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We’ve looked at 23 baby diaper backpacks and covered more than 74 hours of research and testing for this review which lead us to recommend that the Graco Gotham Smart Organizer BackPack Diaper Bag stands out as the best diaper backpack to buy for most people. This pack is simple, has loads of spacious pockets to make organizing easy and has comfortable shoulder straps.

Top Pick

Graco Gotham Smart Organizer BackPack Diaper Bag


Comfortable shoulder straps

Removable changing pad

Various spacious pockets


Graco is one of the top manufacturers for baby products, and they don’t disappoint with their Graco Gotham Backpack Diaper Bag either. The style isn’t going to turn any heads, but it will make you appreciate the amount of space and options you get with it. Graco’s Smart Organizer is fully functional made out of polyester weave, which is a great material to have when you are stuffing those pockets full of baby goods. I have yet to see anything seams burst or rip, which makes this diaper backpack durable. With the Smart Organizer, you can pack as much as you need, thanks to the wide open outside pockets. This bag makes organizing amazingly easy for your travelling needs.

At the center of this bag are two large pockets separately located, On the outside of the bag you will find yourself with many choices of zip pockets. With so many pockets you really can jam as much as you need, but if this isn’t enough for you, then you may need to rent a Uhaul. Adding to this bag’s excellence, is the padded shoulder straps. You won’t have to worry about pinching, and digging anymore, because the Smart Organizer has made it easier for you to carry your bag and your baby at the same time! The one thing I could live without is the addition of the diaper change mat. The diaper pad is currently at the landfill as I threw it out due to its poor quality. Graco could have done without this one addition as it came off a little gimmicky.

Why our reviews are trustworthy

I have covered baby products, including writing reviews like, baby bottle sterilizers and breast pumps since being pregnant with my first little one a few years ago and needed almost everything for him. I now have a daughter too and have continued to upgrade the things I need by researching, testing and reviewing them here for you to hopefully benefit from. In the years that have passed, I have many logged long and happy hours of research and testing of poducts for children and babies and interviewing experts and consumers. We’ve researched many types of diaper bags and backpacks to create this review. We always keep up to date with new reviews from other companies that review baby products, such as, Netmums, Which? and Good Housekeeping. Then we do our own testing by selecting experts, ourselves and members of our consumer product testers to provide their feedback for our extensive testing.

*This review covers best diaper backpacks on the market before and since the last time we created this guide.

Who should get this

Seems like diaper bags keep getting heavier over time. Not to mention, you are always adding to the bag things you must have along a trip. Add this to the growing weight of your baby, and you have yourself tired arms and shoulders. But with a backpack diaper bag, you are allowed to free up your arms, hands, and shoulders, giving you more comfort and flexibility to lug other essential baby items.

Climbing up stairs, or a hill, or just hiking a long stretch from A to B, you will feel the burn! Trust me, I’ve been there before. Lugging baby items, the baby, and groceries is as hard as it looks. A diaper backpack can genuinely make life so much easier, especially if you are, going shopping, unloading your baby from the car, or just walking to the park. Added convenience is great, but if you aren’t convinced yet, then you need to ask yourself this about your messenger style bag? How does your back feel?

With the old messenger style bag, it improperly distributes the weight to your shoulders and back. This can cause a plethora of health issues in the future, and will cause soreness in the present. Diaper backpack’s don’t do that to you. You get an even weight distribution! Now, the messenger style bag isn’t looking so good is it? Come on, let’s show you what to look for!

How we selected

First we had to decide what we should be checking for when looking for the best diaper backpack to buy. We all have our own idea of what a backpack should look like for us, which always depnds on our own needs. To get more clarification on what parents wanted and needed, we conducted a survey with our research and product testing panelists to see what most people wanted from a diaper backpack. Respondents said that the diaper backpack should not cost much and be simple, while still able to carry a lot of things. If possible, the pack would have a dedicated wet wipe pocket and some small pockets for baby gear. Now, if you’ve come around to the idea of a backpack for diapers, it is time to get you the right one for your needs. Let’s make sure it’s the right fit for you. Here’s a few essential things we looked for in the diaper backpacks we selected.

