Best Hand Blender for Your Kitchen

best hand blender reviews

Explore the world of hand blenders to search for the best hand blender you can buy, both in terms of price and quality.

Every week brands advertise that the top rated hand immersion blenders are theirs, and that they have the most amazing features and blend better than all of the others.

We have researched and tested the best hand blenders so you can get the one that suits your usage and budget needs.

We looked at 53 different hand immersion blenders and after over 89 hours of research and testing to write these hand blender reviews which lead us to recommend that the Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender stands out as the best hand blender to buy. This is a straightforward and intuitive immersion hand blender that blends evenly with a modern ergonomic design.

Top Pick:

1. Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender
  • Performance
  • Settings/Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability


Price: $94
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This is a high end electric hand blender, the Breville BSB510XL is crowned with the best hand blender title this year. The bell shaped base is revolutionary that reduces suction from the blender and increases efficiency greatly. The design is ergonomic, pistol-like so there’s very little chance you’ll lose your grip over it. The speed is adjustable over a wide range suiting to your needs, at the same time the base is non-scratch giving your investment all round protection. As a whole, the Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender, is an electric hand blender that offers 8″ immersion depth which is more than enough for most home blending tasks.

Why our reviews are trustworthy

We have covered hand immersion blenders here for a few years now, logging weeks of research and testing in that time. We’ve looked at a large range of hand blenders over the years. We keep up with reviews from other noteworthy companies that also test or review products, such as, Consumer Reports, Amazon and Good Housekeeping though we do find that the coverage is not as comprehensive as it could be.

Then we do our own testing of hand blenders and also look at what other people have to say about them after they have product tested them for us at home and provided their feedback through our product testing panels.

This review covers the best hand blenders on the market before and since the last time we created this guide. We’ve covered this category extensively.

Who should get this product?

The most compelling reason to buy an electric hand blender is to make pureed soups. You could use a standard blender or a food processor, but a hand blender makes the process a lot simpler, since it’s easy to puree soup directly in the pot. Hand blenders also work well for smoothies, mayonnaise, or baby food. We recommend upgrading from an old hand blender only if your current one is taking a longer time to blend smooth textured food than it should.

How we began the selection process

Firstly we looked at the motor. A hand blender’s motor needs to have enough power and torque to create a vortex so that food circulates in the bowl and gets passed across and through the blade multiple times. The more movement there is the better the blender will be at creating a smooth puree and not leave you with chunks in your soupos or smoothies.

We checked to see which models had removable blending wands. This allows you to put the wand in the dishwasher for and easy clean and so that you can connect the different attachments that come with them.  We must advise a this point that a fixed wand may be why these professional hand blenders tend to be more durable than consumer ones. We found fixed wands more difficult to wash after use but have yet to encounter any durability issues between fixed or removable wands on the top rated hand blenders we have tested.

Although many high-end blenders come with multiple speed settings, we found that in reality, you only need to be able to select between low and high speeds to achieve the desired result.

Then we looked at the handle and grip. Hand blenders are designed specially to be used one handed, so the best ones are comfortable to hold. The buttons should be easy to locate by feel and to press, the handle should be ergonomic and feel good in your hand, and should be light enough to hold comfortably for minutes at a time.

The length of the wand. Some models come with longer wands, for blending in deep pots. Although we found in testing that anything longer than 8 inches tended to become cumbersome to operate, so unless your a professional cook with deeper than average pots you should be good.

Other features we looked at were a guard for the blade and a wall mounted holder. There also a variety of cordless hand blenders on the market. Like many cordless tools, these tend not to be as powerful.

Most models come with a whisk and/or a food chopper as attachments, although we didn’t find them to be that useful in our testing and quite a challenge to clean them afterwards.

We started by making a list of all of the best immersion hand blenders that we could find for sale in retailers stores and online. We listed 53 models in the original selection process for this category, which we then whittled down to a final list of just 15, which we then tested.

