9 Best Hair Rollers for Curls That Make You Look Great

Best Hair Rollers Reviews

To achieve maximum volume, it’s time to take a look at the best hair rollers for curls that make you look great.

So, get rid of sleepless nights with these flex rods and hot rollers.

We’ve looked at 39 different hair rollers and conducted over 106 hours of research and testing so I could write this review for you, in which we recommend that the Remington TStudio LUXE Setter stands out as the best hair rollers for most people to buy.

Top Pick:

Remington TStudio LUXE Setter

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I wish I could have given this product 5 stars. Honestly, these are the best rollers I have ever used. This bright and effective set is called Remington’s box of bounce and I like the space saving design.  It may look a bit complicated, but it takes just a few minutes of your time.

I do like this set because its narrow, standing up instead of the usual flatter version. The pack of 20 velvet rollers including 12 large and 8 medium are available in two sizes (1 and 1.25 inches), it also has heated clips to establish and provide stronger heat transfer. In just 90 seconds, they are heated and ready to give you frizz-free and long-lasting curls.

Why are our reviews are trustworthy?

Having covered hair products, including hair rollers and having logged hundreds of hours of testing and researching with experts like Yash Kamath of Princeton University and Mark Knott, Director at Toni & Guy.

We’ve tested the three main types of hair rollers; sponge rollers, ceramic hot rollers, and wax core rollers to create this review. We keep up to speed with other noteworthy companies that review products, such as, Ipsos, ConsumerReports and Good Housekeeping though we do find that the coverage is sometimes not as comprehensive as it could be.

We then conduct our own testing of hair rollers, including myself, some of the us and selected members of our product testing panel who provide their feedback through our product testing programs.

*Review covers the best hair rollers and is updated to include the new ones this year:

Who should get these?

Most us want to have curly hair at least on some occaisions, but how well they curl your hair, plus how long they will hold for and how much heat it will take, depends on a combination of skill, climate and ultimately your genes.

It’s a balancing act to keep the style you want and to keep your hair healthy, so if your current rollers are just not up to the task or they just fon’t seem to be right for you, like mine then replacing them with some new ones that work better, then hopefully you will find that sweet spot that gets your hair just right and can save time like I did with my new ones.

Remember, if you already have some great hair curlers you like, then you’re probably set and don’t need to get more.

But before you make your decision, take a look at our best hair rollers review and you should ask yourself:

“Are my hair rollers giving me the style I want?”

If the answer is a resounding no, it’s time to get yourself a new one with the help of our review.

How we began the test selection process

I started by listing all of the top rated hair rollers that we could find for sale in retailers stores and online in a spreadsheet. There were 39 when I drew up the selection process for this category.

Here are some or the criteria we used:


“We all want to avoid hair breakage and split endsas much as we can. Let’s face it, hair rollers apply heat. How hot of a set of rollers get affects how quickly curls will set and last” Mark advised. Some sets of rollers come with a wax core that retains heat for much longer ensuring curls set quicker and firmer. Others have a dot to indicate that the rollers hot enough to give you the curls you want, most of these go white in color.

“Hair decomposes at at 460 °F, and when it dies, your hair starts to breaks down, leaving just the external cuticle. That is bad, and is not reversible. The maximum heat that hair can endure before getting damaged, differs from one person to the next depending on their hair type” said Yash.

So, this is why temperature come so high up the list of our requirements for this hair rollers review.

Hard or Soft Rollers

Most of the products available are the conventional hard rollers, there are also some soft ones we have included. “The soft ones are great if you are the kind of girl who likes to sleep with them in your hair, but as I am sure you know if you already do that, the curls will be messy and not as uniform looking” Mark said. It looks more casual and natural, which is better for those of us who have thin or flat hair.

Number of Rollers

“The number of rollers and their size affects the styles that you can achieve with a set of rollers” Mark remarked. Most come with a mixture of sizes from small, medium to large but not all of them.


“The surface of rollers have different coatings applied and this affects how smooth the curls will be” he went on to say. A ceramic coating will allow for a more even distribution of heat, which in turn produces smoother curls.

Damp or Dry Hair

It’s important to remember that your hair needs to be completely dry, when you are using heated rollers, otherwise the curls will not set up right. If you did decide to use hair rollers on your hair while it is damp then be prepared for the styling to take more time.

