.

Asolo Athena Women’s Hiking Boot 
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On thing this boot is known for is speed. Woman wearing this boot will be able to speed through any patch of woods or the like. Additionally, they will be doing this in a boot that is very flexible. The waterproof and firmness of this boot is  also amazing. This is an all around wonderful product for any woman in need of a good pair of hiking boots. There’s something for everyone with a hiking boot that comes in more than 10 different colors. This is especially true when the boots are extremely comfortable.


Lowa Renegade GTX  Mid Hiking Boot
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This boot is all about keeping women comfortable and dry the entire them. The Vibram Evo soles along with the top of the line waterproof lining are just some of the benefits when it comes to this wonderful boot. Concerning style, it may even be the best looking boot on the market. Women have been flocking to this boot since it was released to the market. It’s true that women want to keep their feet dry. It’s also true women want to be extremely comfortable when wearing their boots. Well, you are covered with these.


Columbia Women’s Redmond Waterproof Mid Hiking Boots

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The technical part of this boot is designed to prevent water entering in. Additionally, the suede part of this boot allows the ankle area to breathe firmly. Women will find these boots great when they are hiking or just going on any type of formal or informal walk. Great quality at a low price is something that cannot be beat.


La Sportiva Trango TRK GTX Hiking Boot 
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These boots have been tested even when dragging heavy weight around, and they have tested to be true. Never mind water getting inside the boot, there won’t even be any kind of sweat within the boot, either. This boot has been created to keep the feet dry and comfortable in any situation. Other companies are actually getting scared of this new product on the market.


Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX  Hiking Boot

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These boots were specifically made for trailblazers wanting to make their mark on the land. You will be able to hike with the most comfortability available. Found yourself in a sticky situation? The Vibram soles are made for this reason. The front bumpers on the boots will also help in many situations. This is one pair of boots that can truly last you a lifetime.


Keen Targhee Mid Hiking Boots
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This boot can handle any type of pressure that comes its way. Is does this by keeping the feet dry and letting air enter to keep your feet at a cool temperature. This is one of those boots that are durable and lightweight, one of the best footwear combinations available. The front bumper comes up past the front of the shoe to provide even more protection during hiking activities and the like.


Salomon Ellipse GTX Hiking Shoe

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This shoe was made for people thinking boots are to awkward for them. If you fit into this category, this shoe is perfect for you at the perfect price. Stemming from one of the best footwear creators on the market, these boots will keep you comfortable and dry for hours and hours. You can go for a walk to the store or run a marathon, and you will have the same exact effect when wearing these boots.


Salomon Quest 4D II GTX  Hiking Boot
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This boot has been created in a scientific way. The Gore-Tex and suede material make the boot breathe easy regardless of how long a person might be wearing them. The assumption of a trailblazer wearing these shoes has caused the makers to create the soles in a running style. You will be able to zoom quickly while keeping your entire body stable. These boots are also meant to keep you from getting stuck in mud, in snow, on rocks, and the like.


Merrell Phaserbound  Women’s Backpacking Boot
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The upper part of the boot is coated with extra leather.This is what makes it extremely water resistant and durable to any type of weather. On the other hand, this is also what makes the boot comfortable in any type of weather and on any type of travel ground. This is also a special boot because it comes with stability to the heel. This makes sure your ankles are protected at all times.