How we tested

One we had selected our consumers from our product testing panel, the first test we all performed was to puree batches of fibrous broccoli, leek and carrot soups and time how long it took to reach the same smooth consistency across all three types of soup. We then used each hand blender to puree coconut, mango and frozen strawberries with almond milk to make smoothies in the blending cups (if they were provided with the blender or in similar plastic ones if not).  We then strained both the soup and smoothies (not at the same time) through fine sieves to see how much pulp was left and noted this down.

We also noted down how easy they were to hold with one hand while pouring the almond milk into the smoothie with the other. We also made small batches of mayonnaise to judge how well the hand blenders could emulsify and made batches of peanut sauce.

Next up was to see if the blenders would create suction at the bottom of the blending cups, how deep a vortex they created and how long they could run for before showing signs of the motor burning out (your should not run these for longer than one minute at a time).

After we had finished testing all the immersion blenders.  We then got the chance to look at the current retail prices for each one and were presently surprised to find that our favorite models were not always the priciest ones as we thought. With hand immersion blenders, price does usually correlate quite well with quality but there are exceptions to every rule.

The Runners up:

2. Cusinart Smart Stick CSB-75BC 2 Speed Hand Blender

Price: $27
Buy Now Coniar Cusinart has produced a marvelous cordless hand blender that will help you with all your stirring and mixing requirements, getting the final dish ready within no time. The one touch on/off button greatly increases ease of access while the comfortable handle makes sure you get a tight grip over the appliance itself. The shaft is detachable meaning cleaning is no hassle whereas the blending attachment is made out of stainless steel and can handle all of the types of thick liquids we put it in.

3. KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3-Speed Hand Blender

Price: $60
Buy Now Blend, crush or chop; do whatever you want to do with this amazing electric hand blender. The removable 8″ blending arm gives you all the ease in the world while the powerful motor operation mixes through everything like a charm. This is not just a top immersion hand blender alone but an entire kit with a 2 1/2 cup of BPA-Free Chopper Attachment that chop through herb, cheese, cooked meat, etc while a 3 cup blending jar is best for storing and serving made products.

4. Hamilton Beach 59765 2 Speed Hand Blender

Price: $20
Buy Now The best hand blender Hamilton has produced, the Hamilton Beach Electric Hand Blender has an amazing grip and provides non-slip speed control for all your foods. It chops right into the bowl and comes with a whisk and chopping bowl. The 225 Watt motor was powerful enough to face all our tests. So this is one top selling hand blender that fits all; blending, whipping, pureeing, chopping and the great price.

5. Epica Heavy Duty Immersion Hand Blender

Price: $42
Buy Now Looking for the best hand blender online, then its hard to miss this one on your way. This hand blender guarantees that you never ever struggle with handling frozen fruit again. The 350 Watts powerhouse cuts through everything like a hot knife through butter and gives you a smooth end product. The stick blender design is innovative and most importantly simple. There are only a handful of buttons so don’t expect to get lost in the complexity of this blending machine.

6. Conair CSB-79 2-Speed Hand Blender

kitchen hand blender

Price: $47
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Its Conair once again with another amazing electric immersion hand blender. The appearance of this one is quite appealing and it is no less than a decoration piece for your kitchen. The cordless hand blender runs in two power modes to suit your requirements but the true secret to its success is the reversible blade. The electric hand blender features a reversible blade that is sharp on one side and blunt on the other. This, coupled with a powerful motor checks all the requirements expected from a good hand blender.

7. Proctor Silex 59738A Hand Blender

immersion hand blender

Price: $12
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Don’t go on its size. This little guy is able to beat down many powerful blenders and packs a punch that puts it on the road the the best budget hand blender on the market. The Proctor Silex immersion blender is easy to use and can be operated at 2 speeds. The blade is made out of stainless steel while the ergonomic design minimizes stress on your wrists. This kitchen hand blender features a long 5 ft cable for easy mobility.

8. Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender

best immersion hand blender

Price: $60
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Looking for the best immersion hand blender, this one’s definitely worth checking out. The highlight of this product is its “PowerBell Technology” that gives it durable stainless steel blades and a bell shaped flask for quick results. The motor has a turbo boost added to it to get you through foods like frozen fruits. The beaker has a volume of 20 ounce and worth mentioning is the soft grip handle for hours long comfort. From whipped creams, soups to frozen smoothies and nuts, the kitchen blender can handle it all.