“It’s good to wash your hair beforehand, even the night before and then apply a mousse if you plan to curl your hair, if you want to avoid this issue. Or you could use a blow dryer, along with a shining conditioner while preparing your hair” Mark added.

How we tested them

Well, firstly tone of the sets that was in the original selection to be tested had to ber swapped out at the last minute as it had not arrived when we were ready to get started. The one in question had only just pipped the 10th place product, so we didn’t feel it would affect the review too much.  So we sent Ben out to go and buy some from the store so we could get going.

Once we had them all in place to test, we started by noting down all of the basic statistics for each of them. First, we timed how long they took to heat up and how hot they then got, they were weighed and we check to see if there were different sizes and measured all of the rollers.

We then got ready to send out the rolls allong with the instuctions to our selected consumer product testers.  We used a wide cross section of wonen for this test, who product tested them at home and gave us their feedback on what they thought of the rollers (some even enlisted the help of their friends and family) and how much time it took to curl their hair, if they could style it properly and if they were happy with the results.

We tested the rollers in this way, so that we could see how they worked on lots of different womens hair textures, thin, thick, long, and short, you name it.

Also tested was the automatic shutoff features, where the units were left on for extended periods of time and (thankfully) they worked every time we tried. We also decided to have the units drop tested, which we did a number of times by dropping them from different hieghts onto wooden, carpeted or solid floor surfaces.

Once we had finished testing all the hair rollers, the results were then checked to see which ones were going to come out of top I had already decided which ones I wanted by this point). Then we looked at the current prices for each one and found our favorite rollers were not the most expensive.

Our Other Top Picks:

Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System

Buy Now

Want to enjoy style as well as speed, then Paul Mitchell’s splurge rollers are the best choice for you. These are wonderful, you get great curls, a color change dot on curler so you know it’s hot and it heats up fast in a mere 8 seconds. Great quality product, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a premium hot roller system. Designed with a SmartSense microchip, its tools stay hot throughout the styling process, so you can roll your hair in under five minutes and be ready to go in 10!

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo with Super Clips

Buy Now

Conair’s funky contraption has the look of a slow cooker mainly available on home shopping networks during summer sales, if I’m honest.  It comes with 12 one-and-a-half inch hot rollers which do curling with perfection. Whether you crave for big, bouncy curls or beachy waves, you can utilize the set’s curlers and matching Super Clips to make the curls of your choice. Curling process with it won’t ever take more than 10 minutes, unless you leave your hair wet.

T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers

Buy Now

With these jumbo hair curlers, you get a chance to feel like you have your mother’s ancient rollers in a revamped school style. Based on the renowned brand’s highly efficient tourmaline technology, this Allure Best Beauty winner comes with eight large ceramic heater rollers to give perfect high volume and incredible waves for both shoulder length and long hairstyles. There have been some bad reviews on this product but we found that if you want big hair rollers these are a great set of hair rollers for long hair.

Caruso ProSet Steam Hairsetter

Buy Now

Caruso’s set , the hot selling roller system has an adequate number of 30 soft foam rollers in different sizes to the various hair lengths. Considered to be an ideal set for summer strands, the ProSet Steam Hairsetter makes perfect spiral curls and waves. The best part is its fast process which takes max 10 minutes. Yes, it causes no damage to your hair as all the heat stems from steam. It does no damage to your hair as all the heat is steam based.

Drybar High Tops Self-Grip Rollers

Buy Now

Yes, you need to provide your own heat, but Drybar’s rollers are undoubtedly budget-friendly and effective which makes it a good choice. After a blowout, you can start rolling hair toward the base after separating the strands into 3-inch sections at the crown of the head.  The set comes with three large and three medium rollers which require to be left around strands for 10 to 15 minutes to ensure perfect curling.

Hot Tools Professional Rollers

Buy Now

Want to get quick body mid- blowout? Then, these bristle rollers are made for you. You can easily use it with a tight grip. ‘It’s best to use them on damp hair following with a hairdryer” Mark said.  It’s well made and does exactly as advertised.They can also be used for second-day styling to add to the oomph factor of your hair strands and it’s small enough to fit nicely into a weekend bag or luggage.

