Best Dehumidifiers to Make Your House Fresh

Here are the 5 best dehumidifiers that will help you get rid of humidity that causes molds and bugs to sprout up in your home.

My recommendation: carry out a preemptive strike before the issue becomes serious.

Top Picks:

1. Frigidaire Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier

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This is the top selling dehumidifier at amazon and is highly appreciated for its ability to real excessive humidity out of your home. At the same time, it must be stated that you may find the air whizzing sound annoying at first but slowly it will sink into the environment. The device has an auto-shutdown function after the 70-pint tank reaches its full capacity.

2. Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

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For just 34 dollars, the Eva-Dry E-333 gives an affordable solution to all home dwellers looking for a shield against all kinds of molds that feed on moisture. This particular dehumidifier comes filled with silica gel which eliminates the need for drain the water after every short interval. The size of this product its compact which may make it light-duty but at the same time its super-quiet.

3. Keystone 70-Pint Portable Dehumidifier

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Even in the most high-humidity season, this excellent dehumidifier will keep your house dry and calm. The Keystone 70-Pint Dehumidifier is quite customize-able and lets you choose the rate at which your room will dry out. It shuts off automatically once it’s full and has strong sensors to tell you when it needs maintenance.

4. Eva-Dry EDV-1100 Petite Dehumidifier

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This little device is a cool, portable gadget that you can take with you on trips for getting rid of moisture in boat cabins, attics or hotel rooms. It only has a 2 cup reservoir so it isn’t recommended for large rooms but it does a great job drying up small places that have poor ventilation.

5. GE 30-Pint Dehumidifier

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If you can spot molds on the windows and walls of your house then you must understand that its time you get a dehumidifier. This is a mid-size dehumidifier that can help you dry out your abode swiftly and protect you from a host of diseases. Users may come across the fan as noisy but you don’t need to keep it on at all times, only when the level of moisture in the atmosphere is visually noticeable.


Why Buy A Room Dehumidifier?

Do you want to remove dampness or humidity from your room? If yes then you just need to buy a room dehumidifier. This is not a very expensive device and it ensures better air quality by removing mold spores. Mold is toxic for any home. It can make the people fall sick easily and it’s very difficult to remove from a particular room. Therefore get a best rated dehumidifier to eliminate moisture from the air and keep the mold away from the house. The room which is most likely to catch humidity and moisture is the basement room.

Basement rooms have water seepage which results in dampness in the walls even when the room is dry vacuumed. That is why the basement rooms are cool and damp. It is very essential that the rooms should be dry as well as cool. A house dehumidifier helps you to get rid of such problems.

Another place which can cause sickness in the house is the bathroom area. Bathroom is one such place which remains damp all the time, which results in mold attraction. A home dehumidifier can be used to remove the dampness caused by showers or water taps in the bathroom. But this should be used on a regular basis, so that the bathroom remains dry and clean. The biggest advantage is that these devices are portable and can be reallocated to any room according to the need. Since they are not too heavy it’s very easy to shift them from one place to another. They also have handles on both the sides so that they can be transported from one floor to the other. A lot of models with various features are now available in the market; one should make a thorough research before the best rated dehumidifier.

How to choose a room dehumidifier?

Humid air can easily cause mold to grow inside the rooms which can make people fall sick. Also it’s very uncomfortable to stay in a room full of humidity because it causes excessive sweating. Earlier these room dehumidifiers were big, bulky and very difficult to be moved so they were not liked by many people. But now with the advancement of technology the size of these dehumidifier have decreased, they have become smaller, cheap to run, easy to use, and portable.

They have become an ideal tool for dehumidifying the room.  There are basically three types of room dehumidifier one is the heated rod dehumidifier, on is the electric dehumidifier and the rechargeable dehumidifier. The thermoelectric dehumidifier is the original room dehumidifier and is energy efficient dehumidifier. It is smaller in size when compared to others and is portable. Since it is small in size it has lower eater extraction capacity. Other dehumidifiers use the refrigeration system of cooling but thermoelectric does not. Instead of that it uses its own process of cooling down which is known as peltier process.

This process passes electricity through a panel which allows the airflow which further results in condensation of the water collection tray. The advantage of this process is that it allows small room dehumidifiers to stay portable. With every advantage there is a disadvantage also. Now since these room dehumidifiers are small and portable they also have less power to absorb the water or dampness from the room.

Their extraction capacity is just a pint in most of the cases, whereas the traditional or the large room dehumidifiers can extract a larger volume of dampness from the room. For a small family like of four people breathing, cooking, bathing, washing clothes a small portable dehumidifier would be best as the dampness volume in such case is just a pint or so. But a compact dehumidifier is not suitable for a bigger family where the activities are also increased.

Benefits of portable dehumidifiers

Molds grow in places where we can’t see like behind the walls of a room, on the ceiling, closet, shoes, and basement walls. It’s an expensive job and requires professional help in some of the cases. Humidity is basically caused by rain and snow. If you are living in such area where the weather is cloudy or its cold then buying a portable dehumidifier is a must. There are lot of models of room dehumidifier available in the market, choosing the suitable one for your house is a task, well the selection depends upon the size of the room and the number of people staying in that house.

For most of the people single room dehumidifiers are the best because they are fairly attractive, occupy less space in the room, are compact, portable and user friendly. These room dehumidifiers require very less maintenance. Their work is to pull the air and remove moisture from it. This moisture is then collected in a small pint in the device. It allows auto dispensing of water and also you will have to empty the water reservoir manually when it is filled.

This procedure has to be repeated twice a day depending upon the usage and the weather conditions. When there is less humidity then this device requires less maintenance. These top rated dehumidifiers machines do not require a lot of power and are generally silent in nature.


Its a great idea to get a portable dehumidifier for your room if in case you’re dealing with room dampness or mold. You can use one device in multiple rooms of the house to remove extra humidity trapped in the rooms. This saves the cost purchasing a room dehumidifier for all the rooms.

Before purchasing a room dehumidifier one must check the dehumidifier ratings online and then opt for it. Also it’s advisable to check the review for the best small dehumidifier as the people who have already experienced using this device share their views online. So these reviews help the people in making up their mind before purchasing the best home humidifier.