Best Essential Oils for Psoriasis

essential oils for psoraisis

In the modern times, we come across several problems related to our skin-care complications.

Our purpose is to help you evaluate the difficulties you face and get a solution to Psoriasis, a condition that leads to irritable, dry and itchy skin.

We’ve looked at 29 essential oils  and completed more than 86 hours of research and testing creating this review, in which we can advise that Plant Therapy’s Fractionated Coconut Oil stood out as the best essential oil for Psoraisis to buy for most people.

Top Pick

  1. Plant Therapy’s Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fractionated Coconut Oil is one of the known cold-presses coconut oil’s that surpasses the ones in its kind. It stays in its liquid form even at room temperature making it stable, clear and a highly preferable dose in lotions, creams and other cosmetically formulated solutions for both skin as well as hair. To split a few chains of fatty acids and convert it into components, fractionated coconut oils are heated for effective results.

This deodorized essential oil works as a moisturizer and soothes the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth. It does not make the skin greasy or clog the pores which makes it a must have in your beauty regime. Essentials of coconut oil for Psoriasis.  The itchiness caused due to psoriasis makes it unbearably annoying. The simplest way to remove the aggravation and prevent this condition is by applying coconut oil which has recognized for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Coconut oil wipes out free-radicals that lead to inflammation and heals the skin allowing it to regain its gentleness and lustre.

The good

Bottle Type: Pump or Creamer


Neutral Scent

Worth the money

The bad

Large-sized bottle

Some people don’t like the coconut smell

Why our reviews are trustworthy

I have been covering skincare and beauty here for a few years now, including the best face moisturizing creams and the best moisturizing lotions for dry skin.  I am also a sufferer of Psoriasis and as such, I am always looking for a solution to this annoying skin condition. I have spent hundreds of hours immersed in research and testing of skincare products. I started reviewing skincare products with the simple aim of sharing what I have learnt through years of buying for one of the largest beauty chain stores with my friends and family. Since then we have expanded quite a lot and now help thousands of our readers to get the best products.

There are five main types of psoriasis: plaque, guttate, inverse, pustular, and erythrodermic.

We’ve looked at the best essential oils for psoriasis reviews, and have sought advice from experts to keep up to date to bring you the most useful information available. We regularly look at reviews from organisations that review skincare, such as, Sephora and Allure. Then we conduct our own independent selection and testing of the best essential oils and work with a large group of product testers, who agree to test the products at home and then provide their feedback through our product testing panels and also test on ourselves.

*This review covers the best essential oils for Psoriasis to buy before and since we created this review.

Our other top picks

The other essential oils stated here are rated according to their quality, impact and customer reviews.

To begin with let’s talk about Plant Therapy’s Fractionated Coconut Oil, affordable carrier oil with antibacterial properties that rejuvenates the skin cells.

For the lovers of aroma therapy the Essential Oil Labs Lavender Oil works an antidepressant and stress reliever. Psoriasis is often powered by high stress levels, a few drops of lavender oil can sooth your mood and bring back tranquillity.

An economical choice for budget-oriented customers is Plant Guru’s Bergamot Essential Oil. Its fruity fragrance tingles your senses and is pleasant. The all in one oil adds value to your beauty regime and is a sure plus for all your skin care needs.

Hill Country’s East Cape Manuka Oil is a wrap with of natural extracts from Manuka trees. The aromatic oil is contrived in a way which makes it easy to use and highly effective.

The credibility of Pure Certified Organic Tamanu Oil comes from USDA’s organic certification. For someone who is conscious about using pure and natural products this one is a mandate. A pocket-friendly product for one and all.

Who should get this

Fristly, what is Psoriasis?

It is an ailment where hidden cells reach the exterior of the skin resulting in visible patches that are flaky, scratchy and red. This dryness is particularly seen on different parts of the body like scalp, elbows, torso, palms and soles of the feet.

There are maky syptoms and causes of Psoriasis, which is also linked to genetics. Reports suggest that individuals affected by this problem have at least one family member or relative who has been effected by this disorder. Researchers have found several other reasons behind this condition, a few of them are skin injuries, strep throat infection, stress and certain medication.