Goody Mosaic Satin Pillow Rollers

Buy Now

The best kind of curl is obviously the one we can sleep on! Goody’s wonderful rollers are highly flexible and unbelievably soft which can be used to do the styling in your beauty sleep. Its soft and easy fit qualities make it a perfect choice for you if you love to shower and style the night before.

FROMM Diane 42-Pack Twist-Flex Rods

Buy Now

Win over this summer heat with FROMM’s leave-in curlers which work perfectly with damp as well as dry hair. It is available in a variety of sizes and is very soft to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Not only this, you can use these flex rods as an excellent alternative to hot tools.


Hair Rollers Buying Guide

Hair is a crowning glory to people of all ages and genders. Long curly hair is the most sought after and the most elusive of all hair types. Searching for the best rollers for long hair can be overwhelming since every expert has his/her own opinion about what constitutes the best hair rollers for each hair type. Most experts agree,however, that one of the premier inventions in long hair rollers is foam curling rods. Foam curling rods are bendy hair rollers that are flexible and hold the hair securely near the scalp for a full curly set without pins or clips.

Two of the earliest hair curling methods were rag strip hair rollers and pin curling. Rag rollers were so-called because they were made by tearing or cutting cotton fabric into strips about one inch wide and six inches long. The hair was then wound around the midsection of the rag strip and tied halfway up for long hair or near the scalp for shorter hair styles. Rag strip rollers were, for decades, considered the best curlers to sleep in because they had no sharp edges.

Rag Strip Rollers and Pin Curling

Rag strip hair rollers gave great results for the time and a lot of people still use the rag strip curling method today, especially for retro styles. Pin curling is another old hair curling method that is still used. For a pin curl, the hair is dampened with water or hair setting gel then tightly coiled and secured to the head with a bobby pin. Pin curling gives a long lasting set and is ideal for retro styles that require a tight, controllable curl.

Most experts agree that the best hair curlers are ones that do not damage hair. With the dawn of the Twentieth Century came numerous innovations in hair design and some of the new curling rollers were more painful to use than anything that came before. The new modern hairstyles that came with the new century required new types of hair rollers to get the right effect and to maintain the look.

Inventors stepped up to the challenge. There were hair rollers with bristles to grip the hair and pins that poked into the head, there were hard plastic hair curlers with clips that pulled the hair out, there were rubber hair rollers, fabric covered hair rollers, even wooden ones and they were all painful or uncomfortable to use.

Soft Hair Curlers

In the 1930s, there appeared on the hair curling scene a soft hair curler. It was pink, made out of sponge, and it was easy to use. Sponge hair rollers brought great hope to women and girls everywhere who were tired of painful hair curling sets interrupting their sleep at night. The new sponge rollers delivered on the promise of improved comfort to the head. The soft rollers soon proved to be much easier hair curlers for sleeping in, compared with other commercially available designs, plus theygave smooth long lasting curls.

Another very early type of hair curler was one that used heat. An iron hair curling rod was laid on the stove-top until the curlingrod was hot. Then the hair was carefully curled around the rod and held in place until the curling rod cooled completely. This process was repeated until the desired amount of hair curling was achieved. The resulting curls were full and lasted all day, however, this early “curling iron” method was a time-consuming process and often resulted in singed hair and burned fingers.

Since the mid-1900s there has been a sharp rise in the development of new hair curling rollers. Consequently, unique hair rolling ideas have been coming along almost faster than people can try them out. Mods (short for “moderns” not “moderators”) in the 1950s wrapped their hair around orange juice or soda cans and secured the jumbo improvised hair rollers with hair pins or clips. This method was ideal for big bouncy body-ful curls. The hippies in the 1960s were not looking for curls, so they ironed their hair board straight with the electric flat iron meant for ironing clothes.

The 1970s brought feathered hair and heated hair rollers. Hot rollers were the answer to a prayer for many people who wanted a way to have a beautiful full curly hairstyle without sleeping on uncomfortable bulky hair curlers. The best hot rollers have flocking on the outside to protect the hair and an indicator light to alert the user when the heated curlers are ready to use. A good set of hot hair rollers will heat quickly and hold the heat long enough to get the hair rolled and set.