9. Vremi Hand Blender 8 Speed Immersion Mixer

the best hand blender

Price: $31
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The Vremi Hand Blender can be found in almost all immersion hand blender reviews. The kitchen hand blender packs a 350 Watts motor and gives you the option of running it at 8 speeds. The motor itself is monstrous and has the ability to slice and dice through the toughest of skins.  The affordable immersion hand blender has 4 blades and has a versatile design for a tight grip. The stick blender isn’t space consuming at all and can fit in any corner of your kitchen without worry.

10. Ovente HS585R Robust Stainless Steel Immersion Hand Blender

best hand blender for smoothies

Price: $25
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Ovente brings you its “Robust Electric Hand Blender” that provides all round performance and makes the most out of all its parts. With the budget hand blender you can be your own health chef and prepare nutritious foods, eliminating the need to go outside for shakes and grinds. The motor is rated at 300 watts and instantly blends what you put into the flask and press the button. There are two options when it comes to blending speeds, high or low; a pulse activated sensor makes necessary adjustments in real time to give you the perfect texture at the end.

11. Betty Crocker BC-1303CK Hand Blender with Beaker

hand blender online

Price: $17
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Betty Crocker has designed an amazing kitchen hand blender that’s capable of running at 400 watts peak power and take on all kinds of blending tasks. Prepare creamy soups and sauces with a complimentary 600 ml beaker. The hand blender chops, blends, minces and purees all kinds of frozen products and you can adjust the speed according to the texture you want. The blender is made of 18/10 stainless steel and is quite sturdy, so don’t go on the price as this hand blender is capable of competing with any other top selling budget hand blender you have in mind.

12. All-Clad KZ750D Stainless Steel Immersion Blender

best hand blender reviews

Price: $90
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In a glance, expect the following features from the electric hand blender:

  • Quick operation,
  • Easy disintegration,
  • Variable speed control,
  • Turbo modes,
  • Stainless steel shaft

This used to be one of the best hand blenders for smoothies on the market but does the price fit the features it offers? You can use the hand blender to blend soup and smoothies good time, no matter how tough the texture is. The variable speed control allows you to get desired smoothness without any hassle while sure-grip plastic handle is a wonder in itself promising a very strong grip over the blender. The shaft is detachable for easy cleaning.

13. Paksh Cuisinart Hand Blender with Beaker

best hand blender

Price: $50
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This blender sure does have features and an extra long cord. The Paksh Cuisinart hand blender is a good kitchen gadget to set your hands on. The 220 watts motor (could be more powerful) comes with 2 speed controls and combined with blades of stainless steel gives you a complete appliance. You can blend mayonnaise, eggplant, soup and so much more with this device, plus if it ever gets messy, just put it in the dishwasher; yes this one’s dishwasher safe!

14. Braun MQ725 Multiquick Hand Blender

best hand blender

Price: $100
Buy Now
Another great electric hand blender from Braun, this one also comes with Powerbell technology for ultimate efficiency during blending. This is the world’s first smart speed hand blender. This gives a real time control and lets you attain perfect texture. The EasyClick features makes it extremely easy. The whole package includes a whisk attachment (useful), a 20 ounce beaker and a mini-chopper.

15. Waring 10″ Medium-Duty Quik Stik Plus Immersion Blender

immersion hand blender mark

Price: $166
Buy Now
This is the best hand blender features wise and packs everything you’ll ever expect from a hand blender. Starting from the design, everything’s sleek and the grip is solid, which means you’ll never drop this during operation. The motor is rated at 350 watt but that’s not it; its capable of achieving speeds of 18000 RPM. This is everything you’ll wish for, if you’re willing to pay the price. The blender has a 1 year warranty, if you’re wondering!


Why Buy A Hand Blender?