Infected individuals commonly experience notable rashes on their skin, peeling, redness, itching, stingy and bumpy skin and similar irritable sensations. Treating psoriasis needs patience and we certainly understand how difficult it is to live with an infection that feels incredibly annoying. It is important for you to choose the right product that eliminates the psoriasis and stops its build-up.

How we selected

Essential oils are a great source for skin care therapies nonetheless, it is very important to know the positives as well as the cautionary points while using natural extracts like these.

Here are some of the points we considered while selecting the essential oils psoriasis we tested.

  1. Essential oils can be too strong and sometimes toxic. Measure the quantity and read the instructions carefully before using.
  2. These extracts are only recommended for external practice, internal usage can lead to serious problems.
  3. Essential oils come with a life of up to 3 years depending on its storage. Keep these oils in cool, dry and dark places in blue-grey or brownish yellowish glass jars.
  4. The packaging of these oils come with directions, read them carefully and understand whether they can be used on a daily basis or need to be applied in intervals.
  5. When looking at multi-purpose products, we checked each of it’s benefits. However, if it was an essential oil that treats just psoriasis, we checked its effectiveness to give us a better idea of the time taken to heal the ailment.
  6. We all love budget-friendly products. To ensure you get effective results for the price you have paid we found it essential to compare products and understand the severity of the disorder.

You may have found the best drugstore essential oil for psoriasis and so far and you are super content with it, but do you know the ingredients? Most people don’t pay attention to this part because most people don’t understand all the complicated names of the ingredients, so we have taken out time to look at them and by speaking to experts made a call on whether to include or exclude them.

How we tested

The primary reason anyone would buy essential oils for psoriasis is so that we can reduce irritability, dryness and itchiness, right?

So to test the oils we chose for testing, we selected product testers from our research panel. We selected people to participate based on several factors, such as lifestyle, age and skin type, plus whether they had or currently suffer from psoriasis (it made sense to have a good mix of participants for comparative purposes).

We then sent the essential oils, including coconut oil for psoriasis and tea tree oil for psoriasis to name a few, along with the test instructions and scorecards for the participants to test the oils at home, and then got them and the scoresheets ready for our tests. Yes, I suffer from psorasis too, which is the main reason this review came about. When everybody , including me, had their oils ready, the instructions were to note down some of the basic information on the oils, like the the type, bottle size and type, texture and of course, the ingredients and how much of each one there was, both the volume and the percentage.

As with all of the skincare testing programs we run, we try to be as safe a possible.  So before anything else was done, each of us tested the oils on a patch of our skin, in case there were any negative reactions (there were 5 people excluded from the testing process at this stage). Once that was done, we were intructed to use the essential oils on our face at least daily. So, we set about incorporating them into our skincare regimes, and monitored how they felt and how our skin reacted within the first 24hrs and gave a score, then after 96 hrs, then after a week and then after the 2nd and 3rd weeks, with a final score at the end of the 4th week.  When the essential oil testing was over, all of us submitted our scorecards and the results were analyzed to find out which was the best essential oil for psoriasis to buy for most people. After looking at the prices of them, we found that our top picks were not always the most costly products.

Full Best Essential Oils for Psoriasis Reviews

  1. Essential Oil Labs’ Lavender Oil

The multi-faceted Lavender Oil by Essential Oil Labs is popular for not just being an efficacious treatment to psoriasis and similar skin problem but also cures stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

The antimicrobial elements present in this essential oil fastens the healing process of bites, burns, scrapes and cuts along with medicating infections. And, did we mention its anti-aging benefits? Yes! This essential oil works as a wrinkle reduction technique, restores the youthfulness of the skin and enhances skin tone. Essentials of lavender oil for Psoriasis. Lavender oil plays a notable role in relaxing the body and mind in stress, the major cause behind psoriasis. This resource moisturizes dry skin, heals wounds and ceases the infectious bacteria from spreading over the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties in lavender oil recondition the skin restoring its original freshness. Revive your skin with Essential Oil Lab’s Lavender Oil.