Built in baby wipe dispenser

How many times has your little one made a mess of his face after eating a snack? Better yet, how many times have you had to find a creative way in getting him cleaned up? Unzipping, rifling through your bag, balancing the baby and finally getting yourself a wipe. How much time did it take you to do all of that? Wasn’t it hard? Exactly, with a baby wipe dispenser, you can easily get to those wipes just in time before he finds something else to mess up his face with. I recommend finding a backpack with one already built in, but not all offer that option. You can always use your own for added convenience.

Spacious pocket closer to your back

Finding a backpack that has a pocket closer and aligned to your shoulder strap as possible, is the best option. Most feature this option allowing you to fit in the usual baby material. Preventing back pain is easier if you carry heavy items closer to your back.

Shoulder padding

The more padding you have, the better you’ll feel after a long day of hauling around diaper rash ointment and diapers. Trust me, you do not want to have your should straps digging into your shoulders tearing up your skin. Ouch! Band-aid.

Deep pockets

A pocket isn’t really useful if it isn’t deep enough to house your items. Make sure your pockets are deep enough for all of your accessories.

The number of pockets

Having more pockets, gives you more choices and more choices means being organized. I like to compartmentalize all of my baby accessories into their own pockets. Why? Because when every item has its own home, once you remember and master its location, you will get at it a lot quicker.

As parent’s, we always want what is best for our children and this should be no different when we are picking out the best diaper backpacks. Buy using this criteria we selected some of the most popular diaper backpacks out there today for testing.

How we tested

We selected participants from our consumer researchers by selecting participants that had babies and what type of diaper bag they currently used, as we wanted some consumers to currently use a variety of bags including backpacks. We then sent the products and instructions for testing and got the products and score sheets ready for ourselves.

Once everyone had their packs, we started by noting down the basic information for each of them, like the size, type, number of pockets, structure and padding and we came up with a few other parameters. As with anything that will likely be bumped and scraped, we tested the backpacks to see how easily they can snag and things like loose mesh pockets. We looked tested the seams, especially where the shoulder strap attaches to the backpack and the sides to see if they were reinforced enough to help with packing standing up. Were the zippers easy to pull and was the interior easy to clean.  These things make small, but significant differences when you’re using a diaper backpack.

The instructions were simply to use the backpacks instead of our normal method of carrying everything we needed and to see how well they worked and then give them a score.  So, armed with our new packs, we incorporated them into our baby routines for a few weeks at a time. The packs were really put through their paces by the busy parents judging by the scorecards that came back. There are so many handles, seams, and easy to tear mesh pockets to put one of these through a washing machine so nearly every diaper backpack we tested needed to be hand washed. Once the testing phase was over, we all had to submit our scorecards so the results could be analyzed to find out which of the packs came out as the best diaper backpack for most people to buy, we hope this guide helps you to get yourself a great pack and remember, you don’t need to spend too much money on a backpack.  Ultimately, for the money, it’s easier to turn a regular backpack into a diaper backpack than the other way around.

Our other top picks

Best Convertible BackPack Diaper Bag

Ecosusi Large Convertible Backpack Diaper Bag


Large Capacity

Tons of pockets

Made from nylon

Flexible carry options

With the Ecosusi, we are moving away from the man-styled backpack, and giving you more choice. You can wear this as a carry bag, or a messenger bag. This diaper bag backpack is affordable and trendy, although you may not find it impressively designed, do not underestimate the value it can bring you when travelling. If you have twins or the combination of a toddler and infant, then you will be pleased by the variety of pockets this bag has to offer. Tiny pockets are lined up throughout the inside of the bag, and one giant spacious opening for all of your baby items.