Best hand blenders are known as a kitchen aid. It’s versatile kitchen equipment that is used to puree soup or make smoothies. This equipment works with a battery or it’s corded. A lot of people think that a hand immersion blender is only used for making soups or sauces, they are highly mistaken. The best hand blender for smoothies is used all by the people who love to drink liquid food. From all sorts of shakes, to fruit smoothies everything can be easily prepared in an electric hand blender.

You can mix the exact amount of stuff into your glass or any container and blend it, this prevents any sort of wastage, and also there is no hassle of cleaning various other utensils. These kitchen hand blenders are strong enough to even break the ice. If you wish to make frothing milk for coffee or hot chocolate then hand blender is the best thing to be used.

Secondly, to prepare soups and sauces simply put it the veggies into the cooking pot and blend by using the best immersion hand blender. It blends the sauces smoothly removing the lumps formed into the gravy. Thirdly it is used for making baby food. Babies consume food that is in liquid form or blended properly. For that using your hand would be a tiring task.

Having a top rated immersion hand blender saves a lot of time and energy in preparing such things. Whisking eggs takes just few seconds when done with a hand blender, also whipping egg whites is possible with this device. Another great advantage of using the best immersion hand blender is that, you can keep adding ingredients according to the need. Making things like whipped cream or mayonnaise becomes an easy and hassle free task.

Can you chop food?

Yes, absolutely. Hand blenders are used to chop things like dried fruits, garlic, ginger and various other herbs. The containers which are provided with hand blenders can be used for this purpose. Top rated hand blenders on the market help in preparing the food in very less time without consuming too much energy. They are very easy to use and clean. it is advisable to read the manual first before using the hand blender. Ensure that the containers are not filled to the top; leave some space for the movement.

Types of hand blenders

An immersion hand blender is used for mixing as well as grinding vegetables. It’s small in size and takes up lesser space. The second one is most popular these days are the cordless hand blender, which allows freedom of movement and to perform all the cooking tasks without a cord attached. Then third one is the stationary hand blender which is equipped with a plastic jar attached to the base, where n the blades are detachable. Here everything remains fixed except from the blades. To use such blender, one needs to add all the stuff together and blend it according to the required speed.

Tips to but the perfect hand blender

When you go on the market looking for the best hand blender to buy for yourself, you will see that there are an ample number of brands available. You will surely get confused as to which hand blender model will be perfect for you. So how do you decide which hand blender to opt for?

Which one will suit your needs the best, according to your lifestyle and budget?  Thankfully you can check all the product details online these days. The online portals tell about the best hand blender deals, best hand blender reviews, their price, quality, and offers so that you can decide the best for yourself.

Other than this there are some other questions you should ask yourself before buying a hand blender. Firstly for what purpose will you be using this hand blender? Is it for mostly for blending, chopping or whipping, so decide accordingly?

Then you will have to see if the motor of the hand blender is powerful enough for the purpose. For example if you just have to make soups and sauces then you wouldn’t’ require a powerful blender.  On the other hand if you wish to make new dishes and experiment with food then you surely need a powerful and a good hand blender which solves all purpose. All the hand blenders have their motor power watts displayed on the exterior parts, so if it’s more than 550 watts then that would be sufficient for your needs to be fulfilled.

Whether the accessories are sufficient, or you want any more add on with the device. Make sure that you check the quality of the accessories because some best  hand blender come with cheap quality add on, but the hand blender is good to use so be careful of that.

Is the hand blender model superior to the other models?  Does it have any extra feature of function?

Like some may have a turbo boost feature, large beakers to measure the food quantity, large chopping bowl, oversized pans for soup and sauces etc. Also consider the mold or the hand blender handles, they should have a comfortable grip.


The most essential thing to consider is that, the people who are already using this kitchen hand blender model what are their views related to the product? What are their thoughts related to the performance of the hand blender. Best hand blender reviews will show all the customer praises, feedback, faults and complaints.

So ask yourself all these questions, read and do your research (or use ours), contemplate some more and then choose the model which impresses you instead of being let down later when you don’t like the stick hand blender you chose. It’s better to spend a little more than to buy junk and throw it. All the above mentioned features will find out the potential faults if any, go for a proper brand and use our reviews that tell you why each best hand blender is better or worse than the rest.

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