The good



Dropper free with bottle

The bad

Some customers reviewed the smell as overwhelming

Few customers felt the product was overpriced and did not match their expectations

  1. Plant Guru’s Bergamot Essential Oil

Plant Guru is known for its formulation with the finest quality ingredients and Bergamot Essential Oil is no exception. The tangy scented oil is a therapeutic technique to treat psoriasis and hinder the growth of infection. The brand offers blue-ribbon products with no added base which makes it matchless in its kind. Essentials of Bergamot Essential Oil for Psoriasis.  Bergamot Oil comforts psoriasis affected skin portions through its application on the infected area and moving a long-wave ultra-violet light on it. The essential oil revamps the dead skin cells and activates the development of new skin.

The good

Its fragrance is enticing

An all-inclusive product

The bad

Less quantity


  1. Hill Country’s East Cape Manuka Oil

The East Cape Manuka Oil hails from the east coast of New Zealand and has established itself as an impactful remedy for psoriasis. The extracts from Manuka trees are widely used in skin-care products such as creams, shampoos, body washes and soaps. Its presence, in cosmetics, elevates the healing process.

Customers reported a measurable difference after using the oil consistently. The East Cape Manuka Oil is a boon for individuals with sensitive skin. Essentials of East Cape Manuka Oil for Psoriasis. The antimicrobial components in the extracts of Manuka leaves and branches work towards eliminating psoriasis. It reduces the irritation and scratchiness caused with its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Usage Tip: Take a few drops of Manuka Essential Oil and mix it with almond oil or water. These oils are highly concentrated and diluting it with other liquids help in reducing any irritability.

The good

Multiple uses

Bottle style: Dropper

The bad

Can make a bog dent in your pocket

  1. Gio Natural’s Pure Certified Organic Tamanu Oil

Popular for being one of the finest products in its league, Gio Natural’s Pure Certified Organic Tamanu Oil has numerous benefits. Apart from having a great impact in treating psoriasis it is also known for curing sun burns, stretch marks and fungus on toenails. The Tamanu Oil has passed the USDA organic certification for its uncompromising standards and filter-free ingredients. This essential oil revitalizes the skin and makes it look radiant, young and fresh. Essentials of Tamanu Oil for Psoriasis. In addition to its benefits of containing anti-inflammatory elements the Tamanu Oil also consists of calophyllic acid present in Tamanu oil regenerates skin cells and removes dryness and treats rough skin. It sneaks into the inner layers of the skin which in turn makes it a deep moisturizer.

The good

  1. Multifaceted
  2. Package type: Pump top
  3. 100% cash back guarantee

The bad

  1. Expensive
  2. Smell can be intimidating

Techniques to use Essential Oils for Treating Psoriasis

Essential Oils are easy to use. Here we are going to share the top 5 ways to use these oils for best results,

  1. An effortless approach of utilizing essential oils is by smearing it tropically.
  2. Mix your essential oils with other soothing solutions to avoid any kind of discomforts on the skin. We recommend using it with carrier oils such as jojoba oil, coconut oil and tamanu oil for best results. Refrain from using strong scented carrier oils in order to get the original essence of essential oils.
  3. Two of the most effective essential oils for psoriasis treatment are organic and cold-pressed oils.
  4. Blending essential oils with creams and lotions can reduce irritability.

Tip: Use it as a mix with aloe vera on infected parts to reduce redness and scratchiness.

  1. Researchers have found out that applying cream consisting of 0.025% capsaicin for 6 weeks, 4 times a day reduces itchiness and redness.

Caution: Do NOT apply the cream on facial skin or open skin. Many have reported a burning sensation on application.


From the top-notch products, we have listed here we have nominated Fractured Coconut Oil by Plant Therapy as the most efficacious amongst the others. The carrier oil is an all-inclusive container with multiple benefits at an affordable price. The essential oil like we mentioned earlier is a MUST HAVE in your skin care routine. The best part about this product is that you can apply it to your skin directly it will not cause any irritation. You can also blend it with your daily products to magnify the results.

Now, isn’t that amazing? Can you imagine how this pocket-friendly product works as a knight in shining armour?

So, here’s wrapping up a comprehensive review of essential oils that will help you stay radiant, young, glowing and psoriasis free. Let us know which product you choose and tell us your experience.

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