You will notice four zippered bags on the outside of the backpack, in which one you can actually use as a wipe dispenser. This a common theme with most backpacks these days because of the convenience it offers you when you running against the clock. Plus you want comfort, and choice! As a mother, I know just as well as anyone, how heavy your bag can get when you are stuffing it full. Converting this backpack to a messenger bag, or tossing it over your shoulder allows you to switch positions and relax each body part as you travel throughout the day. The only complaint I have, is the design. While it not hideous like some models, it’s not glamorous, which when you are wearing a bag, as a woman, you want something with appeal don’t ya’? Fortunately, where it lacks in the design in makes up in the efficiency department. This diaper backpack bag is totally reliable, completely comfortable with the extra padding you get in the shoulder strap, and affordable! If you treat the bag right, it will treat you right back with durability. If you want an upgraded version of this bag, then you should take a look at the Ju-Ju-Be below!

Best Premium Backpack Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Coastal Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag


Machine washable, keep it fresh- keep it clean

Made of nylon

Different carrying options

Large capacity

When I first saw this backpack diaper bag, I thought, now we are stepping into the high-end section! Wow! This bag is amazing looking, and it comes with so many spectacular functions. Try not to let your head spin, with all that this can do for you, but it will be hard, trust me. You have plenty of color options and patterns to choose from, that I’m sure you will be able to find one that you like most. This bag is easy to clean and not only will it last, but it will look astonishing while it lasts. This is because it is made with a Teflon fabric protector, and in essence, what it does is that it prevents the bag from staining and durable. Another amazing feature about this B.F.F. diaper backpack bag, is that is washable. How’s that for easy?

While I have your attention, let me tell you about Agion. The backpack’s lining is equipped with Agion, which has anti-microbial properties, that reduces the growth of odor, which can caused mold, mildew and affect your health. I’m not done gloating yet. If you turn this bag upside down, you will notice four metal feet on each corner. What this does for you is that it keeps your bag from making contact with germ infested counters or bases. It’s a clever idea, if you ask me.

Here is what the inside can offer you for interior storage:

Picture pocket for your baby’s photos

Mommy pocket, that you can store your items with

Back pocket is great for diapers and wipes

The shoulder strap is removable if you’d prefer wearing this as a messenger bag, and the B.F.F is extra patted, so you don’t have to worry about tearing into your shoulder. The underlines on the strap prevent it from sliding, which is great for keeping leverage throughout the day! The one complaint I hear most is what? You guessed it, the price! But if you think about it for a minute, and put into count what it saves you in the long run, it is totally worth it. It’s washable, it’s versatile, it’s durable, and it’s most definitely comfortable.

So what about dad’s? Yes, dad’s aren’t excluded, they must feel comfortable too!

Best Backpack Diaper Bags For Dad’s

Manly Backpack Diaper Bag


Baby wipe window

Diaper hammock

Stroller straps

Two bottle pockets

While the design and color scheme isn’t going to blow you away, after all, it is for men, remember, it is quite the reliable and durable bag. The first thing that caught my eye is the lifetime warranty. This usually indicates quality customer service, and a quality product! Men like organization too, I know my husband does, and with this, you get 13 different compartments to keep daddy organized throughout the day with the baby! You can hold these things, to name a few.




Changing Pad



Dad’s keys

It is quite light, only weighing 2.2 lbs, which makes it easier to lug around after a long day of work on the construction site. With the “clam opening” on this backpack diaper bag, it unzips and becomes just like a suitcase, that way you don’t have to dig around and waste time finding stuff. It also has a “diaper hammock” which gives you quick access by putting your diapers up to the top where you can get at it free of hassle. Comfortable design, with extra padding, and adjustable straps, giving you the luxury of choice and comfort. With quick access wipes window, you don’t have to hassle yourself with any digging either. Father’s don’t like wasting time, you know everything has to be quick,quick,quick! This access window is a simple pull of the flap and a swipe away from getting the wipes. This is an excellent choice for any father that wants comfort and convenience. Yes the color scheme isn’t impressive, but it makes up for it with all of the features that come along with it. Best of all, from a dad’s perspective, it doesn’t look like a diaper bag.


Diaper bag backpack’s makes everyone’s life easier. You can change your baby’s diaper quicker because everything is compartmentalize and accessible for you to grab. You can walk your infant or toddle without aching later from all the weight on your back and shoulder. Some features are even healthy for you like the Agion. With diaper bag backpack’s, it is well worth the money for the luxury of convenience and comfort if you can afford it!

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