Different Hair Roller Sizes

A good set of hot rollers has several different sizes of curlers to choose from. There are small rollers that give a tight smooth curl for short hair styles, there are medium hot hair rollers that give a loose bouncy curl for medium to longhair styles and there are jumbo hot rollers to give body, bounce, and volume to very long hair styles. Wax core heated rollers are good for long hair styles since the wax core holds heat longer than conventional designs allowing the heat more time to penetrate the many layers of hair attached to the hot hair roller. The hot roller is wound onto a section of dry hair and held in place with a hair pin or clip. Ideally, the heated hair rollers should be left in the hair until they are completely cool to ensure a long lasting set of curls.

Hair design came of age in the 1980s and the desire for long, curly volumehit a peak. The rediscovery of hairspray and backcombing early on in the decade was big news as everybody,male and female wanted big hair and the search was on for creative ways to achieve it. There was an “anything goes” attitude about hair curlers and hair rolling devices during this period. The modern curling iron made the scene in 1980, so men and women in offices and schools across the country went about the day sporting lovely, long lasting curly locks with burns on their fingers, necks, and foreheads.

Surely there was another way

The mid-1980s brought an easy, heat-free hair curler that was a literal game changer when it came to the styling of hair. The foam curling rod was a bendy roller with a soft foam cover on the outside to protect the hair and a stiff wire sealed on the inside to allow for bending the roller to secure the set without using hair pins or clips of any kind. The early foam rod bendy rollers had snaps on each end that snapped together for a securely held set that would not poke or pinch the head or pull the hair. The newer foam curling rods do not have the snap on the end but are secured by simply twisting the ends together. The results were astounding. Everybody wanted to try the new hair rollers that were taking the hairdressing world by storm.

Foam Hair Rollers

Foam bendy curling rods also known as flexi rods have enjoyed a long and distinguished run at the top of the heap of hair curling devices. The rods are easy to use and give results that are unmatched by other methods. The bendy rods make quick work of setting the hair into a satisfying style almost every time. They are versatile and last a long time without having to be replaced.

Foam bendy rod hair rollers are user-friendly and versatile enough for use on all hair types. The small sized bendy rods are good for shorter styles and tighter curls and are also ideal for fine hair that has difficulty holding a curl. The medium sized bendy rods are great for medium length hair and for long hair on children. Products such as hair setting get or mousse when used in conjunction with foam curling rods will give excellent hold and longevity to long and short hair styles alike.

For long tight, spiral curls it is best to use a product that gives good hold such as a gel. A small section of hair is separated from the rest and coated with whichever hair setting product is preferred. Starting at the ends of the hair the bendy rod is twisted onto the hair tightly in a spiral fashion all the way to the scalp. Then the ends of the foam rod are twisted together to hold the curl securely.

The rod ought to be left in the hair until the hair and product are completely dry. Foam bendy hair rollers are comfortable to sleep in and when a tight spiral curl is required, the longer the roller is able to stay in the hair, the tighter and longer lasting the curl will be. A hair blow dryer or hair straighteners can sometimes be used to speed up this process if time is of the essence, however, there is no substitute for a good old-fashioned sleep set. When the curl is released it should be a shiny, bouncy spiral curl that will last all day and all night.

For long, fat, bouncy curls that last all day, the hair should be damp to start. A small section of hair is twisted loosly around the foam curling rod in a spiral fashion and secured by twisting the ends of the bendy rod together. The rod holds the hair securely for a comfortable set, either overnight or just until the hair is completely dry. If a quick touch up is required after a long day, the hair can be rolled onto the bendy rods dry and warmed with a blow dryer to give a fresh bouncy look without shampooing.

One of the biggest advantages of foam rod bendy hair rollers is the ability to use them on children without having to apply heat that could burn a child’s tender head. Before foam rod bendy rollers came along, many tears were shed by little girls who hated the pain of having their hair rolled on old fashioned hair curlers and the awkwardness of trying to sleep in them just to have pretty hair. Mothers breathed a collective sigh of relief when they were finally able to give their little girls beautiful shiny bouncy curls without the struggle.

Little girls breathed a collective sigh of relief when they no longer had to sit still and endure the pain and sleepless nights caused by hard plastic rollers, hairpins, and clips.One thing is for sure, the more things change, the more they stay the same. The desire for beautiful long curly hair is just as strong today as it was more than a hundred years ago, and the lengths people will go to in order to achieve that goal are limitless. There is no doubt that the next hundred years will bring even more innovations in the art and science of curling hair and then we will be the oldies looking back with fondness on the hair rollers that are on the cutting edge today.



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